The BEST Dragon Ball game just got a MASSIVE UPDATE! | Dragon Soul Demo

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  5. W video user : Mero1max i played it at demo but I didn't continue and do a from level 1 to max guide it will be so helpful

  6. I played dragon soul a while back when it first released, it was pretty damn cool, but coming back to it was a huge treat since it had improved since then.
    (XenEnergiin incase im picked.)

  7. Tormentagamer Azul *Franklin Beltre* says:

    goldenfreedyfranklin i want broly bundle grrr

  8. imma try it out also do u still play cos?? (user vPresent)

  9. Starting to play dragon soul now because of you!


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    username: Nidoli00

  12. User: SilentSigil I’ve been grinding away for Mystic at 1279 on my Potato Laptop

  13. Yea I played it back when ssj4 was the best form, dbz demo. Was a huge upgrade since I came back

    Love_happyjimmy incase it's me

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  17. I recently replayed the game and I'm really enjoying the changes, especially the combat which has improved a lot!


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