Red death death remake | roblox berk Dragons

hope you enjoy 🙂


  1. why this model is not in when i'm playing is just old model?

  2. Wow good job and also could you freind me pls

  3. i lost so much robux to this game because its only for pc :/

  4. How can you ride toothless as hiccup do you be a human and you can select what dragon you wanna fly or be a dragon

  5. cringe role players 💀

    I love making people mad 💀

  6. Me when I was play as human normal day but something in the sky fall down
    Me:oh sh-

  7. Bro its me FunnyFishy_YT my user is now ItsJust_Fishy.

  8. Pls I need to know how to get that toothless

  9. its not good at all but its great beacuse you spend hours making this only to the community

  10. now berk's dragons is playable for tablet and phone

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