Supercut: all dragon scenes in GAME OF THRONES | Seasons 1-8

VSDC team just couldn’t stay away from Season 8 release. As a tribute to the already legendary series, Dan, our in-house videomaker has done a brilliant supercut job: you can enjoy all dragon scenes available up to now!

Supercuts normally require a lot of effort rather than special effects or techniques. Nevertheless, a video tutorial on how to prepare one is coming soon too.

If you’re ready to create a supercut of our own, we remind you that VSDC Free Video Editor is always there to help you –


  1. One of the most riveting compilations of the Game of Thrones and specific to the Amazing Mythical Beast brought to life – the DRACARYS! Excellent job!!!!

  2. lovely. I am doing a Drawing Series on GOT have a look

  3. Can you guys add a feature to put a border around png images, whenever i add a border it always goes around the full object and not just the image itself.

  4. Семен Сурин Природа-Походы-Хобби says:


  5. Am I the only one who hasn't watched any of the seasons yet?

  6. Seeing dany & Jon ride together warms & breaks my heart because of the ending and what happened to rhaegal. I wish they ended up doing that for the rest of their lives & the dragons mated because the riders were mates & well that's how dragon eggs are made from mating. I wish I wish I wish.

  7. There are A LOT of missing scenes on this video …

  8. 4:32 did Drogon realize that he accidentally snapped at his mother then realizes that then tells the other two to calm down and safely moves them away from Dany?

    Also if anyone hast notice apparently the wing membrane of these dragons actually heal overtime cause when young dragon was in the pit he had a harpoon hole on his right wing but forward to season 6 or before it's gone crazy !

  9. Absolutely a crime against art and cinematic brilliance that more of John Snow's targaran lineage was not made more of. The creative potential that was there was near infinite. The lazy #£%^ D and D, should be so ashamed of the butchering they performed.
    We got a limp, " Yes ma lady." !@#&ing morons!

  10. 24 minutes in all 8 seasons HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA such a ridiculos series

  11. I don't lie that Dragon King gift example how to did to dieth dragon . Probably , i had been gift to Audiemces in here . Don't bore if i repeat " it " again … . Ok ! . Adam Prophet had 4 Sons . They were First Handsomeman + No + First Neauty girl + No .. . Necause First Hansomeman didn't agree to had No Beauty wife . He killed hisoldbrotherself . Then he was nervous how to did to dieth family self . He saw Dragons in His Front . … . Then Dragon Winner made hole in Land n trown dieth dragon to hole n closed with hisnails in Millions years ago . Now , you see All of Peoples had been doing like " Dragons " . So we should said " Thanks " to Dragons . But … . Hind n Budiesm Traditions had been doing like Drogons . Can Targanyen help me to stop their traditions ? . I : " Qobeel .. you are Very Jandsome .. " . Qobeel : " Thanks " . I : " I say thanks to you… " . Qobeel :" Whatfor ??! " . I wish Audiemces will carrefull to this One . He was First Killer in Earth . But he was so very hamdsome that i see him like very very goodman . He was Adam Prophet son ( FirstMan satayed im Earth ) . He was Murder . " Qobeel .. is it true … you saw Dragon fighted to be fighted ? " : me . Qobeel : " Yes , i saw them … " .

  12. In House of the dragon….they lacked dragon scenes…..I mean the amount of screen time is less for dragons as compared to GOT

  13. this is by far my favorite series. i hate hate how endeed. love to see drogon, viserion and rhaegar again, but so sad to see them 2 die and also dany. i think i'll never surpass this

  14. Rhaegal and Viserion's Death are so sad.

  15. Do sad that the Dragons acting is better than s6-8 writing lol

  16. I feel annoyed how they ruined them at the end, Daenerys gone behind the wall to save Jon, lose dragon and he kill her in the end.

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