The Biggest Dragon In The World Just Arrived! – A Huge Dragon Survival Game Update – Day of Dragons

The Biggest Dragon In The World Just Arrived! – A Huge Dragon Survival Game Update – Day of Dragons

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  1. The next big update arrived to Day of Dragons and with it the Flame Stalker comes to life! Over all the FS is the biggest dragon to date and from what i understand the strongest. There's not much else to say except it has some cool animation work, Everything else is represented in the video. I hope they soon fix the lighting and start to swap out the map assets!

  2. First! Also, this game seems really cool and a bit unknown. Thanks for covering it 🙂

  3. Hope Nergigante isn't alerted to these elder dragons

  4. This seems to be getting better. I like it's concept don't know how long it's appeal can last though.

  5. The thumbnail of this video is very detailed, nice job to whoever did it.

  6. I really love all the dragon models! They're so cool! I really wish I had the game, but I'm broke.

  7. Low budget good game that tricked the world

  8. I'm probably going to wait for a few more updates before I play but it's starting to look really fun

  9. So I like the Flame Stalker adult design, the baby design is very weak. However it gives me too much Smaug vibes, most of these dragons seem heavily inspired to the point of near copyright issues, I haven't really seen any dragons which I can say are 100% original and unique to them.

  10. I see that this game is improving very well

  11. This looks like they took the isle and literally replaced the dinos with dragons

  12. The game will look much better with a better environment, and lighting. The dragon’s cool tho

  13. I can just imagine playing this game with the httyd soundtrack

  14. I thought day of dragons would like a scam thing. Did I misunderstand that video

  15. My opinion is right now it looks like the isle when it started its not the best but is also not bad

  16. It was fun helping you guys out ingame! Looking forward to maybe showing you guys a better fight or something next time ^^ (Tis ValkyrieQueen)

  17. The game is showing potential but I’m still skeptical

  18. I really enjoyed watching this video. This gives me hope that things can hopefully keep improving for gameplay mechanics, creatures, and the community as a whole. I think I'll be holding off a little while longer on purchasing it though. Thanks for covering this.

  19. I’d like to see a dragon similar to the one from Harry Potter or fatalis from monster hunter just a dragon of pure rage and hatred

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