Spyro Reignited Trilogy FULL GAME 100% Longplay 【All 3 Games】 (PS4, XB1)

Spyro Reignited Trilogy (All 3 Games) Full Game 100% Walkthrough for PS4. Collecting 100% of all collectibles to show you how to obtain the Platinum trophy. Played, recorded and edited by myself for my own channel. Edited to remove loadings to offer a smooth watch and complete all missions & objectives for educational and entertainment purposes.

0:00 Spyro the Dragon
4:44:39 Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage
11:54:45 Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon

(In Spyro 3 at some point there is a video that is smaller than the others, I’m not sure why it did that, I didn’t notice when putting the whole video together, sorry about that)


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♥♥♥♥♥ #WishingTikal About: Hey there, I’m Gen, or Tikal. I worked years on Gamefaqs writing walkthroughs. Now I make video guides out of them. I do 100% collectibles runs to show where all of the secrets are. I record all footage all by myself, every single one, and edit them together to remove mistakes, or loading times, to make for the best and most fluid viewing experience possible and help others. My walkthroughs are usually of superior quality, so pick mines! I record in 1080p most of the time, except my older videos which are in 720p. I use HDPVR2 to record. I work the hardest possible to provide you the best gaming help. All games are posted with permission from the owners and some game codes are also often given by the publisher. I mostly use El Gato, Hauppage HDPVR, OBS, XSplit or any other program I need depending on the game to record Thanks for watching my videos! ♥


  1. Woody: Hey pal! Ripto! Guess who that is, Clockblockhead! (Laughing)
    Ripto: Why you Derp little Woodpecker bangs!!
    Woody: its the woody the Woodpecker. Guess who! (Laughing)

  2. 12:10:09 Matoro's Legacy Ignition Saga Part 2 Fearless of killer king metru nui DLC: The Recruitment of Rising the Unity.

    Sheila is back! Sheila from spyro 3

  3. Wow, I really like when he said you can travel to the peacekeepers world, Iam wating your playthrough, I want to play it too but I don't have a gamepad.

  4. Just beat these games on my ps5 and really enjoyed them my favorite was the first one even I do like them all the 3rd game was pretty hard but it’s still a great game and they are my childhood games from the ps1 era.

  5. They kind of got armor backwards, it doesn't insulate from heat so it wold be completely ineffective against fire yet it wold protect against impact and sharp things aka charging with horns the game treats armor as if it were an asbestos suite..

  6. Thank you for the video it help a lot

  7. Favorite part of the first game was the satisfaction of successfully chasing down the blue bandits

  8. I grew up playing Spyro since the age of 6 and has never bored me love the new additions to the Spyro franchise and the fact that we will get a Spyro 4 sometime is going to be epic I have some hope and faith that it will turn out as good as the work done to the original trilogy has been done much love for this game and I always find game plays like this to watch if I don’t feel like playing it some times haha 😆 thanks for the vid love seeing more people play Spyro it is very underrated and for me it is beyond crash bandicoot which seems to get more love haha

  9. I thank you for this video. Having severe weather storms = my anxiety, panic attacks, and ptsd be threw the roof. Not to mention helping me fall asleep even though I got severe insomnia. I'm able to put my headphones in and watch you play. It's greatly appreciated especially times like this.

  10. And here i was thinking the 5 hour gex video i watched was long welp cant end my nostalgia trip there can i

  11. Always loved the Spyro games. Spyro Enter the Dragonfly was my first game in this series. I have always wished they would do a remake of it with this kind of design but everyone says it's too old…

  12. I know another cool name for spyro spyro the purple dragon boy

  13. With both this game and Crash 4, it's clear that Toys For Bob really gets these Playstation platforming stars. They really do.

  14. 1:02 Nahhhh that was just uncalled for. I’m rooting for the villian now 😠

  15. I do genuinely like this trilogy, and the only things that bother me are how you can't move the left stick down while charging to have Spyro make sharper turns, and that flying is a bit too much like swimming, with how chaotic the momentum is and all, but man, I have to note the fact that the English language is going into the sh!tter.

    I spotted two grammatical errors in the subtitles, and they have not been fixed. One where they wrote "your" instead of "you're" in the first installment, and the other where they wrote "were" instead of "where" in Ripto's Rage.

    11/10 grammar!

  16. If anything were to describe my life animated it would be this game. Love the art and also miss playing this game. Does anyone know if they will ever make an update or add on to this?

  17. I finally managed to beat all three Spyro games in Reignited Trilogy and managed to beat the Yeti race and got the very last dragon egg too and even got the ending to Spyro 3 in Reignited Trilogy too.

  18. You are going around in circles to much

  19. This dragon makes his enemies feel the burn whenever he gets all fired up!!

  20. I am playing the switch version and I don't know how to save. Can you tell me how to save the game?

  21. I rage quit and uninstal the game because of glitches that crashed the game. So watching this makes me feel much happier.❤❤❤❤❤

  22. Hats off to Tom Kenny, for coming back after 16 years to reprise his roles and re-record all of his lines for Spyro and friends for the reignited trilogy. That is true commitment!

  23. This guy sucks at Spyro lmaooo how you do that?

  24. Great walkthrough. Thank you for uploading it.👍

  25. This is truly a community service. Spyro (Spyro 2 especially) was a big part of my childhood. It was so therapeutic to reminisce about all the lands I visited as a kid. Thanks Tikal! 🐉💜

  26. Прикиньте, если бы все эти записи не сохранились! 😮

  27. I'm like Spyro Reignited Trilogy on PS4 and Nintendo Switch in the rest of my life. May The Force be with you, Bakugan Brawl!

  28. gems are everything lookin at u dragonfly

  29. wooow i love spyro games so much best games ever!!

  30. 1:14 I never did understand why Spyro was the only dragon in this entire game not to get hit with Gnasty’s magic. 😅

  31. Please don't tell me that you disrespected Spyro by playing it on the inferior gaming console. AKA the xbox.

  32. It is irritating me honestly. You playing it so messy 😅

  33. I counted 7 hours' worth of these games, 7 for each, 7 for the first, 7 for Ripto's Rage, and 7 for Year of the Dragon.

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