Targaryen Family Tree Explained ⋮ HOUSE OF THE DRAGON #Shorts

House of the Dragon: Game of Thrones prequel adopts its worst qualities, kicks off as horny, gory bait. House of the Dragon episode 1 review: Game of Thrones prequel adopts its worst qualities, kicks off as horny, gory bait. #HouseOfTheDragon #PJExplained #thepj

*Video Contain Spoilers”

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  1. डिनेरियस rhaenyra की भांजी नहीं परपोती है , डांस ऑफ द ड्रैगन के बाद डिमन और rhaenyra के दोनों बेटे एक-एक करके iron Throne पर बैठे

  2. Rhen was Dany's great , great, great, great, great grandmother..

  3. King Aegon-II didn’t thought he is worthy of the thron but his mother force him to do that.

  4. Not bhangi 😂😂😂

    Her ××××great grand daughter

  5. Dimag ka bhos*a pehle ban chuka tha…tune usko ek level bada diya

  6. You haven’t watched it ! You are pronouncing the names wrong

  7. Bhai spiderman no way home ke bad jo villain apne apne univers me shi ho gye the unki expatation pe video banao

  8. Danerys rhenyra ki bhanji nhi hai, balki wo uski par ki par pouti hai, or ye wale aegon and aemon are not same as those described in game of thrones they're different bas name same use kiye h

  9. Ye kya hai yrr khud ko bhai bahen aur yaha tak ki bhatji ke satu sadi kar li👏👏👏

  10. Abe itna sab samjh k dekhne se achcha mai kuch padh lu parents hi kush ho jayenge 🤣

  11. 400 saal lag gaye banji kw paida hwne me round of applause

  12. U got ur info wrong. Stop making videos for the sake of making videos. Do ur hoddam home work bruh

  13. They didn't move to dragonstone because it was easy to hatch dragons, they moved there because they saw dreams about doom of Valyria kabhi to sahi bata diya kro

  14. You know there will be Mad Kings when your family tree looks like a wreath…

  15. Mereko bhi aese safed ball chahiye🥲😆😂🤣

  16. Bro you really need to understand the show,
    The location showed was kings landing not dragonstone.
    Still pj never disappoints

  17. Mujhe saphed baal to nhi chahiye but I want a dragon

  18. waiting for got spinoff on jon snow 🔥🔥🔥

  19. Sabse bada dukh tab aaya jab Daenerys ki death hoti hai😢

  20. If Daemon became the king there would be no civil wars just thousands of heads on the streets

  21. Daenerys is the direct descendant of Rhaenyra not her niece.

  22. No daenyrys is the desendent of rhaenyra & daemon cause the dynasty continue with their son viserys 2

  23. Bhai 400 nhi got se 200 saal pahale matlab 47 .bc . me Hotd hua tha😅😅

  24. I warn you guys don't go deep inside to know about the Targaryen family their relations can explode your mind😂😂 good luck

  25. already completed GOT and HOD but still want to repeat these masterpiece shows and also waiting for HBO MAX India to watch all in Hindi

  26. 30_40 saal rukk jaa bhai agr jinda rha itne time to ho jaega safed baal…😂😂😂

  27. Sab ko safed baaal chaiye 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  28. Not good, total bullshit explanation…50% galat bola

  29. Firstly I thinks that Carry minati recording this video

  30. daenerys rhaenyra ki bhanji nhi blki uski 6th great grand daughter hai

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