Spyro the Dragon – Complete 120% Walkthrough – All Dragons, All Gems, All Eggs (Longplay)

This is a complete 120% walkthrough of Spyro the Dragon for the Sony PlayStation in full HD at 1080p. The video showcases the entire game from beginning to end; every dragon being rescued, every gem (treasure) being collected and every dragon egg being obtained. Both endings are shown along with the credits. All cutscenes are shown, nothing is skipped. No shortcuts are taken and no glitches are used.

Since this a walkthrough that people may use as a guide to help them, some jump-cuts are present in this longplay in order to avoid wasting anyone’s time. However, there are very few. The cuts made are found in Cliff Town, Magic Crafters, Tree Tops, and Gnasty’s Loot. So out of thirty-five worlds, only four contain a jump-cut.

Startup – 0:00
Intro – 0:57

Artisans – 2:05
Stone Hill – 7:30
Dark Hollow – 14:46
Town Square – 20:10
Toasty – 24:57
Sunny Flight – 28:35

Peace Keepers – 32:02
Dry Canyon – 37:27
Cliff Town – 45:28
Ice Cavern – 53:20
Doctor Shemp – 1:02:34
Night Flight – 1:06:53

Magic Crafters – 1:09:15
Alpine Ridge – 1:15:22
High Caves – 1:22:50
Wizard Peak – 1:32:13
Blowhard – 1:40:41
Crystal Flight – 1:44:15

Beast Makers – 1:47:00
Terrace Village – 1:53:10
Misty Bog – 2:00:40
Tree Tops – 2:09:04
Metalhead – 2:17:57
Wild Flight – 2:24:28

Dream Weavers – 2:27:43
Dark Passage – 2:34:08
Lofty Castle – 2:43:00
Haunted Towers – 2:53:29
Jacques – 3:03:45
Icy Flight – 3:10:44

Gnorc Gnexus – 3:13:14
Gnorc Cove – 3:14:32
Twilight Harbor – 3:22:10
Gnasty Gnorc – 3:28:26

Ending 1 – 3:32:09
Credits 1 – 3:32:35

Gnasty’s Loot – 3:36:09

Ending 2 – 3:42:07
Credits 2 – 3:42:51

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  1. I'm playing the remaster and I just hate the color palette. Everything looks like sunset all the time. I yearn to play the original.

  2. Am i the only one who noticed that high caves and tree tops have a very similar music but tree tops plays it a bit faster.

  3. i was a nintedo kid so no nostalgia for this game but i can tell you it is a fantastic game to unwind after work, no guns, no edgy stupid violent shit, no esports shit with toxic people, just you and your little dragon cruising along collecting gems in a colorful world

  4. The Most Badass Hero Character
    1 Spyro Cus its a Fire spiting dragon ive U ever play Mario 64 And Dodge Bowser s Flame , Spyro Is A Straight Up Dragon
    2 Rayman cus hi hase cool Armor power up s And can shoot
    3 Sonic cus of super sonic
    4 Jax And Dexter
    5 Rachet and Clank
    6 Crash Bandicoot
    7 Sly racoon
    8 Banjo Kazoeie
    9 Donkey kong

  5. 1:19 A IRISH DRAGON HAHAHAHA 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Spyro and Crash Bandicoot were my favorite games as a kid, I'm thinking about buying both of the trilogies for the switch sometime soon. I'm not sure, probably not that soon, but the nostalgia hits so hard bro haha, plus they were always great games 💯

  7. I played list quite a bit as a kid and watching here and there is great

  8. With all that battering and charging, you'd think Spyro would have a headache, lol.

  9. Hello everyone if you miss your childhood games I know a website where you can find them. Especially all the spyro games. Message me if you want the name of the website.

  10. when you only know spyro year of the dragon and spyro eternal night, this spyro's voice is beyond ridic

  11. I'm 25 and never played Spyro but I remember when I was a kid I went to McDonald's to eat with my mom and Spyro was the toy I chose with my kid's menu. Since then I always wondered what the game looked like. I would've had so much fun with this haha.

  12. god everyday I used to play this game when I was 7 years old and I used to be a pro at this game, till this day I miss playing this game 😢

  13. I remember being three years old and stumbling upon a fifteen year old dude playing this. He wouldn't let me play it, but I was enchanted due to the sound effects, something of this PS1 era such as Crash Team Racing, Harry Potter games… Everything cartoonish, harmonious as it's supposed to be; A fairy tale for the younglings. Awesome.

  14. This is the first video game my son ever played. I would sit and watch him play it for hours. I have enjoyed watching it all over again.

    Modern XP. I regret to inform you that your game is NOT 120%. At 3:25:35 you can hear a purple chest (life). You can see it at 3:25:41. You missed it and in the words of the thieves, "Na nana na na." 😁

  15. Bruh Im 25 now and still love this game. Yall can actul download a ps1 emulator on your phone and play this. I would give everything to return to those times.

  16. This was one of the first games I ever played on ps1. Played it into my 20s. Lots of memories!

  17. I miss the old character models and the sound effects. it's what really sold it for me.

    I like the Remake but it just doesn't have the same charm. <:/

  18. ❤❤❤ This game will be forever apart of my childhood xx

  19. Never played the original spyro but i looked up this video because i felt like the voice acting was changed how any of you how played both feel about that?

  20. Nostalgia ! I was 5 years old when I played!

  21. Even though i prefer the remakes,this is so nostalgic for me the game design is the same and it was so good back then

  22. The transitions between levels in the new games aren’t quite as cool. In here it really does feel like Spyro flew all that distance to and from the hub. But the light effect ruins it in Spyro Reignited.

  23. Can someone please
    Point me to right direction and tell me the name of the guy who first did tutorials for Spyro in those Sony promo discs? He was a god send It's been so long I can't remember who he was, he helped alot of us kids on the tree tops level!!

  24. I’d like to thank Xbox GamePass…for having this GAME ❤️❤️❤️

  25. This game was my childhood along with Twisted Metal 4…. I actually still have Twisted Metal 4..!! I bought Spyro 1 to 3 on the PS3 market and I had beaten them multiple times before I played Reignited..!! All games are GREAT, except for the modern culture references like the floss dance…. That’s stupid…. But it’s a good series..!! Thank you Insomniac and thank YOU Toys For Bob for remaking it into a brand new series for a NEW generation of children..!!

  26. My late grandma taught me how to play this game when I was a kid, I miss those days 🥲

  27. I’d rather I pick Simon the Door over Cash Banooca anyday. Spyro as a game series seems to be much easier & pretty open in comparison to Crash; that’s what I like about Spyro, the fact that it’s simple to play & doesn’t require so much backtracking.

  28. I thought the enemies were frogs when I was a kid… Like gnasty gnorcs goons lol

  29. I started on Mario

    But Spyro was the game that got me into it all!

  30. I love this game I remember playing it as a kid.

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