The BEST Fusion in A Dragon Ball Roblox Game🔥

Finally Fusing in Dragon Ball Online Generations

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  1. This game remindes me of dragon block ultimate

  2. No atlas he is right it is metamorion fusion not yardratians

  3. Atlas which stance is that? i wanna know

  4. If goku learned it from yardrat then why didn't he use it against cell

  5. I have so many regrets not leveling up on that game when I had just found it

  6. What's the name of the game again he say it so fast

  7. 1:58 Atlas : " No No No this is so Wrong The Yardrats should be teaching this"
    everybody else : You Know atlas the fusion dance is literally called Metamoran Fusion made by the metamorans ;-;

  8. Ngl, That fusion is pretty trash.
    Me and my friend did a fusion and its output is 4K in physical damage.
    There's way better fusions so this really isn't that big.

  9. I have a question regarding fusion

  10. If both of you have control of the same charecter, how do both of you move at the same time

  11. No goku learned fusion from the metamorans in the other world bro

  12. can this game be played with mobile or is this a pc only

  13. I'm surprised he still doesn't know about legend quests. Maybe now he does ..

  14. This video is from a year ago and I know it… but I want to ask you to support this game. It's the best Dragon Ball game That game is the best thing I've seen in my entire life, listen to me, support it! It's very worth it, everything is perfect, even the PvP are brutal and you need the support of Porfis

  15. 🦚•{Miraculous Shadefeather}•🦚 says:

    What is the name of this game 😮😮😮

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