(THERE WILL BE SPOILERS) It’s been three years since the last tier list and we’ve had two new releases, those being Yakuza: Like a Dragon and Lost Judgment. That combined with the fact we’ve just had a story marathon made me want to go re-rank the games to see if anything had changed! Hope you enjoy the video 🙂

0:00:00 Starting soon
0:07:52 Introduction
0:14:38 Yakuza 1 (Original)
0:20:46 Yakuza 2 (Original)
0:27:45 Ryu Ga Gotoku Kenzan!
0:31:00 Yakuza 3
0:36:50 Yakuza 4
0:43:42 Yakuza 5
0:49:35 Yakuza: Dead Souls
0:58:10 Kurohyou
1:02:08 Kurohyou 2
1:07:45 Like a Dragon: Ishin! (Original)
1:10:57 Yakuza 0
1:17:08 Yakuza Kiwami
1:23:00 Yakuza 6
1:28:46 Yakuza Kiwami 2
1:36:32 Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise
1:47:14 Judgment
1:55:00 Yakuza: Like a Dragon
2:03:44 Lost Judgment
2:08:44 Reminiscing on dynamic intros of several games
2:32:49 “Objective” ranking

Special thanks to Hannya Tier members: MiyuRon, Rufus, when idiots play games together, Lisa Medcalf, Dylan Ridings, Jago Majima, eks2009, Mrdevil Gaming, H. J. The Hedgehog, Kinrob, TreizerL, Deicide86, Shehzad Ali, Isaac Murillo, Mehmet Kans, Suicide Gangsta, NikoJazz, Grossly IncandescentSunnyD, Staticulator, GalvatronScurge, Hanoæ ・, Bean Boy, Kaizer Redgrave, Vee Taylor, Shin Megami Tensei Enjoyer, Valerie Parker, Dr Reaper, Falanteris, MrWWFederation, Marti, rzn, Epic Booch, GenericEdgyName, Sharavy, Agent G, Chyro Zero, Atomic Rocket, John Smith, Yash, Kiro, Anton Balfe, Marcelo Soares, Yousif, Jet, yazad, M.Salman, Solion, Judgment Kazzy, Trent D, Daigo_Dojima, 6502, Jackie_Boi, TF2 GOD, Il Diavolo 1899, Dominic Porpiglia, Sam Russo,Persona3586, BlacK40k, DustinEden, The Anza of Dojima, Diamond Noire, Defh, TheIcemanGR, IchibanKa, Bryan Reyes, 고수 전사, Kibo, Kei Naoyuki, KiraXVI, Cerebellum ́s Hideout, Disaster Junpei Hanasaki, AtomicRocket, tsuranda and Owens Corning.


  1. Quickstamps for each of the games if anyone wants to see certain game and Leon's based opinion.OG Yakuza 1: 14:38OG Yakuza 2: 20:46Yakuza Kenzan: 27:45Yakuza 3: 31:00Yakuza 4: 36:50Yakuza 5: 43:42DEAD SOULS THE GOAT: 49:35Kurohyou 1: 58:10Kurohyou 2: 1:02:08OG Yakuza Ishin: 1:07:45 (No story spoilers btw)Yakuza 0: 1:10:57Yakuza Kiwami: 1:17:08Yakuza 6: 1:23:00Yakuza Kiwami 2 and Majima Saga: 1:28:46Fist of the north star Lost Paradise: 1:36:32Judgment: 1:47:14Yakuza Like a Dragon: 1:55:00Lost Judgment: 2:03:44

  2. This is a truly cursed rating system.
    Putting dead souls as S is no bueno

  3. I just watched your old ranking yesterday, the timing is impeccable

  4. I must be one of the few that agrees with Leon on Y5. It's good, but bloated as fuck, and Saejima if often the weakest link despite being one of my favorite to play as. Shinada's part is really cool and really my favorite section of the game.

    Also Broseph Watase's addition is a highlight!

    But definitely a drag over all. Getting through all the bloat is a pain.

  5. just occurred to me that both main judgment final bosses jump over Yagami's slide kick at some point xD

  6. Watched most of this vid, great stuff, Leon. I have to say though, I'm not a fan of the redesign or performance of the revised Lao Gui – he just looks like Boris Karloff as a monster to me. I'm a huge old school HK cinema and while he rose to a degree of prominence at the start of it's decline, I'd always prefer the Sam Lee (he was great in Beast Cops & Dog Bite Dog, two decent HK films) model over what we received here in the West.

  7. i think 3 is the most underrated game in the series, it has its flaws, but overall it was awesome, especially the Okinawa setting!

  8. I recently finished all the Kiryu saga games and went back to try to 100% some of them. Did anyone else lose motivation when checking some of the requirements? I'd like to hear your thoughts, I could just be a baby on this one.

  9. I always think of Yakuza 5 as the game were RGG jumped the shark.

  10. 1:56:07 I literally heard Bawkbasoup say the EXACT. SAME. THING! And I'm happy for that.

  11. Wait, I have a question, is Lost Paradise a yakuza game? Ik its made by RGG studios but does that make it a yakuza game?

  12. I'm starting to think that I'm the only one who enjoyed Saejima's chapter in Yakuza 5.

  13. For me I did enjoy Yakuza 3's story, mostly cause it made Kiryu fully transition into Dragon Dad. There were shades of it in 1 and 2 but 3 is when Kiryu goes into it.

  14. Honestly, my problem with 3’s combat isn’t the blocking, but how pitiful your damage is. If you did like double damage in the remaster I think it would fix a lot of my problems.

  15. I feel like if I hadnt got the boxer style I would have felt missing it is bullshit… But having played with the boxer style, I realized how my experience would have been pretty much the same without it

  16. I absolutely hated Yakuza 7. Mostly because of the story and how they handled the og characters, but I am really glad that a lot of people found it really enjoyable)

  17. Ironically, the only opinion i agree with is the most controversial one: Y5 was a chore to finish

  18. I beat Lau Ka Long without any of Komaki's moves.

  19. Gotta disagree with Y1 being different to everything. The game played a lot like Way of the Samurai and Shenmue.

  20. You should do a dynamic intro tier-list.

  21. 5 Would be so much better if they changed Saejima to just… not be back in prison again lol

  22. I’m probably the only one with this opinion but I totally vibed with Saejima’s hunting side story. It was nice having a somewhat in-depth side activity that’s more laid-back and not reaction-based. Also a great way to grind for money, as opposed to slogging through the terrible hostess club management in Y3 and 4

  23. Yakuza Like a Dragon is a masterpiece. It's sad to see it being underrated by the Yakuza community as well as the JRPG community.

  24. I dont get it why is yakuza 3 A Tier. It was way worser than 2

  25. Favorite intro is the lost judgment melee with the kidnapped girls

  26. It's an extreme shame that the Batting Cages in Y0 were the dogsh*t earlier version (the one that's aggressively unfun and doesn't feel like batting at all). If it had the Dragon Engine version from Y7 and LJ, omg we'd be in *business*. Every RGG game has that one unfortunate thing that holds it back from being THE perfect one for me – the unremovable controls guide in Lost Judgment (single worst mistake in the entire series), the encounter rate in Y5, the blocking in Y3, the unfinished Kamurocho in Y6, etc. But the beautiful thing is that you can always just load up your premium adventure save in whichever game you want and mess around for a quick session.

  27. I agree with all the things about what you said about LAD, wish other JRPG made you play grown up adults. Not always teenagers, you earn my subscribtion.

  28. >Yakuza 4 in S
    >Yakuza 5 lowest ranked

    Going from Yakuza 4 and into 5 felt like such a let down. Saejima and ESPECIALLY Akiyama just didn't feel the same…For a casual player who just mashes the whole game 5 probably had amazing combat, but for me, the good part were just hype moments.

  29. Tekken should do a spinoff like Yakuza. Not just a fighter but like Street fighter 6 campaign! Also Kiryu if you think about it would be in his mid 60s and he's still a badass!

  30. Saejima wasn't the worst part for me I didn't like Haruka's part at all I wish we got more Akiyama instead

  31. Of all the yakuza 7 bosses i really liked Reiji Ishioda and Jo Sawashiro the most. Hard to say theres been many side villains in the position of liutenants that i've liked in this franchise besides Kuze (i know Jo is a captain but roll with it). Jo i always felt had the most meaning in the latter half of the game holding onto a very crucial theory and the lengths he would go to to keep it at bay or die with it altogether. His game track also perfectly complements his cold nature with a hint of unsureness as to whether he could live with this shame forever or not especially when it got his boss killed for not stepping in. And Ishioda, a piece of shit modern-ish yakuza. This guy came back atleast like 3 or 4 times. He never gives much to say about his character besides being an Omi asskisser as long as he benefits and just a crazy dude in general. He embodies a yakuza that's only in it for profits and nothing more but his persistence and track are so awesome.

  32. I’m not even mad at your list, but Yakuza 6 is top tier to me and I have Judgement and Lost Judgement flipped 😄

  33. The guy in chat with the fancy font for his name trying to act all slick and cool was fucking hilarious.

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