That One Guy in Every Dungeons & Dragons Game

There’s always that one guy in every DnD game who makes it all about him

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That One Guy in Every Dungeons & Dragons Game
Have you ever played a game of D&D and there’s just that one guy who doesn’t care about the campaign story or the other characters and just wants to take a wrecking ball to everything with his level 1 improv acting skills? This is that guy…

Brandon the Dungeon Master – Noah Grossman ()
Scoots aka Shawn – Michael Adams Davis
Sarah – Kristen Brancaccio ()
Deke – Joshua Ovenshire ()
Eric – David Odom

Written by Michael Adams Davis and Michael Schroeder
Directed by Michael Schroeder
Produced by Brian Fisher and David Odom
Cinematography – Michael Schmidt
Set Designer and Grip – Taylor Frost
Makeup – Jena Mogensen
Sound Capture – Michael Rich
Editing – Shawn Lebert and Michael Schroeder
Music Editing – Ryan Tellez

A Warp Media LLC Production 2021

– The Warp Zone –
Michael Adams Davis ()
Brian Fisher ()
David Odom ()
Michael Schroeder ()
Ryan Tellez ()

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  1. Oh yeah I was thinking of using a system as the DM for RANDOM INSTAKILLINGS! Every round the DM must roll a d100 and if it rolls a 1 then the DM must then make a dice roll to see which entity on the board gets hit (could be a PC, NPC or enemy) and then the entity gets hit with a random death ray or an asteroid or something which will deal 12 D10 damage to whatever got hit, somehow not causing any collateral damage or damaging anyone right next to them. Does anyone like my concept?

  2. This gives the same energy as Lou Wilson playing Fabian Seacaster and, while admittedly seriously being in character and making the EXACT decisions his character would make, almost got himself killed and through events caused his actions gained pneumonia

  3. For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to cuddle dog shit

  4. The big problem here is calling a dnd character "scoots". 🤣🤣😂😅

  5. These players aren't invited back. But also a nat 20 isn't a do anything roll lol. It's just the best outcome that can be achieved. Could the rose artifact really break from a mortal throwing it on the ground? Lets go with no! I know, I know, just a skit.

  6. I one time played curse of strahd with this guy, that no one else in the party knew, who played an arakokra barbarian, named, I kid you not, "Ipe Opped", and they took the entire campaign as a joke, and when we finally found the sun sword, Ipe took it, and attacked the rest of the party, long story short he managed to kill our ranger, and our cleric was that incredibly low health, until my paladin killed him, then the guy got angry at all of us, none of us really talked to him again, that was almost 3 years ago now, and I still play as that paladin, and I still have the sun sword.

  7. Me my first campaign when my gnome druid splashed a hot cup of coffee in a guards face and hit him with my shovel because the council was being "unreasonable" with their offer for us helping them and their village.

  8. I had a player in our group back in the 80s like "Scoots", his character was a thief named "Mask". He would constantly be peeing on holy/unholy alters and trying to sleep with all the NPCs in the town/dungeon, etc. I would work his shenanigans into the story line and find ways to teach him to have more caution and still maintain his wildcard character personality. In the case of "Scoots" here I would have said that the rose shattered but he got an energy blow back that made him overly calm and considerate and he would have to roll some kind of saving through with a big penalty every time he had a "Scoots" like impulse. Then I would give him and the group an out that would remove the effect while moving the story along.

  9. This happened in my first game where the DM had an in game character that was basically them but a god and one of the members of the group kept trying to cut the monsters balls off so the DM god came in game and killed him and in the next town we found his twin brother. This happened twice.

  10. I would quit if I would be a party with someone like that xD

  11. I realize that this is a shallow setup for easy comedy, but this is possibly the worst possible example of how to play the game. Players shouldn't be making rolls unprovoked. Natural 20s don't allow people to succeed at impossible tasks. GMs and players should talk like adults instead of running a game with passive aggressive back and forth.

  12. Is dungeon and dragons just a nightmare to play? All I see are these horror stories. I was interested in playing but maybe not. 😂

  13. You know that you don't have to play with this kind of players, right?

  14. nice. a few minutes in i figured i would do the lightning trick as a DM on Scoots.. then DM Brandon came up with the meteor

  15. Scoots wouldn't make it to the next game.

  16. Meanwhile me and likely most of the party: Yeah no, scoots is not coming back, you’re a baby. Make a new character and get over it, see ya in the next next town bud.

  17. I have always wanted to play. I have never found a group.

  18. One day I hope to play DnD…If I could only find a group.

  19. Every group seems to have that one…

  20. Y'know i had a player lile this once and didnt feel a shred of remorse because even though they had fun and loved attending sessions i had to kick him out because he simply just didnt think about his fellow partymates or me as his dm

  21. kind of funny that the goblin king didn't have a spiked codpiece to go with the rest of his armor.

  22. That's just rude, it's fun for the one player, but so pretty rude… The way I do it is that I make my characters have a very specific gimmick, a predictable one, and whenever the time comes I do the thing I'm set out to do and that's it.

    I had a wizard that whenever we beat enemies it'd just go out of it's way to take their bones. XD he was not a necromancer, he just liked collecting them

  23. im with Scoots, hes the only one there trying to have fun. I dont need the group that thinks their critical role. I need the group that wants to bottle chaos and sell it like hot cakes.

  24. the burden …. i mean privledge (LOFL I FELT THAT IN MY SOOOOUULLLL)

  25. Literally everyone in my campaign:

    Me at the beginning of my first campaign:

  26. This is really funny because I’m running a campaign right now, with 3 out of the four players being Scoots

  27. I am not lying but my friends when we are doing a campaign, does this A LOT we had a strip club

  28. My step-son is Scoops. He does the most off the wall illogical stuff possible. He also likes to cut off enemy heads after defeating them and carrying them around as a trophy. Sometimes he will dismember dead enemies. I wonder about this kid.

  29. exactly what happens when your intrusive toughts wins

  30. Scoots is literally my friend Durvak. Name of his character. Except Durvak was from Edge of the Empire. And the guy never failed a single roll. It didn't matter how many times I upped the difficulty on it. Pretty much guy nat20'd on every roll

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