The Day a TRUE Dragon Game Was Born

It’s the Dawn of Dragons…
Welcome to Century: Age of Ashes! Today I’m checking out the free-to-play Dragon battling and survival game, Century: Age of Ashes! This is the closed beta and we dive, breathe fire, and fire blast our way through competition of baby drakes. Let’s play Century: Age of Ashes!

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About Century: Age of Ashes:
Century: Age of Ashes is a free-to-play multiplayer dragon battle game. Master a growing roster of classes and dragons, compete in intense arena battles and rule the skies in fast-paced aerial combats.

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  1. Theres a really old game called Savage Skies that I used to play all the time growing up, and when I first saw the trailer for Century I was so fucking excited. This game is gorgeous and everything feels so smooth.

  2. With all the walls, cliffs, and structure tops, it'd be cool if maybe there was an ability where you could land and basically supercharge some type of ultimate attack, you're super vulnerable, but potentially able to just murder the competition

  3. this reminds me of Panzer Dragoon used to love those games back in the day i like the look of this . good shout IGP

  4. Call me picky but the fact that they're technically wyverns irks me XD

  5. I was hoping that gas to be like How to Train your dragon, you know? Like the twins dragon that one head spits gas and the other head creates a little flame/spark to burn all the gas, that would be cool AF

  6. I think I’m getting the hang of these contr- FUUUCCKK

  7. The game looks fun and adicting !
    It has a lot of potential!!

  8. I'm really not a fan of online PvP but this is gorgeous.

  9. Lost me at dragon riding and not playing a dragon

  10. if they're going to give you a sword and shield, I want to see some like. in air dragon jousting or something. Theres no point giving the character weapons if you cant use them. Other than that minor gripe, I like how the game looks.

  11. This is how I WISHED for the dragons to look like in "How to train your dragon"….
    (awesome story but I loathed these movies for how bad & cartoon-y the dragons looked… as if small children don't like badass realistic looking dragons, too!)

  12. more like valorant meets dragons

  13. Bruh I can't wait for this to be released proper. I've been waiting for a good dragon riding game for ages.

  14. LMAO great graphics. sucks the play area has the square footage of a dog house. yea, too bad players cant have the isle do a proper dragon game. so yea too bad we cant have a game we paid for in kickstarter like DoD.

  15. I thought you were going to do Day of dragons glad you didnt

  16. That’s just war thunder but with dragons


  17. Iknow its late but wasnt there a game for ps3 that was called L.A.I.R i cant really remember but im sure it was a dragon game lol

  18. how is this game like DOD at all? also you were wrong they just released open beta with new shadow scale. you know… one of the dragons you said wouldn't come. pretty sure you are showing a full game that looks all pvp not a survival game

  19. "True dragon"
    Wyverns in thumbnail

    Well… ok ?

    Edit : nvm, there wasn't a single dragon, why are people calling them as such then ?
    Ah, yes, because it sells more.

  20. as you know century age of ashes reminds me of star wars battlefront 2

  21. Hey uh that’s a wyvern btw they dint have 4 legs and mostly wyverns don’t have four legs and dragons do

  22. Guys it's coming out on Nov 18 I'm somexso excited

  23. How do i do anything you want please play that again about 100 times i'm begging you please 🥺

  24. if you want a fun dragon game i would play dragons of the edge not much right now but there is hunting and one big math mutiplay single play you can make friends and get eggs and every thing but if your playing on the lap top mating and getting eggs are not supported because its maded for a distop

  25. I NEVER play PvP multiplayer games because I generally don't enjoy them, but OH MY GOD this may just manage to tempt me!!

    If this ever got a single-player rpg-style story-mode (or the devs of this made a single-player "you ARE the dragon" rpg game) I would pay real money and literally never put it down, gotta be real here.

  26. Bæsje prompe xfvxfcdxfgdxrgdxgdgdzfhKjossjkbkk! says:

    You dont play AS the dragon?????Æ!ÆÆÆU…

  27. Don't misuse Father God's beautiful name

  28. sooo instead of WWII planes, it's Mideval dragon tamers… nice. Also, idk if you made a video about this dragon game, but it is called Draconia. I haven't played it but the last update for it was January 21, 2022. It also looks like it has very promising dragon customization at least.

  29. And then the game was ruined by the devs horrible decisions

  30. Whats the music at the start i have been trying to figure it out for years

  31. not a real dragon game
    it just turns a dragon into a transport and must have a pilot to control basically a reskinned plane
    a true dragon game must be a sandbox god game and must be played as a dragon no human riders

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