One of The Best Dragon Games Got a Massive Update!

Play the game here:


  1. You should try and play dragon adventures! This is really cool.

  2. cries with only a mobile phone and school laptop that restricted gameplay

  3. Like litteraly every good dragon game is either for:r o b u x,or isnt available on my device why must you bully me in this way

  4. Me after watching this: gets onto roblox and plays tails and talons

  5. Its not the best, you cant just assume it is :> dragon adventures is a good dragon game to

  6. but how IF i DONT HAVE THE RIGHT THING i really wisgh i can play it 🙁

  7. I shall ask my mother if I may use her laptop for this

  8. I havent found the actual god damn game yet can you put a link in the description? Ive searched it multipe times on multiple devices and I cant find it.

  9. Meanwhile, mobile players live in a box of sadness.

  10. I am on iPad, can’t play it sadly. IT LOOKS AWESOME! And that’s a fact.

  11. I want an option to change color of the dragon tho

  12. Nice! When I played this game before the update, it definitely wasn't as good.

  13. My friend made a video of it and was inspired by u!!!

  14. Why must it be only PC. LET IT BE MOBILE TOO

  15. The last time I checked, this game had 8 people playing, which kinda made me sad how less people are playing this amazing game. 🙁

  16. Great now tell us when us mobile users can play it

  17. UGH, DragonTypes, please stop flexing until EVERYONE can play. Your making alpt of people sad and angry

  18. What that game this is Roblox but I’m need find this game

  19. Was I the only person who thought this was gonna be about School Of Dragons because of the thumbnail?

  20. the game got shut down temp for some reason

  21. hi and thank u for the link of the game i was enjoyed but for my pc is soo lagy ;>

  22. discription PLAY HERE! * clicks it * you cannot play

  23. ☆◇☆ its 00:00 but i need go to my laptop to play this…… 'w'

  24. This game is so under reviewed even tho it’s amazing

  25. Eeeeeeeee I like that wave the most of all of them

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