The game is called day of dragons. I do not play PVP often and I usually just go on to say hi but someone ticked me off… so I started a clan… WE WENT TO WAR!

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  1. What is the game called and is it on Xbox or sometime soon?

  2. this is more entertaining than most tv and netflix series lately

  3. 10:51
    since it’s kinda boring to skip to the good part, heres the timestamp for when they get there

  4. Coming from a us1 player theres a thing called groups so you don’t damage your own clan members also deathmatch is a great way to get better at PvP. Good video

  5. R A D I O A C T I V E B I R B C H I L D says:

    don't have the game but have been following its progress. I might get it if I ever get a good setup

  6. Wow! The battle looked so epic,like it came straight out of a movie!:D This video made me really want to play this game again after a long while of not touching it.

  7. I wish I could play this game but I can't afford a new PC and my old one won't support it

  8. I've only heard bad things about this game.

  9. im dragon obsessed a tid bit and im so happy to see a game like this i hope its everthing ive been craving

  10. can you help me take out a clan in us-1 this is a hard shot into the dak and you may not respond but I'd really appreciate it

  11. How's the history and situation between clans in US2 feel like, and what notable clans are there worth knowing? I have not played in that server, but it seems refreshing and interesting to see a completely new set of clans, diplomatic relationships, etc.

  12. fps players heading to use the charge shot to absolutely demolish players

  13. I honestly wish I could see there side when you attacked them I imagine that was cool to see

  14. I'm a patient man, and I tend I let most things go.

    But anyone who messes with nannies…
    They shall know pain

  15. Wish i could play this game but thry don't have a tutorial on how to fly so i can't play it because flying is to hard for me to figure out.

  16. Imagine the confusion you’re enemy’s had when suddenly out of nowhere they were attacked by a bunch dragons all of the same species over and over again! They were probably like WTF?!? 😂😂😂😂

  17. the song when the action starts is pretty cool anybody knows the song ? 🙂

  18. How is cloak any good if hey can see you when its active?

  19. Asian silver is the best pvper in this game ..

  20. my guy wants to fight toxicity with his clan but then proceeds to slaughter hatchlings and nannies 🤣🤣🤣

  21. ever since i learned about dragons i have loved them, and now there is finally a game. dragons for the win!!

  22. NOBODY MESSES WITH MY NANNY!loved that haha.btw can u pvp with e bloodline dragons or do u need a or s lines?

  23. I wanna learn how to be good enough at pvp so if I go on a pvp surver and protect young ones from attacks. (When playing games like this where your a wild creature I prefer to act more primal so when I have or see babys I am more aggressive)

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