Play As Baby Toothless!! Best Dragon Simulator Game Ever – Dragons Of The Edge Gameplay

Become a Dragon from How To Train Your Dragon and continue life in this beautiful land! Best fan made game I’ve ever played tbh

3,000 likes for another episode!

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  1. They should do it Razorwhip dragon version of that game.

  2. Well, can this game! Played on Android phone? Cuz on my iphone…it's not working..

    Btw I'm loving ur channel❤️nice gameplay

  3. what is that game on? laptop, PC, or mobile??? I WANNA KNOW!!!! PLEASE

  4. The second dragon the blue spike dragon is a female and her name is stormfly

  5. " What kind of parent cant one shot a child?"

  6. What game is that is it on Google play or Roblox tell me what game is it called please.

  7. This game is so fun shout out to everything's ngnightxriot

  8. This is not good because i cant enter to the game

  9. Queen Chrysalis Music [Discontinued Channel] says:

    The creatures from avatar are call the Ikran (they are also called mountain banshees but Ikran is the official name)

  10. Then now i conseder that this is ark (its moded)

  11. I really want to play this game but I don’t know how to

  12. What's the name of the game and how did you find it?

  13. hey roit can you please tell us how to get it please!!

  14. Yep this game seems worth looking into in the future for me in my opinion definitely on my bucket list

  15. Can you play this game in samsung A10

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