TERRIBLE NEWS On Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 4! 2024 Release Date?!

Another day..another unfortunate situation regarding Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 4. To be specific, we have no news. It’s pretty much been 3 months since the original Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2023 trailer came out for the game.

And since then, we’ve had nothing. No official website. No screenshots/hd images. Not even an official trailer repost on one of the bandai namco channels

Seems like it might be a very long time until we get official info. They weren’t kidding when they said that the game was still VERY EARLY in development.

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  1. When do YOU personally think we'll see some info about the game?

  2. Man I am having flashbacks all over again for tenkaichi 1 2 and 3 where I spent hours in the net looking for new pics and gameplay videos and stuff lol

  3. i think this is a good thing considering how big the previous tenkaichi was , we should be very patient

  4. A 2024 release date would be a good thing, no need to rush a game people have been waiting for for 16+ years.

  5. Dragon Ball games usually get announced in the XBOX showcase, which will air tonight. So there's still hope.

  6. I would want more info in at least early 2024

  7. To be fair, Bandai said when they announced it that it was still early development

  8. Bro, you are really misleading people with your clickbaity thumbnail, everybody in the comments now thinking the game has been delayed 😡

    Bandai said since day one it was still in very early development and that we would have to be patient, but they never mentioned a realease date and never said it was delayed since

  9. What do you mean Terrible news? i was live watching Dragonball Fighterz Tournament and they said that the game is very very early in development. Do you really want a Tenkaichi 4 just made in a couple of months? LMAO

  10. This isn't terrible news lol it's real and the game is going to be released. Let them have more time to make a banger sequel bro

  11. If they don’t give out any info before Spider man 2 PS5 it’s my reaction is gonna be anticlimactic

  12. I think we're gonna hear more about this game either before dbs season 2 or during it.

  13. Lets just hope the game dont have no dlc at least that we dont need to buy every character

  14. I think it was obvious it was getting postponed. They can’t release a TEASER in march and have the game live up to the hype with a large roster we all want and minimal bugs then them drop it in the same year. if they release it this year it would end up being boof

  15. That is unfortunate. We'll at keast it will be ready for the next Gen consoles.

  16. This video is a waste of time dont watch.

  17. I just want the game to be for PS4 and PS5, not like Mister Mortal Kombat 1

  18. I just need it to be cross platform! I can wait for as long as necessary!

  19. I believe they announced they where going to be part of the august showcase, whatever it was called

  20. "TERRIBLE news" would be to find out that the game has been canceled. The fact that this game was not featured at the Xbox showcase is mildly irritating at worst. Don't forget that we still have Tokyo game show and Jump Festa this year.

  21. Why did we expect anything else?

    They gave us no year on the reveal and hell the reveal didn't even get uploaded by Bandai

    It's super obvious that the game is quite a bit away from release to the point where I wouldn't be shocked if it came out in like 2025/26

  22. No problem at all but imagine you die before the release

  23. Honestly this isn’t exactly horrible news. I want them to take as much time as possible to make this game great.

  24. Game better be fire, I don't mind being patient for a great product, but don't postpone it and put out a trash game on the release date.

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