Today we’re checking out some Oure Gameplay. Oure is a dreamlike game about a child who turns into a Chinese dragon! Exploring fantastical places in order to convince Titans to get back to work.
► Buy The game:
My The Isle server ► Shiranui [YOUTUBE]
Server has:
► 100 slots
► Service hosted on SSD
► CPU Priority – High Priority

So the server should work fine. ^-^
We can meet in the game.
■ Hey guys! Take a look at this awesome website. There are different servers for different games. If you want your own server, you can buy it here! ►
■ Help me please with the subtitles. 🙂


-My Pc specs:
GPU: GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4460 CPU @ 3.20GHz
Ram: Kingston – 8GB – DDR3 – 1600 MHz – (4x) = 32 GB

-What I use for creating my videos:
►For recording: ‘ ShadowPlay ‘ It’s a program from Nvidia GeForce graphics.
►For editing my videos: Sony Vegas Pro 13
Outro music:
■ Dutty – Vibe Tracks


  1. WHAAAAT!!? Ok 1: subscribing cuz AWESOME TY dude. 2: I need this game 0.o!

  2. That's so me as a dragon I'm a fox lover and that is part fox

  3. Já strašně miluji jak si některé české youtuberky hrají na angličanky. xD

  4. а ты знаеш русски? просто я не понимаю

  5. i guess we can call the orbs………dragon balls ahahaahhhahah

  6. Spirit orbs, chinease dragons, stamina wheels….Hmmmmmmmm(Link got a new look)

  7. What game is that?? tell me plz plz plz

  8. The way the dragon flies fast is like NYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM

  9. Why does it have same toon as link when she first stepped into the light.

  10. I read the title wrong i thought it said "Im a cheese dragon"…. XD

  11. hmmm is reminds me of Shadow Of the Colossus

  12. Clicked out of interest. As soon as I heard the voice–lost all interest. Game itself looks gorgeous. The voice acting is horrendous. Sounds stiff in a lot of places, is the wrong race, you name it. The game would have been better with just serene Asian music.

  13. 🏯

    dragon cheneis e o dragon mas forte do muldo dos dragon

  14. So.. spirit of the north meets lost ember meets shadow of the collosus…
    Cool game..

  15. when the game says "what are those… balls?" close your eyes and amagine what the game just said :,D

  16. Dragons are ancient creatures that existed on earth earlier than human ancestors. In ancient times, the Chinese lived with them, but later separated for some reason! The dragon lives in a three-dimensional space like us. Dragon is a species on land, sea and air. Dragons live in the deep sea or uninhabited islands. In addition, humans say that dragons are wonderful creatures with divine power, so their appearance will cause disasters. They are kind ancient creatures

  17. Eu amo tanto dragões q eu passei quando vi o jogo ;w;

  18. this was 2 years ago.. i miss the old content ;w;
    edit: if ur seeing this in 2022 then good for you cuz in 2020 there was cronaviruse and nearly everyone died 😀 maybe i even died-
    edit#2: why do they call foxes red if their orange?

  19. If i played that am not collect ill fly everywhere

  20. The picture on the video looked like a ferret mixed with dragon

  21. Amizing game nice chinese dragon and girl ilove girl its of dragon but dragon she have collor looking for fox?

  22. My theory's come true, I knew there was a Game where you CAN play as an Asian Dragon! I KNEW IT!

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