The Day a TRUE Dragon Game Was Born

It’s the Dawn of Dragons…
Welcome to Century: Age of Ashes! Today I’m checking out the free-to-play Dragon battling and survival game, Century: Age of Ashes! This is the closed beta and we dive, breathe fire, and fire blast our way through competition of baby drakes. Let’s play Century: Age of Ashes!

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About Century: Age of Ashes:
Century: Age of Ashes is a free-to-play multiplayer dragon battle game. Master a growing roster of classes and dragons, compete in intense arena battles and rule the skies in fast-paced aerial combats.

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  1. I don't know what he has against the name when he was fine with day of dragons of all things at least give a better name than dragonborn

  2. the dragons are cool but the combat would cause me to rage i guess im waiting longer for a another cool dragon game, i hope someone is working on like a survival taming dragons kind of game

  3. I recommend using a controller if you have it. The controls feel better in my opinion

  4. It’d be sick if you got close to someone with low health it performs a dragon take down mid flight where a quick close combat animation plays where the attacker kills the weak dude and then seamlessly continues flying

  5. i've been playing the heck out of this ever since i heard about it a few days ago, i'm loving it. this is the dragon game ive been wanting. the game definitely plays better on a controller tho.

  6. It's a fun game. You can also rebind your keys if you don' t have controller.

  7. I managed to get in on the second round of beta testing and this is a small little thing to compliment, but I really appreciate how the part of the game's store that involve using real money is currently locked off in beta. I know that a lot of game companies would have no issue with getting money from people in the alpha and beta stages of their games, but here this really shows me that the developers are more concerned with getting the game running and polished before they start earning money from people.
    Also all the stuff you will be able to buy is purely cosmetic, no pay to win!

  8. I was so hype until I learned this game has only PvP. And will probably only focus on PvP. I just want a solo RPG where I can walk and especially fly around a beautiful world with a beloved Dragon partner. Meeting interesting characters, fighting bad guys, dragon fishing! But apparently, no one either wants to or is capable of making such a game. All the existing ones are too old, empty promises, or cancelled (still have not forgotten Microsoft's cancelled Scalebound).

  9. Wish igp would stop dragging day of dragons down so much. It takes a long time to make an entire game from scratch. There trying there best with such a small team, and all the crap and harrasment they have to deal over time. Give them a break!

  10. I'm sold! It's on my wishlist and now April can't come soon enough!

  11. It remind me so much of Savages Skies, it would be awesome if there a remake or a sequel with a similar gameplay

  12. So it's pretty much War dragons but PC version 🤨

  13. It's like they played the old how to train your dragon game and said.
    The flying part is the best part…. But what if we made it insane?

  14. Does anyone know if THIS dragon game is coming to counsel?

  15. Imagine this was the pvp of a open world survival game

  16. OOOOHHHH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD I WANT PLAY THIS GAME, but it's suck i have broken laptop and computer

  17. bruh. You should probably check out the tutorial before…. 6:09 ohhh it's your first time. Well in that case, git gud noob Kappa

  18. That is a game i could watch. Reminds me of a true Eragon game 😂

  19. Looks cool and all but I'm THAT guy sooo, They're technically Wyverns due to their front legs being infused with their wings to each their own.

  20. we need a dragon game, not a super dragon game.

  21. I'm sad bout the start… Those are all wyrvns

  22. This just looks like Lair with less content tbh

    I still want it tho lol

  23. holy shit this game looks fun as hell. IGP's decibel level makes it more entertaining im sure, but still. very intense gameplay

  24. ;-;

    Why do all the games with cool stuff have to be PVP? I hate PvP

  25. This game looks like it'd give you an adrenaline rush and sweaty palms. Meanwhile DoD gives me a cardiac arrest from boredom.

  26. There is another game like this called Skyfear, There hasn’t been any development on it however. (At least not that I can see)
    It had the same premise where you fly as a dragon and blast fire around to kill other dragons.
    Forgot to add this- This game would work well on a console. Just my opinion XD

  27. idc if you are bad you make this game better in your way and i cant wait for the realese

  28. me: learns about new dragon game.
    game: is free to play on steam this year.

  29. i need this game in my life an when you said close beta an i cried in side but i have to say you are awesome an carry on the fab job an when you play scary games i scream when you scream an many times nearly dropped my drink over myself


  31. "Day of the true dragon" has Wyverns in the thumbnail

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