Ranking Spyro Games From Best to Worst! #UnleashTheDragon

Today is the #Unleashthedragon Spyro Community day! So, that means in hype for Spyro 4, I decided to Rank Spyro Games From Best to Worst! These will be for the mainline console series only. Lets talk about it!

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  1. On most days, I'd got 2,1, then 3 as well. 2 and 1 switch depending on how I'm feeling. Spyro 1 has the best soundtrack without a doubt.

  2. I remember to this day the feeling of playing Dawn of the Dragon for the first time (and I was playing co-op, since my friend and I lended the other Spyro and Ps1/Ps2 games to each other). Entering the Valley of Avalar there for the first time was BEAUTIFUL. It was fun exploring the areas and using different elemental breaths, and Guide You Home is also amazing as the credits theme (and I liked the ending too). It will always be a personal favorite of mine, although I would still put Spyro 1 as the best Spyro game overall. I just had bad experiences with Spyro 3 of the original trilogy.

  3. Here are my rankings of Spyro games:

    1): Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon (2000).

    2): Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! (1999).

    3): Spyro the Dragon (1998).

    4): The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning (2006).

    5): Spyro: A Hero's Tail (2004).

    6): The Legend of Spyro 3: Dawn of the Dragon (2008).

    7): The Legend of Spyro 2: The Eternal Night (2007).

    And 8): Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly (2002).

  4. I d put dawn of the dragon in 1st or 2nd i don't think eternal knight is that bad and it s the ending cutscene

  5. I like you and all, but your original trilogy thoughts are wrong. Super wrong! Nice vid though 🤩

  6. I want mega man sonic banjo kazooie king boo lm1 ghosts crash bandicoot dr neo cortex dr wily dr egg man wario king k rool koopalings Spyro assist trophy in melee smash bros update

  7. Geez, and I thought Sonic the Hedgehog was the only video game franchise that fell from grace in later years! Lol

  8. We’ll be expecting a lot from the new Spyro 4 after Spyro got dishonoured by enter the dragonfly

  9. Spyro 3 to me I ranked top best, cos it was my first Spyro I bought. Soundtrack memorable to me. Great storyline and levels, I played it alot. Then 2 and 1. I not fan of A Hero's Tail don't the characters and different of Spyro. And of course Enter the Dragon, this sadly seem to end of Spyro and Rachet and Clark have arrived. Did enjoy a new beginning, was into Legend of Spyro but remaster change my mind. Eternal Night was also worst, one level I got stuck on, it was frusrated.

    Skylanders did Spyro dirty bruh he look so abd

  11. Spyro 1 is my favorite, possibly because it was the first Spyro game I ever played, the most nostalgic, and the coolest enemies, best levels, best collectibles being the Dragons, best chest designs which contains the gems, no Moneybags, and best music in my opinion, followed by Spyro 3 Year of the Dragon, Spyro 2 Ripto’s Rage, I won’t rank the other games after the original trilogy though due to them being not as good in quality, and less fun overall, at least for me.

  12. I've only ever played the first one and Eternal Night. I like both pretty equally.

  13. I’d take Eternal Night over A New Beginning every and any day, ANB is literal tutorial after tutorial and every level is designed after the element you just learned, it never feels like the game ever starts

    Eternal Night has issues though it’s my personal number 2 best, but at least it treats the player as competent, levels are unique, bosses are more unique, challenge is there, etc

  14. Are you going to rank the handheld Spyro games at some point?

  15. I REFUSE to play anything other than the classic trilogy and reignited. Unless they somehow comeback to add in a fourth game.

  16. La mia classifica
    13.Spyro : enter to dragonfly
    12.The legend of Spyro : the eternal night
    11.Spyro fusion
    10.Spyro fiery games
    9. Spyro season of ice,flame e adventure
    8.Spyro shabon legasy
    7.Spyro ripto's quest
    6.Spyro 2 gateway to glimmer
    5.The legend of Spyro a new beginning
    4.The legend of Spyro l'alba del drago
    3.Spyro a heroes tail
    2.Spyro the dragon
    1.Spyro 3 the year of the dragon

  17. how fast is Spyro at maximum running speed in Spyro the dragon 1 on PS1 in miles per hour?

  18. But you can't throw reignited as number one, most spyro fans will tell you that the atmosphere and art style is god awful compared to the original versions, not even mentioning controls/physics.

  19. i legit only want Eternal Night because i want to fulfill my edgy childhood wish of playing as Dark Spyro because i saw someone say there was a button code that let you play as him, i dont even know if its real but my child self needs this wish granted, one way or another

  20. i just have so, so much love for A Hero's Tail – to the point where I really honestly don't see eye-to-eye with alot of peoples complaints about it.

    The worlds are all vast and awesome. I LOVE the transitions between them rather than just taking portals!
    Finding a grown over, rusty old elevator and fixing it up to take you up to a cloud citadel, completing a difficult platforming challenge to get over to a stained-glass dome sitting in the ocean and breaking it to find an old Atlantis-y ruin. Starting in a bright, happy dragon village and traveling through an innocent enough looking building that becomes a tunnel, that then goes deeper into the earth… and darker… and comes out in a lush but dangerous swampland full of crocodile people.
    The later worlds are less good at this, the differences between hub-world and level becoming vaguer, but they are still alright – especially when digging deeper and deeper into an active volcano leads you into a secret laboratory full of robots and high tech platforms, SUPER alien from the rest of the game's tone.

    The platforming is varied, challenging and fun. They give you alot of different tools to experiment with and they are all well explored.
    The mini games are on point for the most part – Sgt. Bird is at his very best – Hunter, Bart and Sparx are all sweet too… Blink drags on a little too long, tho.
    The writing was cheesy, but I've always found it endearing. Alot of the jokes hit me when I was a kid too – especially all the elders!

    My biggest gripe with the game is how empty it feels, how un-lived in. The grand royal castle in the Ice world has a beautiful Fox Queen in it… where are her subjects? The beach world has an otter surfer dude… where are his friends? There is a SINGULAR mermaid in the atlantis ruins, and ONE Hyena lady in the volcano world – where the hell IS everyone???

    I think with A Hero's Tail, and perhaps Shadow Realm or whatever the DS game, they were testing the waters to make a larger childrens franchise… maybe even a TV show. The characters are all very suited for a simple morning Saturday cartoon, moreso than any other game… and I will always mourn not getting that. Its a goddamn miracle we got something so GOOD after Enter the Dragonfly, and I still blame that game for A Hero's Tail's bad reputation.

    The Original 3 may be BETTER games, and I love Spyro the Dragon (1) to death… but A Hero's Tail, in my heart, is right up there with them.

  21. Welp can’t really make a list of my own because the only Spyro games I’ve played is the 3 originals, All the Skylanders games, and reignited

  22. What about Spyro: Shadow Legacy the last one of the original series?

  23. The Eternal Night was actually my favorite, because It’s the only one that provides a real challenge in combat.

  24. I've gotta be honest I disagree with the Enter the Dragonfly. My copy doesn't have nearly as many bugs as I've seen in peoples videos and review and what not (IT IS BY NO MEANS GREAT OR A MASTERPIECE DONT GET IT TWISTED) but i think it's fun, and better than anything in the Legend of Spyro series. The original was my first ever game, and I grew up with A New Beginning, Enter The Dragonfly and A Hero's Tale, so I have a soft spot for all of the different interpretations but I think it should have been at least just one place higher

  25. The first 3 choices I would have tk disagree with. Spyro 3 year of the dragon will always be my favourite. The music and level design to me is what I love about it haha so opposite of what you said. To be fair tho the first spyro game I played was 3 and that was my childhood. So it will always have a special place in my heart. I bought the reignited trilogy and I do intend on playing all of them. Perhaps my opinion will change but I just looooove the world design in 3 and the other ones don't do it for me

  26. for me it goes spyro 2 then 3 then 1 then enter the dragonfly and the rest i dont care about.

  27. What about the GBA games like Attack of the Rhynocs? Where would you put those in the rankings?

  28. List is backward and Year of the Dragon getting disrespected as usual.

  29. Spyro Enter the Dragonfly on Gamecube has way less bugs and glitches than on PS2. It made me appreciate the game a lot when I was younger.

  30. I think 3 is the best, then 2 then 1 then ETD

  31. Hey, don't crap on the eternal night. The game honestly builds upon the first and gives you more and better abilities, including dark Spyro which is OP

  32. The original games are amazingly fun,but not too challenging, perfect for unwinding.
    The legend trilogy is more difficult and skill based,so I play them to get serious and it's perfect when I'm in the mood for a decent (but not too unfair) challenge

    Enter the dragonfly Is…I'll never play it again.

  33. One of the most painful and sufferable games he’s played. Dark souls and Elden ring players: “You don’t know what we go through”

  34. The GBA trilogy >>>>>>>>>>>> the reboot trilogy.

    Fite meh, Cynder simps.

  35. Enter the dragon should have gotten atleast a better spot thean dawn of the dragon imo it still has that classic Spyro feel atleast

  36. Funny enough enter the dragonfly was the first Spyro game I played and it’s also my personal favorite I never really felt with the bugs tho

  37. I know this might actually physically pain some people, but when I was young (like 4-5), I considered Enter the Dragonfly the “real” Spyro. Like, the first trilogy was the “old games” and ETD was the better one. Then between ages like 7-9, I started considering Year of the Dragon as the “real” Spyro. Looking back on it now, I can’t believe how much I didn’t know. Like for example, I just thought ETD was a REALLY difficult game, I didn’t even realize it was extremely buggy l

  38. I bet Enter the Dragonfly has speed runs because of the glitches. Hells I want to play it to see what glitches I can do lol.

  39. I feel like one of three people who loved Dawn of the Dragon

  40. 15: Spyro Orange: Cortex Conspiracy
    14: Legend of Spyro: Eternal Night
    13: Spyro: Shadow Legacy
    12: Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon
    11: Spyro: Season of Ice
    10: Spyro: Season of Flame
    9: Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs
    8: Skylanders Series
    7: Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly
    6: Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning
    5: Spyro: A Hero’s Tail
    4: Spyro the Dragon
    3: Spyro: Year of the Dragon
    2: Spyro: Ripto’s Rage
    1: Spyro: Reignited Trilogy

  41. The original Spyro trilogy will always be my favorite. I can't possibly choose a favorite out of the 3. But after those the only games I enjoyed were A Hero's Tail and the Gameboy games. A Hero's tail is the second best Spyro design in my opinion. He still feels like Spyro just a little better graphics. The game itself is actually really good and quite a lot of fun. It's honestly the only one I would recommend after the PS1 trilogy. Every other Spyro design just feels… gross. Even the Reignited Spyro feels off to me. Why does he have 4 toes on his front feet but 3 on his back feet?! He's just too pointy and bulged out on his chest. His eyebrows are too square. It's just sad that they could have made him look exactly like the PS1 covers or even better but didn't. Even the redesigned Crash still looks good. The world's in Reignited are absolutely gorgeous but the characters are just off.
    Sgt. Byrd- Great
    Sheila- Decent, a little strange with hair and clothes but I can deal with it.
    Bentley- Awful. Doesn't even look like the same character.
    I love all the Dragon redesigns in the first game but alot of the redesigns make it feel like a different game sometimes. I understand Toys for Bob wanting to take creative liberties but that isn't always want the fans want. Deviating too far from the source material is a little disheartening for hard-core fans of the series. Riding on the nostalgia train, these games are a lot of people's childhoods (myself included) and a lot of fans don't like the major changes to their beloved franchise.

  42. for me the one that i enjoy it the most back in the days was the heros tail

  43. I hope Activision somehow lose Crash and Spyro. Microsoft buying Acti would put Crash and Spyro under too much red tape, just as Microsoft buying Rare put the likes of Battletoads and Banjo under too much red tape. Companies buying other companies results in there being less and less competition and it's clear the likes of Microsoft and Disney will not stop buying companies out until there's nothing left to buy! How long before Microsoft buy Konami? How long before Disney buy Corus? If I owned Spyro, I'd not only release a new main line game, I'd release a Spyro plug & play featuring the original 3 games and A Hero's Tail (for those who don't have a modern console or a gaming PC)! I'd also release the original 3 PSone Spyro games on iOS (also playable on Apple TV), which one'd be able to buy for £6.99 apiece (they'd have the original PSone graphics so they don't hurt Re-Ignited Trilogy sales and also provide an option for those who prefer to play old games with their original graphics)!

  44. This is why eternal night GBA version is better lol

  45. i agree with @doofy7476 but i want to see elora and spyro get together

  46. im sorry but the ps1 – early ps2 Spyro's are more of a kids game, while the "A New beginning" and "The Eternal Night" ones for ps2 are actually masterpieces of atmosphere and storytelling in my opinion, they just don't compare to first Spyro's which are way too short, easy to play, basically target toddlers, and for that have basic fantasy-like backstories made for children exclusively. I grew up with the ps1 Spyro's so i have very much nostalgia about them, but i also tend to get bored with them and would like a game with a little bit more of substance to it.

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