Sculpting a Dragon from Game of Thrones in Monster Clay | Step by Step Process

NEW VIDEO: Sculpting Legendary Dragons in Polymer Clay | Lindwurm VS Gluhschwanz

How to make a dragon from start to finish. This sculpture took over 60 hours to complete. It was made using Monster Clay, and Super Sculpey for the teeth and spikes. This is over 25 hours of footage, edited and compressed it into 14 minutes. Hope you’ll enjoy watching the process!
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  1. Amazing to watch,quite the talent you have there.

  2. did josh teach you how to make that?????

  3. I just love how meticulous in design it is

  4. First of all, you are a great artist. You did very well. If you don't mind, may I ask what you used for the reptilian texture? It can help me in my own project.

  5. You could’ve been a sculptor for King Viserys he was building a model of Valarya

  6. Hy dude..good job…i want buy this la??

  7. I have a question, does the alcohol harm the clay in any way? Will I be able to reuse the clay if I used alcohol on it?

  8. I once drew a perfect circle.

    Ok, no I didn't 😪

  9. What is name there's clay places ansore me

  10. Not giving any information on your time lapse is irritating.

  11. hello, please tell me how you did the texture of the skin?

  12. This is so wonderful. We watch a 14 min video, but this masterpiece needs so much more time, heart and talent. Best Drogon sculpture I could found so far, even after 3 years and 3D-modeling… subscribed and in love with your art!

  13. Damn !! You work is Amazing ! The detail is unreal !! Bravo !! 💚✌️💚

  14. Lindo demais parabens. Grande abraço Brasil

  15. Amazing work. Can't image how long this took for you with all the details. I'm trying to make a mask. It's a slow progress but really fun.

  16. Wow you are incredible man…. Really incredible…. I litrely can't find the words to describe how much greatness you got in your work…. I'm greatly amazed at your talent…. And honestly speaking if I hadn't seen you live in the veidio doing this sculpture of your beautiful dragon, believe me … I wouldn't have believed it was done by a person. SOOO SPACIAL 👌👌👌

  17. neat dragon. I would have enjoyed it more if you had shown from the beginning how you made the support structure and what it was you were using a heat gun to melt over the top of the structure before applying the clay.

  18. what kind of clay? and where do you buy it?

  19. Hey, that’s really awesome. What materials do you use? Thank you☺️

  20. If I was making this I'd accidentally smush all of those teeth and have to start over

  21. Sorry for my bad English.

    It was recommended to me so I watched the video. I was very impressed by the wonderful work👏👏👏

  22. Damn this is amazing!!

    Also that thumbnail made the sculpture look so much bigger than it actually is so I was mildly surprised when I started the video and realised how small the sculpture is in comparison to what I thought it’d be lol

  23. Can you make carexes in house of dragon. Please ❤

  24. Awesome!!! So much detail!!! What a great talent.


  26. CONGRATULATIONS art fans, I am also trying to make something interesting from sculptural plasticine, I will be glad if you go to my channel and look at my creations (don't judge strictly, I just started mastering this art and there is still a lot to work on) But I will be glad to listen your criticism and wishes))

  27. The type of dragon is a wyvern which is a dragon that only has the back legs

  28. It's hard to believe this is possible. ❤ ❤

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