Peter Dinklage On House of the Dragon – Game of Thrones Prequel Series (House of the Dragon)

Welcome back for another Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon video. In this video, I will be discussing Peter Dinklage’s thoughts on the new Game of Thrones Prequel Series, House of the Dragon, as well as his recent opinions on the Game of Thrones’ Finale. House of the Dragon releases on HBO Max, in 2022. Go watch the new HBO official teaser trailer for House of the Dragon, now, on HBO Max’s official YouTube Channel.

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Peter Dinklage Interview: New York Times

Peter Dinklage Interview: Independent


  1. Dan and Dave were the reason it all went downhill.

  2. The only reason to watch the original show is the Stark Family and honestly the people who were truly loyal to them and the people of the North, all the southern family and story lines were just immoral families who all need therapy desperately. I’m sure a lot of people who like This new show also need some therapy. Anyways GoTs is the still the best show on tv ever obviously minus the ending but for the greatness of the show it’s dealable for getting the first 4-5 seasons

  3. The subverting expectations things is the worst thing that ever happens to film. they just like creating a incomplete feeling within society I believe because old film the goal was to meet exceptions not subvert them

  4. So then, it all depends on the producers after all.

  5. They did Jon so dirty . Making him go back to the wall and Tyrion become hand . Then brand say he can never be anything but then says what you think I came here for .

  6. Dinklage is an actor like Patrick Stewart, he doesn't care for this material, seems to me he's mad that he is known for this and not Shakespeare like Stewart. Patrick Stewart gave a massive finger to all star trek fans wit the new show, ruining a fiction character loved by milions. Same for Dinklage, he will never have a part of this magnitude.

  7. The fact Jon snow didn't kill the night kind is bs. He is fire and ice

  8. They should not have made Dany mad. I don’t care if they were slowly making her mad, she should’ve never been mad. It would’ve been more interesting for her to live and maybe reject the iron throne. Or let her be a kind queen and rule with Jon.

  9. Whelp we now know HOD is the TRUTH!!!!! Love the new show!

  10. This was the best commentary on GoT I’ve heard/seen. Brilliant…❤

  11. I agree 💯 on everything ✌️

  12. Such a tosser Dinklage to say that. If he thinks it he is a fking idiot. It’s strange how you expect him to have the insight of Tyrion 🤣 but of course those were crafted lines by the main man.

  13. Dinklage doesn't want his career to be defined by Tyrion. He is wrong about the reasons we hated the ending. I like the result of the characters in Thrones, but the way they got there sucked. I have hindsight at this point and HotD rules so far.

  14. Respect the character but that opinion was idiotic

  15. It’s weird how Dan and Dave made a great show with great writing and also adding a great many scenes that weren’t in the books…then they are also responsible for fudging it up and wrote some of the worst dialogue and plot ends ever.

  16. I still dont think Danaerys went mad at the end, I think her character did the right things. Everyone else's attitude towards her. Snow, Tyrion etc made the final series fail for me.

  17. I'll never understand the entitlement of the people who choose to complain about a show rather than understand the world doesn't revolve around them. They ended the show tastefully given the circumstances. And just because you as a "fan" disagree, doesn't make you correct. They didn't want a happy ending and I applaud that.. If you have such a problem with how the writers handled things, go write your own show and see how far you get.

  18. The house of the dragon is so far amazing, and compared to the 1st 4 episodes of game of thrones imo its way better!!! HBO won me back big time!!!

  19. Danny losing 2 dragons and her best friend was a big sing… at least to me anyway

  20. I'm kind of skittish about House of the Dragon, that something similar shall happen, and shall ruin the final season.

  21. not really surprised how these series' turned out considering people still can't tell the difference between Wyverns and Dragons. House of the Dragon? more like House of the Wyvern.

  22. Dinklage is right that the foreshadowing was there for Dany. But he's wrong that the last season was done wrong. Season 8 was rushed.

  23. Dorm, Bravos, & the Night King all so true. Also, I expected them to reunite Jamie & Cersei. But, we also were frustrated with the “tied with a ribbon” ending, which is not typical of Mr. Martin’s books. His books give a sense of continuity. The “Game” doesn’t end!! New Kings yield to new battles for the throne. Dave & D.B. could have ended with a set-up for the future. Instead, because of their weird ark, we’re stuck with prequels.

  24. Peter Dinklage just always seemed a prick to me

  25. Loved game of thrones for the first few seasons- and books. But they utterly lost the plot. Martin literally bit off more than he could chew and confused himself with his own plot lines.
    In explaining this he just says he writes “organically like a gardener” ie he ended up with a spaghetti 🍝 twisting turning weed filled mess that he had no idea of how to tie up.
    After all the time watching reading waiting…… what a poop shower the final season was!!!!! Destroyed the GOT universe. Any imagery or mention of the show just reminds of the poooooooop no thanks. 💩

  26. who cares what dinklage has to say, hes just an actor.

  27. lol, calling the end of GoT "divisive" is like saying AIDS is divisive. No one liked the end of GoT except maybe a few simpletons. Most people I have spoken to online and in real life, felt somewhere between indifference and raging anger. At the end of the day I dont really care who ended up on the throne or who had a happy ending and a sad ending etc, I simply wanted it to be good, and it wasn't. Besides all the things pointed out by the video narrator here (Things being rushed, Character arcs being completely backtracked, the inconsistency of the scorpion guns effectiveness), one of the main things that pissed me off was that everyone's IQ dropped to levels of unprecedented spastication. Varys and Tyrion in particular, both of their characters were ruined in the later seasons, particularly season 8. Varys is just basically walking around holding a sign saying "Looking to overthrow Dany, who wants in?" and mouthing off his feelings to her hand (Tyrion) and her lover/nephew (Jon). Doesnt sound very master spy-ish of him does it? I could really go on for hours here

  28. All we can hope for is that we get a completely new reboot/retelling of the series similar to what happened with Battlestar Galactica.
    I just don't know how the story D&D came up with made it through the gates to begin with. It's like the higher ups at HBO were teachers being handed in an essay by their favorite student and just grading the essay an A+ without even reading it.

  29. I loathe you a lot George martin, I love got so freaking bad but you and David B ruin everything I loathe both of you

  30. I agree with your critiques of the show and some about what Dinklage had to say. But In his defense from his position of just being an actor and not the writers of the show or hbo a lot of stuff what out of his control. And so for actors who commit and dedicate to a role and it all seems thrown out the window because of other ppls mistakes I would also be dismissive of a lot of fans if I was him. This video talks about a lot of your personal issues with got not the prequel series. And issues with the writing and other things that don’t have to do with Dinklage or anything within his control. And yes it’s all politics in what he says. He has to choose hbo and his acting over the opinions of fans. People will always want more. Yes the last few seasons were horrible in comparison to the first few but again what does all of that have to do with the title of this video

  31. Did the interview happen before or after Cyrano? I'm sad he thinks that of us

  32. I know a lot of fans hated the ending, but you can’t forget how good and exciting it felt for years late Sunday nights when the intro music kicked in!

  33. I think Jaime just said he didn’t care about saving Kings Landing as a means to justify ditching Brianne and running home to his C—word lover.

  34. Daenerys acted the way she always did her emotions controlled her actions for the most part I mean she had people killed by her dragon because they would not bend a knee to her rational hmmm

  35. Pete despite being a little person has white guilt. Love it.

  36. I felt like Bran wanting power all the sudden seemed so strange. Giving Arya the crown would have been a better idea as she has shown mercy at great personal cost. I hope they make “Snow” and just have a corny way of bringing Danny back and basically return as if a lot didn’t happen. Could be 5 years later and everything’s built back

  37. The last season of Game of Thrones was a catastrophe. I'll never forget when the TV show Lost ended that the two guys that make Game of Thrones criticized the ending well that ending was way better than the one they came up with. They would have been better off if they would just not have an entire last season the last six episodes. One of the best TV shows ever destroyed. What the heck were they thinking?

  38. Peter D is wrong! I'm so tired of Hollywood actors saying this crap! Smh 🖕

  39. I've got to be honest hotd hasn't impressed me so far. The best bit of GoT was the witty dialogue which is completely missing from hotd. Hotd is like GoT without interesting characters.

  40. How salty y’all are 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  41. They wear the same type of clothes. That would be like modern people still wearing Abe Lincoln hats and wigs. Southerners would still be dressing like girls.

  42. I agree. He dismisses us so offhandedly it kinda makes me not like him as an actor. You can’t take away how great his performance was but it’s disappointing. The ending was rushed and while Dany showed her cruel side over the seasons it was still a stretch for her to become the mad queen even through grief.

  43. "We were going off the air and [people] didn't know what to do with their Sundays anymore…" 🤣 There were ~10 hours of GoT released each year. Does Mr. Dinklage imagine people played those 10 hours on replay from dusk till dawn each Sunday?!

  44. spoiler,I thoroughly enjoyed it until the backlash ,you can have sex with your uncle but don't you dare put a black person in a prominent role jeez.

  45. HBO failed to keep the excitement alive and after the first two installments of House of the Dragons I can see why they hesitated on its release, with that said I have nothing else to watch so these Woke characters will have to do until this political correctness passes.

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