Sekiro: Divine Dragon Boss Fight

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☆ Divine Dragon boss fight in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.
Sekiro Divine Dragon Boss Battle. Old Dragons of the Tree.

BFD, Boss Fight Database.


  1. easy boss fight…
    but it's so spectacular!
    A boss fight doesn't really need to be "tough" to be memorable or even Iconic.

  2. amazing boss, truly feels like the entire game was building up to it.

  3. The first phase reminds me of the deacons of the deep from dark souls 3

  4. Lightning : killing flying monsters since pokemon

  5. Much better than Radagon and Elden Beast.

  6. susah juga ngalahin dewa Naga,tapi akhernya kalah juga,si ular naga,mantap game sekiro game paten gak akan dihapus dips4 👏☺️

  7. Anyone else fought him after playing Nioh 2 and thought he’s actually using a sword VERY SIMILAR to the sohayamaru from Nioh? Loved it

  8. Divine dragon.
    animal: dragon🐉.
    gender: male♂️.
    element: holy✝️.
    type: holy dragon.
    class: guardian/knight🤺.
    ability: astrakinesis, sacred energy blast, swordsmanship🗡️, strength💪, agility, durability, strategy, stamina, willpower, invincibility, invulnerability, immortality.
    attacks: dragon force.
    weapon: seven-branch sword🗡️.
    treasure: divine dragon's tears😭.
    weakness: lightning⚡.
    location: foundationhead palace🏰, japan🇯🇵.
    homeworld: heaven (divine realm).
    rarity: legendary/ultimate.
    alignment: neutral😐.
    status: active.
    color: white⚪.

  9. This is the easiest fight in the entire game. Usually, I would be pissed, as it is one of the last bosses of the game. Yet, it’s still one of my favorite bosses. The sheer spectacle more than makes up for what it lacks in gameplay. This whole fight, I was enthralled and mesmerized by the atmosphere of the arena. It becomes even more badass when you start deflecting lightning at the dragon. Really makes you feel like some all-powerful electricity god. To say that this was a pleasant surprise would be a massive understatement. Godspeed, Fromsoftware! 🖤

  10. This is probably the first gimmick fight that worked.

  11. This made me feel like I was in roofpiece

  12. The audio of that entire fight is just beautiful

  13. I think it’s funny how it doesn’t even seem like it’s really dead at the end. You just tired it out, so it went to sleep.

  14. You know you could've made the first phase easier 🙄😒🤔

  15. Can somebody explain me why this mf killed this goofy ah snake?

  16. Who do you think the woman sitting there is? I think it's Tomoe

  17. I’m sorry here, but I just don’t think this is respectful to the pride flag in a simple matter.

  18. What this video doesn't show, is that when you grapple onto the branches in the first phase, you can literally one shot that entire crowd.

    (Just did it like 20 minutes ago)

  19. Title: "Gracious gift of tears"

    Divine Dragon: "MY EYEEEEEEE IT HURTS"

  20. I dont know why but its just keep attacking nonstop after its health is down

  21. One of the most beautifull moments i ever experience in a videogame, what a masterpiece

  22. An information to all sekiro players we can easily kill all the dragon minions by:when the tree appears you have to grapple and perform an ant air deathblow a heavy whirlwind slash will kill all the minions

  23. Idk how people aren’t disappointed, sekiro has the worst boss design In the whole series, BESIDES THIS ONE….AND HES GAY. Like all the enemies are really basic and lame fr, this was the one boss that was cool and gave me dark souls vibes, and he was the easiest boss in the game 😐 not even a boss fr you literally have to try and die to die

  24. Sekiro: Stabs dragon's eye to get tears
    Dragon: Ayo wtf😭 I've been crying since the first lightning bolt 😭

  25. Mihaly Dumitru Margareta Corneliu A. Shilage says:

    It should have the rules of nature song

  26. astonshingly great and chill fight but im confused what to do at the end

  27. Man besides the dragon, the Divine Realm is pretty boring

  28. The fact that the divine dragon wields the Seven-Branch sword…

  29. For this saying this fight is easy try patch 1.2 lol. You guys have it easy as in this path check he plays startlingly different at the end and is as hard as any other boss (I have killed all up in until this point) . The generate near yoi

  30. Most people are "scared" of playing five nights at freddy's or something, but its games like this that actually give me the creeps idk exactly why lol

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