One of The Best Dragon Games Got a Massive Update!

Play the game here:


  1. how do u get the game free with out spending roblox

  2. Im 1 Of THE DRAGON gods but im hidden in my CASTEL for 12 milion years

  3. The game: u can’t play bc u phone lolololol
    Meh: ;-;

  4. I cant get tails and talons ;-; I can't find it

  5. I wish that the computers wouldn’t fight and let me get Roblox

  6. Speeds over to Roblox to play Tails and Talons

  7. wheezes in ipad

    (Looks epic though, if it comes to mobile I’ll definitely be checking this thing out!)

  8. What game is this called!?
    O it’s tails and talons!!

  9. Recognize me Dragontypes.. ALSO THIS GAME LOOKS COOL

  10. DragonTypes: “a game got updated!”
    Mobile players: *s a d*

  11. I like the ice wyverns but I love your channel more

  12. 23 mins early, Hai dragontypes. Love ya videos! <3

  13. “Anyways, you should check out Tails and Talons for yourself!”
    I cant
    However I can’t wait for the mobile update ;D

  14. I can't enter, I can't become a dragon, the reset is WRONG, I don't know if it's a good game, I can't even try it and I'm on my computer

  15. Noice. Also, my pride episode seven premieres soon

  16. “ it completely changed!”
    Me= is it available for iPad yet :l

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