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A playthrough of Tradewest’s 1992 beat ’em up for the Super Nintendo, Super Double Dragon.

Super Double Dragon, Technos’ final main-line entry in their acclaimed Double Dragon series, was released toward the end of 1992 to a fair amount of praise. It wasn’t regarded quite as highly as the first two games on the NES, but It was looked at as a return to form after the middling Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone thanks to Technos handling development once again.

Unfortunately, it never hit the same peak as the earlier games did because it was rushed beyond all belief. There aren’t any in-game cutscenes, the ending is a black-and-white text scroll, levels were missing… there were a number of things that probably would’ve been better if Technos had a bit more time to finish it, which makes how well it came out all the more shocking. Some of those things were fixed in the Japanese version, though, making it a better game.

You can find my playthrough of the Japanese version here:

I *really* loved Super Double Dragon way back, and I’m still very fond of it. In my opinion, it’s one of the better beat ’em ups on the SNES. You get a variety of new moves over the ones from the old games, including the addition of the dragon power bar – when you hold down a shoulder button it begins to fill, and the move that results is a direct reflexion of the charge level. It’s a neat mechanic that allows for a bit more thought and strategy, especially since those moves are the fastest way to stun an enemy so that you can grab onto them and pummel or throw them.

The graphics are pretty nice. They aren’t the best you’ll see on the SNES- not by a long shot – but there are some really cool backgrounds (I really liked the lit-up first stage and the airport runway) and even a few environmental objects (like punching bags) that you can knock about for crowd control. The music is about the same – the tunes are great and the classic DD theme is here, but the weak, tinny samples don’t do them justice.

The controls are excellent – even though every button has a function, they’re mapped pretty intuitively and allow you a great deal of control over your combos. It’s not a game where you can just wail on the punch button and watch everyone around fall. It does run awfully slowly, though, and while this allows you more time to consider what you’re doing, the sedate pace does make it a bit less exciting than I’d have liked it to have been.

Either way, even with its flaws, Super Double Dragon is a super-solid game that could have been much better, but is still well above average as it is. It’s not as bombastic nor as engaging as Streets of Rage 2 or Final Fight, but it’s still one helluva enjoyable game.

No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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  1. For the first time,mistakes as Jackie Chen(1P) and Benimaru Nikaido(2P)

  2. I forgot all about this game! Wow this brings back memories. I love this game.

  3. I want this remastered and re-released. This was my favorite snes game. I still dream about it decades later.

  4. I know I'm a troll but I actually speak facts here: this was the only game where you had complete control and the CPU bots couldn't do a daaaaaaaamn thing about it!

  5. Kids today have it way 2 easy ! You used to actually had to rent games and had the whole weekend to beat the whole game until the late fees kicked in.

  6. Had many a great time playing this with my dad. Got my old snes back up and running, need to get this again and get the old man down for a game. Cheers for the upload.

  7. I'll never get over this game's counter system. I don't think any other 2D brawler ever did something this stylish, not even the later DD games.

  8. This reminds me of Streets of Rage but not as good. Oh, the nostalgia.


  10. You aren't utilizing the double kick on the guys who are blocking a lot. It when you pres down and the kick button. They will block the low kick, but the upper kick will get them.

  11. Wow bring memories! Me and my brother (RIP), loved this game! Can't get those great times back 😪

  12. Great game. Sorry excuse for an ending. Every Double Dragon game should have a hot woman make out with the hero for saving her. The only ending with redeeming value.

  13. All this time, I never found out about the parry skill. lol I just spam jump kick.

  14. Amo este juego es de los mejores y todavia lo tengo😂

  15. I'm crying. I cant, memorirs to me. Reminds of the good old times. No worries, being young, having good times, getting beat up by mom.. Shit.. 😭😭

  16. I always hated that clown dude. He´s attacks were unfair.

  17. Spelling error at the end: “Double Dragons” not “Double Dragon’s”

  18. I prefer battletoads & double dragon
    It's more close to the nes ones
    This one isn't Bad , but is just weak compares to other beat en Ups in snes

  19. still watching this in 2021 nd this game was the best ❤️

  20. My big half brother bought me an SNES system along with Street Fighter II and this game, I played this game more frequently

  21. This game was great! Two players were the games my brother and I looked for and this one was addicting! Amazing gameplay, sucky ending lol.

  22. Bro you need to do the low (double) kick more, it's much harder for them to block and gives you an extra hit

  23. Pra min esse é o melhor jogo da serie

  24. Awesome to see the Super NES really stay true to its name with each of these early titles!

  25. This game was definitely ahead of it's time

  26. Que recuerdos, siempre jugaba este juegazo con un amigo que falleció de leucemia ,grandes tiempos aquellos .

  27. Juegazo, tuve la suerte de tener la snes en plena niñez adolescencia a mediados de los 90's y jugue joyas como esta, simplemente extraordinario

  28. This game only looks fun when you play it at 1.5 or 2.0x which is why, i believe, the DD games never reached as a high a popularity again, it wasn't anywhere close to other games in the genre by the time of SNES which were much higher pace

  29. One of the most challenging and formulaic beat 'em titles. On single player, you must know exactly what you're doing and how the characters movesets function. This is not a button masher. It held this game back from greatness but just like back then, I still appreciate the difficulty. The enemy AI makes it highly inaccessible for casual players of beat 'em ups. Two players made it easier but it wasn't exactly a cake walk if you're partner wasn't very good.

  30. This game has parry move and a meter , so ahead of its time.

  31. El juego favorito de mi infancia. 🎮🕹 SUPER Double Dragon 🔥⚔🐲⛓🐉

    Saludos desde Perú 🇵🇪 a todos los que se dieron el lujo de jugar este clásico.

  32. Does this game has actually an ending with pictures or scenes?

  33. Anyone curious if double dragon continued until the 3d platform what would it felt like??

  34. I used to come home from school in the second grade and play this game like every single day. That's 24 years ago now. This video makes me feel a kid again. And especially hearing the music.

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