Season 1 Episode 3 Preview | House of the Dragon (HBO)

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  1. This show is so, so much better than the Rings of Power

  2. A very good sign so far! Great cast all round!

  3. Why TF do they have to be so woke and make house valerion a black dude that claim to be from old Valeria and i don't recalled reading it from the book that that are black. For fk sake this wokeness destroyed the house of dragon for me.

  4. Love the show so far, but the pacing is aboslutely whack.

  5. Milly Alcock – Her Reign has just only begun !!

  6. I just love how this show isn’t being rushed

  7. Mad kiing vibes?😮 I haven't watched any of this but that's what I got

  8. Game of Thrones’ biggest threat: army of 🧟‍♂️

    HOTD’s biggest threat: snipsnip boi 🦀

  9. kill the boy while you have the chance rhaenyra! 😂

  10. this show is a prequel to another show called game of thrones

  11. M i Α vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ! says:

    this show just keeps getting better and better

  12. M i Α vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ! says:

    This show is really picking up pace. The politics, relationships, tensions, and stakes are just going to keep getting more intense.

  13. Am I the only one hoping that Melisandre would be on HOTD, I really love her character plus itll make sense since she's been alive for so many years because of the necklace/lord of light.

  14. I jus wanna point out how the real dance didn’t start until viserys died , and we will probably take 4-5 episodes for that to happen and the story to really kick off , this is more or a prologue and I love it , it’s like season 1 of got with Robert , they didn’t just jump in with Robert dying , and Joffrey taking over then the war of the 5 kings start , we got to see Robert , see his story develop and have plenty plenty story building, I don’t believe there was a single battle in season 1 of got , I love this approach it building relationships and shows us how they’re torn down then we’re gonna get to the main story

  15. that womb Cutting scene gave me almost the same thrill as the murder of Prince Oberyn Martell in the combat against mountain… and THE QUEENS death wasn't even highlighted LIKE THAT COMBAT IN GOT…

    the series

  16. Watched Rings of Power and as a LOTR fan first, I can honestly say HOTD blows Rings out of the water.

  17. just glad it hasn't got too political yet

  18. This series feature House Lannister origin story?

  19. 10 times better then Amazon's BORING BORING BORING RINGS OF POWER.

  20. Werent mfs complaining about GoT being rushed?👀🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. I hope I'm wrong but something tells me that the formula of this show is going to be to create tension, the good guys are gonna be losing and at the very last minute a dragon is going to appear and save them, and so on.

  22. The weirdest thing is Otto Hightower. I can't really place him. I can see he clearly is trying to make moves to cement power with the Targaryans and he is shown to be some kind of dismissive and condescending misogynist but also seems to genuinely care about the King and his daughter(despite pimping her out like Littlefinger). He is shown to be a competent and equally jealous Hand of the King. He is the very picture of a "grey" character. A person with shit qualities and endearing qualities at the same time. 🤔

    Very well written.

  23. Game of Thrones Prequel: Golden Empire of Yi Ti, I want a full series not a cartoon HBO !!!

  24. The battle of the stepstones is total garbage.

  25. Yeah this episodes great. Spent the first 30 minutes of it watching the princess have level 10 RBF obnoxious dismissive attitude.

    As if we don't get enough of that. Horrible choice for cast. Even worse direction of story. 2/10 and that's being generous. Couldn't finish the episode.

  26. So many reasons why this series works better than the lord of the rings.Mostly, it's the handling of the Mary Sue female leads. Here, she is multi faceted and flawed, we empathize with her. In LOTR, galladriel is swimming miles in the ocean in a nightgown and taking down trolls like a superhero.

  27. I love the conflict that rhaneryra have I’m wondering if some people relate to it . I do
    I love that they production take time to show it and build it . It what’s make GOT so good , the characters build up .

  28. I just love the body structure of Caraxes. He didn't seem so big in the first episode but in the 3rd episode he seems to be giant asf. I love it!!

  29. I didn't expect to love Rhaenyra as much as I have these 2 last episodes. I can agree and understand her becoming cold and distant towards her father since she trusted her friend but now she's her father's wife and even have a son. I'm very interested to see more on her.

  30. Rhaenyra walking back to camp was fucking badass.

  31. It’s sad hearing her say that , knowing her fate sealed 🥹.


    Ok I have this theory about Daemons death that I wanted to bounce off you guys and see what u think. So this is the jeez what if Daemon became a face for the faceless men? Now hear me out ok :

    1) Nobody found Daemons body after his fight with his nephew, and he jumped from his own dragon to stab his nephew. I know that Daemon is skilled in combat but what if it was a faceless men who had to make sure Daemons face carried out a task? Killing his nephew to stop a war type plan. An its the perfect cover up too. Daemon has a supposed lover Nailles (who they never confirmed is his lover btw) who I think is a faceless men because we don't know what happened to her either. Riding off in the sunset like what?
    During episode 3 of HOTD we see Daemon pull his Dragon out of the fight when he's against the Crabking. But not when he is against one person who's dragon is as badly injured as his own?

    2) Now this is a far reach but Jaqen Hqar he has red and one side white hair? Or one strip in the series…like Daemons hair. What if the face for Jaqen Hqar was deteriorating and they needed more hair to make up for the old? An white hair like the Targarens wasn't that common after most of them died out. Idk but I think it would be cool if they used the scraps from a old faces to make a new one better. Daemon Targaryen would be dead for years by then they wouldn't have any use for his face. So they transferred the hair to Jaqen plus their were only two Targaryens left Daenarys and her brother. Plus we dont know if that was Jaqens real face. Seriously, what if during season 4 when he left Arya and her friends at the mountains (then gave her the coin). He had two faces the "guard" face and Jaqens face who Arya would associate with Jaqens face. Anyway so I'm saying that Jaqen was showing Arya him taking off Jaqens face instead of putting one on.

    Anyway thats my theory it would just be so creepy if while fighting his nephew Daemons face gets ripped off and we see someone else. But wouldn't also be a cool way to bring Daemon Targaren back in the upcoming sequel series Snow. Just saying and no I didn't read the books just research I did and came to this conclusion.☺😉

  33. And here is the proof that Salvatore or Targaryen "Damon" is "Daemon"…After watching this episode I am trying to find an excuse to defend him 😂 #TeamDaemon ❤🔥

  34. GOT Daenerys dragons are just 6 or 7 years old. but even their smallest ones are much bigger than all of the known "House Of The Dragon" show's much older & fully adult Dragons. Is HBO having a budget problem?

  35. Already missed these days 😪, waiting for the next Westerosi episode is one of the most exciting things on this planet. 🙌

  36. Well, just the expression on her face when I shot a thicker and substantial load was worth it, I used what I mentioned last month and after the first 3 weeks or so my volume visibly doubled, I just go'ogled Jan Venstaker's Shooting Ropes and the intensity has been insane!

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