Peter Dinklage On House of the Dragon – Game of Thrones Prequel Series (House of the Dragon)

Welcome back for another Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon video. In this video, I will be discussing Peter Dinklage’s thoughts on the new Game of Thrones Prequel Series, House of the Dragon, as well as his recent opinions on the Game of Thrones’ Finale. House of the Dragon releases on HBO Max, in 2022. Go watch the new HBO official teaser trailer for House of the Dragon, now, on HBO Max’s official YouTube Channel.

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Peter Dinklage Interview: New York Times

Peter Dinklage Interview: Independent


  1. The dwarf sounds sour, as if he’s not white. Making assumptions is very short of him. Maybe if he could stand in 3 feet of water and still breathe he could think clearly.

  2. I think that they should make stories about all the seven kingdoms before the the game of thrones

  3. I loved game of thrones and yes I was disappointed about some of the writing, but in the end we can’t keep bringing up past things we didn’t like. You keep saying mistakes that the writers made, but how can they be mistakes if that’s what they chose to do? It’s not mistakes it’s just their preference for the shows direction. You have your opinion on how you wanted things to go and they went in another direction so now it’s called a mistake??? You Peter’s argument about moving on more valid when you have a one sided way of viewing things. The Game of Thrones series was the best HBO has ever shown you said it yourself. They are the same writers who had us on the edge of our seats, anticipating the next scene. This show was successful and I personally can’t wait until August for the prequel.

  4. Fans of Game of Thrones come Loyal.

    Emotions come part the Game.
    Like myself I truly Loved GOT till its End but also do understand many Fans come Pissed.

    No matter.
    When House of the Dragon hits the Screen All Fans will Unite unable to sleep the night before on edge as if awaiting a school trip.

    Wait an see.

  5. Dinklage’s comments are very short sided. No pun intended.

  6. GOT was like graduating with your Doctorate Degree in logistical science to then end up working as an Amazon driver as your career

  7. The entire final season was disappointing. That’s why we are upset. It was cut way too short. Needed more seasons to wrap it up properly. D&D should have hired others to help if they were too exhausted to finish properly. Countless plot lines were abandoned, leaving the final season feeling like a bad choice of cutting room floor content.

  8. The Targaryens are ignorant they reigned creating fear.

  9. LOL!
    Virtually everything he says that he's unhappy with, from character development to how they interact, to their ultimate demise is pretty much the same thing that made this series so good! The fact that you never knew what would become of someone and they were likely to die or be transformed in any given episode was fantastic! To wish everything and everyone would be predictable and steady is actually the opposite of what made this series great.
    Also, for someone to actually be MAD enough to quit watching HBO because you didn't like how a character changed is … pitiful at best. Get your heated fanny pack. Winter is coming.

  10. Sounds like Peter was giving this interview with a gun to his head and family tied up somewhere💀

  11. Dinklage should be captured and forced to make a game of thrones sequel.

  12. Yeah, Viserion and Rhaegal should have waited until he is done with liberating them and then celebrated their new freedom with a small little steak. Because they are two small little dragons! That would have been a better ending for Tyrion than what he had in the series.

  13. I didn’t think about how pissed HBO must have been at the end of the show. I wasn’t considering that they were going to do years of spin offs (should have duh.) D&D really hurt the brand and could cost HBO billions over time because of the negative reaction. Also come on, compare her to Gengis Khan not Hitler.

  14. They are already ruining it with a black Targaryen

  15. Those final 2 seasons turned me off so much, I am having a hard time getting excited about this at all.

  16. Anyone else tired of the actors pretending the last couple seasons weren't subpar?

  17. The writing was rushed. It needed to be split into season 8 and a season 9.
    The actors did as well as they could have. It was bad writing that killed the show. No one blames the actors

    Of all the times for HBO to be greedy and draw things out, that was the time.

  18. biggest sad is Cersei died almost peacefully

  19. As a fan of the books and the show, both spend so much time developing character, and the rush job of Season 8 took that away. There was no development to Daenerys’ demise. It was just done. One more episode even to show her and John’s connection splinter apart would have been better.

  20. I’m probably the only person who loved the last season

  21. Season 8: should have been about the night king.

  22. Honestly I hated how game of thrones ended but that doesn’t mean I still don’t love the show

  23. So how do you really know who GRRM wanted to dispose of the Night King. If Arya is the one he is writing to do that then would you still be squawking about it? I know I know the “Prince that was promised.” Prophecy. Maybe just a wrong assumption by Melisandre? The prophecy could be translated as the Prince or Princess who was promised. Might that be Arya? Though I don’t think she could be considered to be a Princess. And Stannis wasn’t a prince, so there’s that. Hopefully if the books ever get finished we get more information.

  24. Te last season looked Ike it was written by someone who never saw GOT. .

  25. so ..Tyrion really did become the dumbest man in the realm after season 8

  26. It is just as u said ! Fans were angry because night king died too easily !

  27. I don't care who dies in the series as long as the Dragons live.

  28. We didn't care about them being white.. Tf Dinklage? We wanted the rightful king aka Jon Snow to rule!

  29. Disappointed that Peter Dinklidge turned out to be a racist.

  30. The intro is so good that i can't even skip it

  31. I for one can not wait for this i just have a good felling about it and that they want to make up for the last 2 sessions on GoT

  32. If so many fans were unsatisfied by the end of the show, maybe it’s because the end of the show WASN’T actually good enough

  33. Everybody got a happy ending except Daenerys.

  34. Fans hardly ever like how shows end. At some point fans become entitled and want to tell writers what they shouldve done instead. This was my first time to your channel and I guess its to be my last. I'm sorry you make videos about something you don't like anymore. People told George Lucas he was WRONG about Star Wars. You know…the thing he made up from scratch. This feels very familiar. Did it ruin your childhood too?

  35. both the books and the show were like a live dream to me
    I hated what they did.


  37. It’s a no from me. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice?

  38. To be honest Dinklage made the show so much more better

  39. I believe they rushed that final season. If they had the full 10 episodes they could have told a fuller story. And not had so many people upset.

    The Jaime/Cersei thing bothered me a lot. His redemption was flushed right down the toilet. Dani's change wouldn't have been so jarring.

    I agree the Knight King's ending came too quickly. I was hoping for some dragon warging by Bran.

  40. From the absolute beginning she lost her kingdom, her family, her first love, her 2 dragons, all of her closest devoted (except Greyworm) along with her beheaded best friend. It makes perfect sense to me. When a person snaps, they snap. She was always heading for this end. Though seemingly rushed, it was presented well throughout the entire series NOT just an episode like people are saying. Even if you hated the ending, don't throw away the baby with the bathwater. It was a fantastic story and series with great characters that captivated the world and kept us watching.

  41. Your completely right in my case. Daenerys going mad wasn’t the part that annoyed me it was them overspending on CGI and lacking in diologue and character development. I was attracted to the show because the dialogue and character development not because of the dragons and white walkers.

  42. I love games of thrones.
    But it is just a Show.
    Hated the end though.

  43. Honestly not mad that they weren't together, but I was mad that he and Sansa stark didn't get back together with her realizing he was the only man who had been a kind husband, and yes night king was bad to but worst of all they didn't end in democracy but with bran

  44. Best show I ever experienced. Arya / Knight King explains why she did all that stealth training. And it wasn't a Cinderella ending. A little tragedy play toward the end. Last episode could have been netter. The twins' deaths was un-guessable and fitting.

  45. I absolutely love Game of Thrones it was my Sunday 9 event! My biggest disappointment was who ended up on the iron throne and I will definitely be watching The House of the Dragon

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