The “Dragon Game Project”. Episodes from Team Match tests Vol.2

Hello everyone! The new compilation of recorded videos during tests is done! This time featuring gryphon character which can be a helper for both hunters and thieves teams. All characters can now swim and dive freely as well. We are also implementing the in-game voice chat, and riding on dragons/wyverns/gryphons.
We are also few more patches until the migration on Unreal Engine 5.
Also, majority of updates we show on our Discord and Twitter.
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  1. Oh woow, just by looking at the video material the characters' animations all look extremely good and natural to me.The most important thing that catches my eye is that the animation all seem to have a decent amount of 'weight' to it and the movements do not seem disconnected from the environment.Really congrats on this one! :DI really enjoy it if devs manage to implement that (and for me, it is one thing some games like e.g. Draconia still struggle with and hinder me from enjoying it to its full potential… though, of course, I can only imagine how difficult a proper implementation of that might be, e.g. considering all the environmental aspects and movements (especially in-air) etc. that might interact with or influence the (also quite different) character models).

  2. Привет, возможно ли где-то пощупать игру или записаться на тестера? / Hello, is it possible to touch or play for a tester somewhere?

  3. So, it is on steam, but hidden (appid 2086350). When will we be able to buy EA access?

  4. I have no idea what the objective is, but animation is good and there is destruction so I’ll give it a pass

  5. this video just got randomly recommended to me- and omg I've seen a lot of dragon games, but the flying and first person in this is amazing, and all the creatures look amazing! I can see how much love was and is put into this game, it looks absolutely amazing. Not only that but gameplay looks fun as hell, as I do love a good survival game its really nice to see a Dragon/ creature game that is not just survival. I hope to play this one day. I will definitely keep a close eye on this game!

  6. would love to play it if there weren't loops to hop through just to even just have the potential chance to play it. like damn i ain't about to join a community split between rich and or lucky people who get to play, and poor and or unlucky people who can't unless they request a steam remoteplay session from someone who has access or fork out over $100 to have a better chance of getting access. plus i imagine the community dynamics from that kind of a system will end up eventually making the community toxic because of obvious reasons if it hasn't already, but i ain't about to check given how dragon game communities tend to be XD

  7. уже почти год, нету инфы про разработку( куда ты пропал?(

  8. Will this wonderful game have a mobile version?

  9. AMAZING GAME! I LOVE ROLEPLAYING SO YAY! Also, I am really excited for the animations but I wonder if there will be like, tail animations and wing animations, e.g: Wings outstretched or tail wag

  10. The flying mechanics are spectacular! I particularly loved the griffon's fluttering feathers as it flew. Wow!

  11. I love how the grab is so smooth still this game has such promis!

  12. Did I spot some german in the VC? 😀 hahaha

  13. Haven't heard anything from this game on a long time, good to see that it is doing good.

  14. Will there be a separate map for survival? 👀 This game looks so good and love the addition of the griffin. Any other flyers you guys are thinking of adding?

  15. Looks like a awesome game i wouldn’t mind giving it a try 😮

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