Remembering: Lair (PS3)

If you played lots of games, owned a PS3, or followed gaming press back in 2007, then you’ve probably heard of Lair. In a nutshell, it’s not great. But I bought it! My friend did too. My friend Vince and I are gonna take you for a ride on our Dragons for a look back at Lair.

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  1. I was so bummed with this game because I really wanted to love it. If they had an update without the six axis, I'd be all over that. I was on the mission where you had to protect the convoy and I just could not beat it, so I gave up.

  2. I loved this game omg. Wish they would port it

  3. No wonder developers don't make dragon riding games anymore. All of them are shit, so they stop investing in em. Which is a damn shame because dragon riding is such a neat concept. But people can't fucking appreciate them because of the few bad apples, and they never really got a chance to shine.

  4. I genuinely thought this game was awesome. Never understood the bad rep it got. Sixaxis controls weren't great but it was still an enjoyable experience

  5. I never was able to finish this game when I was younger unfortunately, or ps3’s had constantly been broken when we got a new one and I never got the chance to buy it again.

    Recently I actually bought a ps3 and the game and now working on beating it. Even though the graphics and story play is bad, it is still one of my all time favorites ♥️

  6. Lair holds up to me as honestly, the best dragon-riding game ever made. It’s a shame this concept wasn’t explored more. I have never seen any other game that allowed for rider and dragon to partner up and combat enemy dragons, creatures, and armies. Give me a good game like that, please.

  7. The controls are difficult in the beginning but after the second mission you really get the hang of it and you become an unstoppable beast. The story is also good, political dispute with religious schemes. 10/10 game, needs a reboot or a remaster

  8. Could've been waaaay better but it's still the best dragon game you're gonna get. Why the fuck are there like no other games where you get to fly about as a friggin dragon

  9. Yikes! Now I know why I did not buy this game.

  10. Who the fuck had a problem controling it? I never had a problem with it, and last time I played it I think it had the option to use the joystick. It was an amazing game with great potential, it wasn't its time and maybe they didn't deliver it in the best way.

    But I had a lot of fun playing it, controling a dragon, get to fly it, getting into small battles with other dragons and all that stuff, it was a sky battlefield full of dragons. That's unique and it was a great experience once you get use to the mechanics (if you ever found it difficult to control).

    It was different to the same shit of always. But people are used to playing games with one dude with a gun/sword running around but with different themes.

  11. i love this game so much that i wish a remaster or a remake would drop on PS5

  12. I thought this looked good and this has some of the best draw distance on the PS3… in fact they even said in an interview they spent too much time on getting the visual and scale as big as they could.

  13. So you only played one level and gimped yourself by using the worse control scheme… right

  14. Never got a chance to play lair. I do remember heavenly sword though.

  15. Controls suck and game looks terrible. Actually, the PS2 game DRAKAN – Order of the Flame, or Drakan 2, looked way better and was super epic. Highly recommended!
    I think the original Drakan is PC only, but there was a PS2 2nd part. really worth it.

  16. Century: Age of Ashes is coming to Steam if you're looking for your dragonriding fix. Was announced on the Game Awards.

  17. I loved this game honestly sad we did not get the remake that should have happened.

  18. Years and years later. This game is still awesome for ps3. The dragon takedowns, and battles were nice too…

  19. Everyone is talking about gameplay mechanics, takedowns, dragons and so on. Guys, am I the only one who really enjoyed the PLOT? I was impressed not only by spectacular battles, but by lore and characters! Aren't they all unique? C'mon, even DRAGONS had their own will to choose theirs masters!

  20. remember when everyone thought the motion controls would change gaming forever lol cut to these days (2021) with the blowhole mic, untouched pad and the bearly used motion controls.

  21. Guys critizising the game didnt understood anything. Controlls sucked hard but story was amazing and for its time graphics was looking awesome. Every store selling ps3 was showing its demo when it first came out.

  22. Omg I found it. I’m 99% sure this is the dragon game that always come to my mind

  23. This game was impressive for being made a year before ps3s release

  24. I hated this game at first. For sure only had an hour played on it for months, but when I decided to go back to it, I got addicted and played for hours and hours and ended up loving it.

  25. i played this when i was a 12 yo, like, was a good game, i liked it very much, however, you know, i wasnt the best video game connaisseur, and wasnt great. So idk but a few points that are very important:
    1-didnt have a story or at least not a comprehensive one, had a god of war feeling but, absolutely no story, just mindless dragon killing
    2- not the greatest playability, and what im trying to say is, some parts of the game were SO frustrating because you couldnt control it right, you knew what you had to do but you just couldnt fukin do it (i remember almost breaking stuff as a 12 year old because i couldnt win)
    3- it wasnt good enough for a ps3 game like cmon man, they could have done so much better.
    4- npcs were absolutely useless, they were just there to be absolutely crushed, didnt even scratch you, except for some, that then were incredibly fukin hard to kill.

  26. Good ass game, especially when they add new dragons and analog control

  27. watching in 2022 and danm this game was so fun

  28. I just played some Century: Age of Ashes and I remembered this game and kind of remembered that I like it and well I would like a new game with dragons and with an actual story for modern day console like the PS5.

  29. I've always wanted to play this and heavenly sword but I never had a PS3 and probably wont get one. Hopefully sony is able to roll out backwards compatability for PS3 like MS did with their systems. I don't think it will ever get the bluepoint treatment, but maybe. They remade medievil even though that wasn't super popular

  30. I played it non-stop and loved it. I basically played only this until Warhawk came out.

  31. Holy shit you just unlocked a hidden memory. I absolutely loved this game

  32. This game was fucking weird. loved it and hated it at the same time

  33. PS3 had some really great titles, Lair, MGS4, MGO2, Killzone 2 (which was great, I loved how you could use the sixaxis to move the sniper scope)

  34. I was so proud of myself because despite the control and gameplay flaws, I actually got the highest score on every single level. It took me like a year but I did it 😎 Little middle school girl playing her violent dragon game 😂 I will say though, the fact that I actually got to control and ride a dragon was sick. Compare it to Skyrim 5 years later when Dragonborn comes out and we can’t even control the dragon in Skyrim ya know? I think Lair did for sure have it’s flaws, but it’s no Fallout 76 or Godfall. It seemed like a genuine game and it also looks like the devs were rushed with it PLUS they had to implement that dumb motion control Sony was pushing. All in all, this is not a terrible game, if a middle school girl can platinum it, it’s definitely playable 😂

  35. I know it was considered a failure, but I still enjoyed it for what it was. I also remember it being really difficult lol

  36. I vividly remember playing his games a kid, I managed to get to the final boss, that fucking boss and I swear that final boss gave me so much of a headache I just quit the game it wasn’t even the controls, getting around the controls was pretty easy, it was that final boss I don’t remember what the final boss was but I know for a fact if I had beat it I would have beat the whole game in one week.

  37. I always imagined and dreamed of an open world rpg with mount mechanics similar to this game

  38. I always thought as Lair as a Drakengard that wasn't annoying. Now that tells you how much Drakengard sucked. One of the few games that made me physically uncomfortable to play.

  39. They need to remake a dragon fighting game like this on UE5 and MMORPG w/ dragon customizations, skins and skills.. 🙏

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