The “Dragon Game Project”. Episodes from Team Match tests Vol.2

Hello everyone! The new compilation of recorded videos during tests is done! This time featuring gryphon character which can be a helper for both hunters and thieves teams. All characters can now swim and dive freely as well. We are also implementing the in-game voice chat, and riding on dragons/wyverns/gryphons.
We are also few more patches until the migration on Unreal Engine 5.
Also, majority of updates we show on our Discord and Twitter.
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  1. This looks so fun to play! Or at least it's been fun to watch.

  2. im so glad that this is still being developed, please dont rush the project and talk all the time in the world, we dont want another day of dragons on our hands…

  3. Oh man I thought you guys just disappeared, glad to see an update!

  4. oh god that beginning was scary lol he was moving so fast also damn I love that burrowing feature

  5. this seams to already have more gameplay than day of dragons

  6. wow this is awsome keep continuing this amzing project and I’ll support the game as long you need it😁

  7. Been a lot of fun attending these sessions even if I do get a bit salty sometimes xD love the compilation!

  8. Literally the greatest flight animations I’ve ever seen for a game involving flying creatures. I cannot get over how incredibly smooth and lively it all looks. Can’t wait for this to come out eventually!

  9. 5:46 punished for the crime of being too cute, love that wiggle emote that the kobolds seem to have.

  10. I donated yesterday and enjoy playing as a tester. The community are super friendly and helpful if you have any questions.

  11. 𝐑𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠_𝐊𝐚𝐧₁₃₊ says:

    Again so excited to this! Can you give any info on if it's gonna be free or need to purchase? (I apologize if I asked already I'm not sure if I did or not)

  12. крутооо, есть играбельный грифон :0
    игра доступна к скачиванию?(если да. то какой пк нужен. что бы запустился) и какие ещё будут зверьки играбельны?

  13. I have no idea what this game is as it just randomly popped up in my feed but it looks really cool and fun to play. I love the design of the little drake guys holding the chests. When that blue jay looking griffin swooped down and caught the little guy from mid air around 12:23 man that was SATISFYING! ima have to keep an eye on this game! ^_^

  14. I saw this video posted on rededit, and as a dragon nerd I was instantly hooked. One question: Is this MP only?

  15. Where can I play this when it’s developed

  16. This is surreal! The animations are incredible, and the gameplay is so fun to watch! I can't wait to play this!!!!

  17. hmmmm, the "swallow" and "kill" commands look like they have the same effect. thinking about adding a few mechanics to the "swallow" command? like it also having a capture effect that holds onto the lizardmen and diminishes their HP over time until the dragon is either forced to spit them out (possibly by the lizardman attacking the dragon from the inside enough to upset their stomach or the dragon just dying) or the lizardman dies? possibly with a heal being added for killing them with it and/or the ability to hurk them back out like a scaly projectile?

  18. I'm curious why the little guys are being called lizardmen instead of Kobolds?

  19. this game seems to suffer from performance problems with stuttering here and there but it is looking promising! how i become a tester?

  20. Oh, I was really looking forward to playing this game one day, now with griffins added I can't wait^^

  21. I can not wait to play this. I also know it's been over done but do hope there's a fun sandbox/survival variant so we can just mess around, explore and have fun playing as these fun creatures.

  22. Much spinning is required for a good rest

  23. Is it possible for a demo download for the game? I wanna try the game out since im into dragons

    ive been sniped by him soooooo many times he once curved a fire ball round a corner and killed me XD

  25. Man I want to play this game so bad. Im in the discord but the Testing thing just confuses me alot so ive never asked about it, ill have to wait till it officially releases but it looks amazing!

  26. Alguien sabe donde se puede descargar ayuda

  27. Will this game be available on PlayStation 5 ?. I would love to play this on my playstation 5.

  28. This is going to be the best dragon game ever!

  29. when will this game be available to play is looks so fun to play

  30. I feel like this game could have survival game play potential

    It already has distractable objects, and structures, and it already has wide open maps
    Just needs an inventory system, for trees to give you wood on drop, to be able to turn that wood into structures, and a food source
    The inventory part would probably take a lot of work though

  31. It’d be really fun to add dangerous weather patterns to interfere with flying creatures, like updrafts, downdrafts, thunder/ rain/ windstorms, etc. Though I’ve never made a game so I wouldn’treally know how difficult that’d be to make.

  32. Hahaha I can't believe I found this! And after believing day of Dragons was the only dragon game of this caliber! It's like how I found The Isle! Completely by accident!

    I look forward to supporting this game! Frankly, it looks like you're all doing everything right! Just look at those visuals! I couldn't stop rubbing my eyes!

  33. It looks so good still when do you recon it can be released

  34. My girlfriend would love to play a game like that. I mean I was literally searching "games where you can fly as a dragon"

  35. i cant wait for this game to be playable for the public

  36. This suppose to be the most popylar game right now not some shit named "dragon ball" that have nothing with dragons but without a reason appear the most when dragon in search EVERY TIME add -ball to block this garbage so annoying i hope goky never existed at all.

  37. hallo pls help i try to fin this game a steam and other plattform and can find it wher i can buy it

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