REAL Dragon Clones??? #dragons #clones #shorts


  1. So that's awesome and safe sounding, and totally not sus at all… 🤔🥷🤺🦹🦸🤫

  2. Not real….they never found bones of dragons or unicorns……they just tampered with different animal genes and came out with that if it's real


  4. If we're seeing dragon's. Sciencetist are making far worse creatures.

  5. Frankenstein and Machiavellian ways …for decades the neurotoxins and hormone disruptors in all consumables worldwide …focus analyze all resources exposed or continues …?

  6. Theres plenty of movies on why this is a terrible idea

  7. The world is indeed stranger /more mysterious than we're led to believe

  8. The unicorn the Bible is referring to is most likely the rhinoceros. Not a mythical horse. Unicorn meaning one horned animal. Most horned animals have 2 horns.

  9. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if they were real as I know in Iraq ( Persia) apparently American started over there as they were apparently really looking for Nephilim remains for 🧬DNA ( Nephilim are the offspring of fallen angels and human women, they were called The Mighty ones of old & had six fingers and toes , bright red hair & were worriers, giants , the fallen angels mated with all flesh that’s why u see pictures / drawings etc and writings on Egyptian pyramids etc. Also top secret papers were found on H. Clinton’s computer about finding Nephilim remains and the Vatican! It also says in Revelation that man would be ripped apart , etc killed and eaten by the “ beasts of the earth?!” There’s so much more as they also have from the elite’s whom worship lucifer that they have already put so called ET DNA 🧬 in babies and adapted them out while keeping tabs on them ( this was yrs ago) and we all know there’s no ET’s, there demons / fallen angels too! I must be careful what I say! Brothers & sisters in Christ Jesus stay close to God as the devil himself is walking around us like a roaring lion waiting for us to make a little mistake so he can by the heavenly law’s get a foot hole into our lives and eventually rip us apart, he hates us as we’re made in God image and are believers ( look what he did to Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ & He never sinned but used , possessed etc many people so Jesus suffered, but still He Our Lord of heaven and earth still obediently went to the cross and shed His precious blood 🩸 to pay the world’s sin debt above and beyond! Amen! 🙌🏻🫶🏻👏🏻So we could all receive Hos free gift 🎁 off salvation to all whom truly believe!
    Thank you 🙏🏻 so much Lord Jesus Christ of heaven & earth! We are in the end times and things are being built and falling into place for the tribulation and getting so close we can see the “ the fore shadows “ of the Great Tribulation, so we know The rapture is imminent and could be at any moment! Praise His Mighty Name Above All other Names! Amen! Hallelujah and God bless to you all for all eternity! 🙏🏻🥰🎁♾👑🫶🏻🙌🏻❤️💋🤗

  10. As long as they don’t grow To 4m I’m cool

  11. I believe it, seems like everything we was told was fake or mythology is in fact real

  12. I’m no, dragons are just another form of dinosaurs 🦖. All creatures on land have four limbs and a head except insects

  13. We have a giant squid at the memorial university of Newfoundland 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼

  14. I don't believe this . Why don't they show video rather than pictures ?

  15. AI is made by humans feeding different types of data, remove the battery or power supply of AI and the job is completed finished.

  16. Those chinese people are so dangerous and heartless i really dislike them

  17. Sinful…just plain sinful. The rapture is coming this decade i believe. Get saved people. John 3:16❤

  18. If you look closely in the kraken stories you will notice that the farther forward you get the more they depict it as a giant squid but the farther back you get the first few hundred couple of stories about the kraken it wasn't a squid in fact it was actually described as a splotch of land like a island.

  19. Noo we will die because then the drake hydra dragon those exist all of them but the sea dragons are just chilling do not let them out fr ⚠️ warning

  20. Dawg I gotta re-watch How to train your dragon

  21. Why did no one listen to the lessons they taught us in jurassic park

  22. It's just nice for the local buffet to have an opportunity to expand their menu again!🎉😂

  23. As cool as this is, I don’t feel like dying anytime soon so no thanks

  24. Ngl I want a crested gecko dragon

  25. The fact that they named it the giant squid instead of the kraken is proof that we can't admit when we're wrong

  26. Imagine that kim jong kun uses thus at war

  27. The future will be massive ! They should create unicorns!

  28. M̤y̤.̤f̤o̤ṳr̤.̤a̤l̤l̤s̤o̤.̤o̤n̤e̤.̤d̤r̤a̤g̤o̤n̤.̤g̤i̤v̤e̤

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