The “Dragon Game Project”. Episodes from multiplayer tests

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Hello everyone! Just a short video we’ve recorded back in late summer during multiplayer tests where we were trying to work more with multiplayer and see what problems it causes. It wasn’t great yet, and we’re still working on it, but I thought you may be interested to watch something from it.
Also stay tuned, we’re currently working on something new and better for a multiplayer mode.

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  1. man you really don't appreciate just how scary it would be with dragons about until you see them like this. Also the running looks fantastic. That particular game mode looks fun. I hope other game modes come soon but I can wait. I'm loving the colors so far! the head butting lizards was fun. I would suspect with a large enough group of lizards and only a few dragons you could actually win as the lizards. Only problem is I think everyone wants to be the dragon or at least more people want to be the dragon then the lizards at anyone time. Besides it would take at least 2 lizards for every dragon there and quite passably more depending on how good the draogns are. I did like some people getting creative with their meals like washing it or cooking it. lol. Nice to have that much control over the movement and when you eat them if you want to eat them or just threaten them with it by putting them in your mouth.

  2. It looks like you guys were having so much fun oh my god I’m so hyped wtf

  3. Эпичные фразы, которые я ну не мог оставить:
    1:52 – Вуаля, что переводится с французского, смотрите что я нашёл.
    2:05 – Не было ни единого разрыва!
    2:27 – Ты кто такой? Давай, до свидание.
    3:24 – щас я тебе покажу анатомию багов!
    5:48 – Ты видишь ящерицу?
    – Нет
    – Вот и я не вижу. А она есть.
    Желаю удачи разработчикам и тем, кто поддерживают их. Жду с нетерпением 😉

  4. А где скачать игру?????????????????????????????

  5. Ахринеть, ты все же доработаешь ее? Я уже готовлю свои денеги

  6. А почему такой большой промежуток между видео был и с нг всех кстати

  7. Man …If it wasn't for that other game I would have never heard of this, guess something good came from that bullshit somehow.

  8. when the game come out? i want this game soo much 😀

  9. I’m sorry I don’t know much about this project, is there a way to buy it?

  10. I really want to play that game so bad. Especially like roleplaying or something. 😣🤧

  11. Там на русском балакают?

  12. Do thr first person view pleeeeeease on the next video

  13. can you already play the game? if so, what is the name of it?

  14. are the lizardmen based on kobols from dungeons and dragons? I absolutely love them, they look so fun!!

  15. Damn what great work and it looks like so much fun! Love the lizard people, they look crafty as so looking forward to this. 🙂

  16. I’ve just found this and I have to say I’m super impressed with everything I’ve seen. I draw dinosaurs and dragons and if you ever want to create more dragons please let me know because I would love to help anyway I can!
    You can see some of my stuff on Twitter @Attichanthesky1

  17. Would love it if when you get eaten your see the inside as the character

  18. I’m watching this and I can’t help but think of an army of human players going up against the dragons and their lizard man servants. How would that go?

  19. Will this game feature graphic content, like blood and gore, when engaging in combat?

  20. It's 2020 now… when is it going to be released??? I just can't wait! Also can u tell me the release date please??

  21. а когда это игра выйдет?

  22. This game gonna be released for Xbox?

  23. It kind of look like scaly winged dogs

  24. If Istaria could ever use a successor, it would be you. Great work, hope to see more !

  25. Где можно сказать чтоб присоединится к тесту? Where I can download this game to join multiplayer test?

  26. как это скачать

  27. В этой игре будет восточный дракон? (Который без крыльев, но может летать)

  28. A ты понимаеш русский

  29. Как же приятно слышать русский язык

  30. Я верю вас надеюсь вы не бросите начитое

  31. Is this out? If so where can I get it and play it

  32. I like game, what dragon games project from? there look like day of dragon game, right?

  33. Я всеми руками за вашу игру!

  34. The textures and lighting in this game are soooo good compared to the other dragon games… I'm a 3D art lead at a game studio, and I wish that our programmers and Unity look-devs could get our textures to look this nice T-T They look great in Substance Painter when I model, but as soon as they're put in the games, so much of the contrast in light, surface detail, and glossiness is lost. Dang, if I could pick the brains of this dev team ;-;

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