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Xbox handheld rumors, Summer Game Fest announcements kick off, new game trailers and more in a week full of gaming news.



Halo on PS5?

Xbox handheld

Dragon Age returns (June 11th more info, singleplayer)

Guerilla Collective

Fallen Aces


FNAF into the pit


Astro Bot details

Destiny 2: The Final Shape

The Life and Death of E3

Midnight Suns free on Epic

PSVR2 cable soon (Aug 7th) $60 lol


  1. we will see it when we beleive it ahha

  2. “Here’s some crumbs you little assholes” yeah i mean basically they hate bloodborn or something idk

  3. No talk about Destiny 2 the final shape??? The servers being down on day 1 sucked but the campaign that finished the 10 year light and dark saga was beautiful.

  4. Believe it or not, I'm watching E3. I never thought I'd get in so easily

  5. The irony. Most of this channel's viewership are the reasons why we can't have nice things now. You keep supporting bad practices with your wallet and whine on YT and Reddit for change lol

  6. How tf did you know I was cleaning the kitchen while listening to this?

    Games are awesome!

  7. Both shocked and not surprised that Halo is potentially coming to PlayStation.
    I’m also not too surprised that Xbox is focusing on software and distribution since Microsoft always made the majority of their revenue from software sales. It is disappointing after all of their promises though.

  8. As a Playstation player, I couldn't be any less interested in the Halo franchise.

  9. If they put games like halo on PlayStation what the point in owning a ruddy xbox

  10. Im about to plat marvel's midnight suns, that is a feat I'll tell ya, cuz the ps4 version struggles so much with loading, absolut terrible 😂

  11. Fun Fact: If you age progress Jake, you get Adachi Koichi from Like A Dragon. NICE!

  12. Dam, never thought I'd even hear of the day that Halo would be on PlayStation.

  13. I still can't take the video games industry seriously, even less now than back in the day.

  14. Halo anniversary to me ia a worse experience compared to the original. Sure, the graphics are better, but its been long enough that the redone graphics don't even look good anymore, and the worst part is they changed thw whole atmosphere of the game.

    The anniversary edition is too bright and changes the mood it established with the original.

  15. Do you think we will see/hear anything about elder scrolls 6 at the xbox showcase tomorrow?

  16. "Dragon Age: Wolfguard" would've been better.

  17. NightDive is bringing "The Thing" to STEAM!!!!!!

  18. How you know I'm washing the dishes……😮….😶…….🫢

  19. People are mentioning that PSVR PC-adapter, but fail to mention that it comes with limitations, apparently. – Namely, no HDR, eye-tracking, headset feedback and adaptive triggers as well as haptic feedback. – I don't know why that should be, any of that even, as at least I believe you CAN get a fully-working DS5 on PC without any special software (apart from Steam, I think). – I suppose there will be people trying to get it to work to its full potential, unless that adapter is just the only way and it simply has hardware limitations preventing those features from working, but we'll see. – I think it's just botched now, because if it's not going to work fully it's kind of pointless and halfassed. It's like "Here, we'll make it compatible with PCs, but only to a limited extent." – tf is that??…

  20. Rocksteady still standing/making new games after the SS debacle is impressive

  21. Halo 1 remake on PS5 damn that would be something!

  22. About WB Games, as we already knew, there's a VR Arkham game coming then, and they've also revealed the Quidditch game we also knew was coming. – But for the first… I don't know, it might be fine, but MOST people just don't have a VR-set. – As much as I want to be into it, I haven't been able to get myself to spend the money on it. I feel like the games are still too "toy-like", with a few exceptions of course. Yea yea, I know, games are just virtual toys. But what I mean is that they often look so cheap and simple and I can't see myself engaged for long enough, again other than the few higher-quality ones. – That said, now that I got back into sim-racing after years, I'm actually considering going the VR-route, even though I will always make sure to have a great big monitor in my face. – Because I'd sooner spend money on that, meaning a proper wheel and pedal set (at least stepping up from what I have now later on), before spending it on VR. – So maybe VR is the next step like… next year or the year after. – Again, as much as I wanted VR to be a thing as far back as the '90s or so, I'm… weirdly "over it" or… I don't know. Again, I guess it's the cost and also getting the right headset. A Meta-product is out of the question, and I also want to go the higher-end route with most things, so… yea.

  23. That dongle is gonna seal the deal for vr 2 for me. Wanted to try the new ps5 vr stuff but i can now use it for sim racing on my PC is amazing. Just gave me the excuse to buy one now.

  24. xbox is now officially obsolete, wanna play console game Ps5 got lots game and also really great exclusives, and halo THE xbox exclusive is just ps5 game now, and last point if you want play ANY xbox exclusive its playable with game pass on PC

    xbox (the console) is just dead

  25. Kinda weird to promote "free" games on epic games store when EGS is publicly known and proven to be straight up malware

  26. Gameranx and IGN both suck. Jake is more of a casual than anyone I’ve ever seen.

  27. I hope DA The Veilguard has better combat than Inquisition

  28. As a metal fan I appreciated the into the piiit

  29. I liked Astro Bot cuz it's a nice replacement for Sack Boy

  30. Astropulse: Reincarnation, watch the trailer, everyone.

  31. I agree – drop the “The” and make it just “Dragon Age – Veilguard.” That actually sounds super cool. ALSO – love the Parappa character I see in the new Astro game. “Kick, punch, it’s all in the mind!”

  32. So halo can be on ps5
    But ghost of Tsushima doesn’t come to all countries on pc 🎉 cool

  33. imo gameranx is the gaming channel gamers need but don't deserve – best gaming channel online ez, pls never change gameranx 🙌

  34. Dragon Age 4 is already dead for me, very questionable development cycle, LESS companions, all romance options will be playersexuell so lazy writing already confirmed… gameplay will be propably as trash as in DA: Inquisition

  35. Jake you look tired man, hope you get some rest after your crazy week ahead.

  36. Halo on PS5 would be great. That game needs an injection of players

  37. I need halo on ps5. I haven’t played since 360

  38. Dragon Age The Veilguard its definitely not as bad of a name but it reminds me of how stupid I thought the name for the next planet of the apes film was like I saw an advertisement and what where they thinking with kingdom of the planet of the apes 😂😂 such a mouthful to say couldn't they of gone with something like planet of the apes the kingdom that's basically the same name just an easier way to say it and more appealing I really wonder sometimes with film and game companies why sometimes they come up with such long winded names 😂😂

  39. Please don't let this be a dragon age Andromeda…

  40. I'm not sure why everyone is complaining about there being no games right now. This year, until maybe this month, has been jam-packed with great releases. I couldn't even fully keep up with everything I wanted to play, so even in this lull I have a nice backlog.
    Not to mention it's summer in the U.S. – people are generally more busy with other things this time of year. I'm okay with having a moment to catch my breath and then get back into some new releases in the late fall and onward.

  41. Yea thats a good lad.. sell the shit, out of ur sponsored it boah..

  42. If they made a single player mortal kombat game, I’d be so freaking happy! That game has story elements perfect for single player. OMG SHAOLIN MONKS 2 AHHHHH YES PLEASE

  43. the calm before the gaming news storm. see you on the battlefield.
    what are you playing this weekend?!

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