One of The Best Dragon Games Got a Massive Update!

Play the game here:


  1. I had a bowl of cheese, but then I ate it all, so then I refilled my bowl of cheese.

    I ate all that cheese too

  2. DragonTypes: Tails & Talons updated!

    Me: •Sad noises because I can’t play it on mobile :’[ •

  3. I can only imagine what the wasp and scorpion dragon will look like after this

  4. Guys don’t worry, they are trying their best to get a mobile port. Turns out it’s harder than you think.

  5. Wow it looks so beautiful!! The graphics are so realistic and I love how the ice wyvern flies :00
    I’m inspired to play AT ONCE :OO

  6. Me: is the update mobile is it for mobile please say it’s for mobile-
    DragonTypes: mobile support is combing soon!
    Every mobile player that watches DragonTypes: sad noises

  7. I need this game in my life or else I’ll die a horrible Painful Death

  8. Oh. I thought this game would never get updated

  9. Will you still be posting Wings of Fire early access content?

  10. Hi dragontypes! Could you please say when the mobile updaye is added?

  11. Aw wish I could play but I dont have a computer 🙁

  12. Oh I'm dumb i thought it said " it got a massive attack"

  13. when it's only a 2 minute video for a massive update

  14. ☪︎𝙳𝚊𝚛𝚎𝚍𝚎𝚟𝚒𝚕 says:

    Whats the name of that game?

  15. If the controls aren’t fixed, then ima skip

  16. I have been waiting for this update for a while!

  17. About half he comments are complaining about how it isn't on mobile yet.
    I have two complaints
    1. I haven't had a shout-out yet
    2. I don't really have time to play this game.

  18. The thing is, Im mobile/computer, Im on a chromebook but I have a keypad but I can't play, witch really sucks…

  19. 1:39 yeah, cool, my feet are going to be deciding that.

    oh no they froze-

  20. I noticed you were in my server a few days ago, I didn't know if it was you so I just thought you were a faker, and then an admin came in, sorry for calling you fake. I didn't notice.

  21. Dragon types can you tell the creator of the game to make it able to play on mobile

  22. People on mobile: sad noises because they can't play tails & talons

    Me with 5 robux: sad noises cuz i cant buy WoF

  23. I'm detective kelpy I will find out dragontypes user THIS IS LAW AND ORDER dun dun

  24. this video: exists
    all mobile players in the comments section: I CANT

  25. Dude, the new ice dragon tribes are the best part

  26. I cant figure out how to name myself aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  27. Yo dragon types I got a story for ya. So on WoF on the server Luna28 owibyx was doing a stream, I joined and I later found out bellasaurus was there too. Well few minutes later Dwayne the Drogon came along, and wouldn’t u know Rachel the rainwing comes along about half an hour later. You where like the only person there beside LucyLoudStar and probably some other people I don’t know. Oh and owibyx’s friend FIZZY! joined along time ago later. All my recording got corrupted but owibyx streamed it all. Well anyways just wanted to let u know xd oh and I think there was an admin named Gold there too. She was with Bella for awhile- the reason I think she’s an admin is because I was looking at them, then they disappeared and then reappeared in the same spot…. ._. Welp that’s the end I need to go now it’s 1 AM going on 2

    Oh and not important but I’m friends with owibyx now- ALRIGHT YEET

  28. Everyone in the comments: I have mobile!
    Me: Would it make me a Bragger If I say I have both Laptop and IPad?

  29. I played that game. It was kinda hard to move, so it needs work, but still underrated

  30. A-are you cheating on Wings of Fire?

  31. literally the entire comment section: "Mobile players: sad" "I can't play because I'm on mobile :((" "Oof to mobile players who can't play" "I'm on mobile so I have to wait :C"

  32. I love the bio."" Savage. Cool. Epic."" FRY-WINGS UNITE

  33. Im waiting for my laptop to be fixed to play:D

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