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A playthrough of Tradewest’s 1992 beat ’em up for the Super Nintendo, Super Double Dragon.

Super Double Dragon, Technos’ final main-line entry in their acclaimed Double Dragon series, was released toward the end of 1992 to a fair amount of praise. It wasn’t regarded quite as highly as the first two games on the NES, but It was looked at as a return to form after the middling Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone thanks to Technos handling development once again.

Unfortunately, it never hit the same peak as the earlier games did because it was rushed beyond all belief. There aren’t any in-game cutscenes, the ending is a black-and-white text scroll, levels were missing… there were a number of things that probably would’ve been better if Technos had a bit more time to finish it, which makes how well it came out all the more shocking. Some of those things were fixed in the Japanese version, though, making it a better game.

You can find my playthrough of the Japanese version here:

I *really* loved Super Double Dragon way back, and I’m still very fond of it. In my opinion, it’s one of the better beat ’em ups on the SNES. You get a variety of new moves over the ones from the old games, including the addition of the dragon power bar – when you hold down a shoulder button it begins to fill, and the move that results is a direct reflexion of the charge level. It’s a neat mechanic that allows for a bit more thought and strategy, especially since those moves are the fastest way to stun an enemy so that you can grab onto them and pummel or throw them.

The graphics are pretty nice. They aren’t the best you’ll see on the SNES- not by a long shot – but there are some really cool backgrounds (I really liked the lit-up first stage and the airport runway) and even a few environmental objects (like punching bags) that you can knock about for crowd control. The music is about the same – the tunes are great and the classic DD theme is here, but the weak, tinny samples don’t do them justice.

The controls are excellent – even though every button has a function, they’re mapped pretty intuitively and allow you a great deal of control over your combos. It’s not a game where you can just wail on the punch button and watch everyone around fall. It does run awfully slowly, though, and while this allows you more time to consider what you’re doing, the sedate pace does make it a bit less exciting than I’d have liked it to have been.

Either way, even with its flaws, Super Double Dragon is a super-solid game that could have been much better, but is still well above average as it is. It’s not as bombastic nor as engaging as Streets of Rage 2 or Final Fight, but it’s still one helluva enjoyable game.

No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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  1. Music went crazy hard in this game. As life goes on and i get older and lose some memories i can never forget the music in this game. Idk if thats a good thing πŸ˜… but still haha

  2. Just downloaded this off steam and finally beat it. Id always die on mission 7 when i was 8 years old

  3. I wish I could play this game again. No handheld device seems to have this game. Best game of my childhood.

  4. Jogo retrata bem a Γ©poca. Filmes de kick boxer , gangues e aventuras

  5. I remember being so amped up with the truck mission number 4 great music action at every corner amazing!!!!

  6. This game looks very polished. Smooth animations and a lot of detail to see here.

  7. remember as a kid play this game makes my hand so tired

  8. Joguei muito Double Dragon!!! A primeira versΓ£o saiu no Arcade e depois foi adaptado para os consoles caseiros: Master System e Nes. Fiz um rewiw das vesΓ΅es de Double Dragon em meu canal de games. ParabΓ©ns pela postagem!

  9. This is the best Double Dragon game period.. The gameplay mechanics, the music, the style and the vibe is just perfect.
    I'm still surprised to this day that we never got another sequel in the same style or heck a remaster of this absolute gem would me amazing.

  10. This game was OKAY…but it could have been better. Much better. Sega Genesis did vastly better with the comparable beat'em ups Streets of Rage (1991) and Streets of Rage 2 (1992), the second game being officially released in the same year as Super Double Dragon.


  12. Hey guys I never played double dragon before on snes.

  13. I’m so glad this game finally is coming to the switch!I missed this as a kid,because I only had a nes at the time.This is the first time it will be on any modern gaming system which is kinda crazy if you think about it.

  14. 57 minutos matando de 3 en 3 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  15. Double Dragon Collection November 9th brought me here πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ”₯

  16. If this game were ever remade they should include some sort of combat variation bonus. Need incentive to use entire aresnal, bc in this game some stuff just works better and should be spammed

  17. The Super Famicom version is better it's called " Return of Double Dragon". It offers a difficulty setting and the ability to listen to the soundtrack in the options menu among other amenities. The American version had no options menu period. You just pressed start and it was on.

  18. I remember a black guy with a huge belly odd I didn’t see that enemy

  19. lol I loved playing this in 1997 with my dad

  20. JosΓ© de JesΓΊs VΓ‘squez Luis says:

    I remember playing this game with my cousins back in 1995-1998… what good memories …

  21. I remember playing this game when I was 4 years old on the Super Nintendo, this was my favorite game growing up

  22. Great game, so many good memories but the ending was awful lol…

  23. My favorite move in this back in 1992-1993 was catching their arms and repeatedly kicking them in the face.

  24. I had this game when i was a child, greatest game i ever played

  25. Superb music makes this game just even more epic than it is. This is an example of BSO importance in a game.

  26. Damn this game was so fire i loved playing this with my cousins this all we played we loved it soooo much seeing this brings back so many memories this game was ahead of it’s time this and turtles in time πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ«ΆπŸ½πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―

  27. Man i remember playimg this when i was 6 hahah so awesome.

  28. Played the hell out of this with my brother. I remember they based their kicking style off of Jean-Claude Van Damme in this one.

  29. Rest in peace to my friend Sherman who loaned me this game. I hated this game. There was no reason to name it Double Dragon. This game SUX! Even the ending SUX!.. I did kind of like the end theme.. A little depressing and sad but I used to play it on the sound test.

  30. Dang, I missed this game! I didn't even know it existed until now. I want to play it now. Big improvement from DD3 for NES.

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