Symphony of War Tutorials: Firearms Classes


  1. DO NOT put a tech in the tech tree that makes it so gunpowder units ignore weather effects. "Here's a cool feature of gunpowder units that you need to be aware of as the battle map change" also "here's a toggle that turns important and cool think OFF almost as soon as you get it".

  2. Hello, How do you get two attacks with firearms ?

  3. Hey! Thank you for this tutorials, very useful for begginers in this Game like me. Andy chance of getting a god Mode/cheats Mode/ console Mode? I love messing around and getting all the supports.

  4. What is the leadership stat for? In this game

  5. I'm getting owned by them and making sure I don't get into their range and have Fast lightning strikes and run away when I can…

  6. is there a way to know how the different classes are going to target enemies? or is it all the same besides when stated? (I just did an attack with an 8 unit firearms corp and only attacked 1 unit out of 5 in the opposing force. this seems unusual and I'm not sure why it happened… I guess ther's blocking it just never seems so strong against my other groups)

  7. I have a question… how to replay chapters? You know, just grind and level up you and your army?

  8. Okay, but "How?" 😅

    Sorry about that.
    Just kinda surprised by Chapter 12, and somehow being underleveled even though I did everything as best as possible. I guess I just missed something.

  9. Magic 0? Ok. Magic doesnt level up? Yes. Magic goes down with level? No, no, no. Remove that.

  10. How do you counter them? They completely destroy my heavy infantry/cavalry

  11. Should have mentioned, that there is one kind of heavy infantry which resists gunpowder damage

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