Olivia Cooke & Emma D’Arcy on House Of The Dragon and Game of Thrones | Ask Me Anything | ELLE

#HouseOfTheDragon stars #EmmaD’Arcy and #OliviaCooke sit down to play a game of #AskMeAnything. Known to many as ‘Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen’ and ‘Alicent Hightower’- the duo reveals the things they took from set, their thoughts on the #GameOfThrones fandom, and even their favorite cocktail. Giggle along with these two as they spill on some of your most pressing questions.

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  1. The chemistry between these two is INSANE. Great casting from HBO

  2. 😍😍😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. Дом Дракона по версии Дисней

  4. Love the chemistry these two are a ball lol 😂

  5. emma trying to be serious before announcing "swimming" and losing it at "i really like swimming" 😂😂😂

  6. Really hard to understand them but love the energy 😂

  7. I just now realize….. i think what emma meant with the show they watching is Station Eleven…

  8. Wahh die schauen in echt voll schlimm aus ihre frisuren

  9. Wie kann man dauernd so lachen? Übertrieben

  10. Emma “who’s that” Liv “fit” and then laughing at each other straight other simultaneously🤣 love it n love them!!

  11. They should never apologize for such interesting and amazing chemistry. we all love it tremendously.

  12. I love how they shift from chaotic, hilarious to serious, professional duo.

  13. Their laughs are everything I love those two together

  14. Thumbnail looks like DiCaprio in Gilbert Grape.

  15. You just can't help but laugh along with them

  16. Literally in the midst of a mental breakdown and watching this video for the millionth time because it makes me laugh so much

  17. by far the funniest interview i've watched in a long time. i love them

  18. I've been to that state of tired when everything is silly and funny but ur trying to be serious

  19. This is my new favorite video. I’m obsessed with them 💞

  20. “Portugal was really nice”😂😂

  21. Yes!! I love that Olivia loved Severance! Such underrated tv

  22. This was by far the most entertaining one I've seen on this channel 😂😂

  23. why did they take the job if it bothers them so much that there's too many men?

  24. Try interviewing folks when they aren't baked.

  25. Station Eleven. The show Emma D'arcy was trying to remember the name of is Station Eleven. Great show.

  26. The way they both laughed when Emma said their passion was swimming 😂😂

  27. They remind me of the 2 friends that are the closest in the group because they spend so much time together they've formed inside jokes that everything reminds them of "that time when" so they can't contain themselves. I luv it.

  28. omg they absolutely lost it here 🤣. I miss that delirious feeling after a long show period 😂

  29. This energy reminds me and my friends when answering questions

  30. Olivia, softly : "what's your passion?"
    Emma, struggling to breathe: "s-suh-swimming, I really like swimming"

  31. Accordingly, it's been scientifically proven Olivia's Passion for Fashion haha

  32. Emma she is such a beautiful and wonderful actress,this woman is awesome

  33. Don't know why have a huge crush on Emma D'arcy

  34. i watch this interview whenever i need a laugh it neverrrr fails

  35. Olivia looks like Emilia Clarke when laughing

  36. 𝐒𝐚𝐛𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐚 𝐉. ☾¹¹¹¹ says:

    They are by far one of my top favorite duo’s out here, I couldn’t stop laughing along with them omggg :’)) I love them ♥️

  37. This absolutely sent me into a laughing fit I love these two

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