The “Dragon Game Project”. Video Update 4

Hello everyone!
It’s been a while since our last video update here. Many were wondering where we had disappeared, but we are constnantly working on this game project. Most of updates we upload on our Discord server, Twitter and KoFi (YouTube becomes quite a problematic platform last years).
This video update may not include too much graphical update, but mostly technical ones. The whole last year we have spent on reworking and refactoring core components, improving netcode, character movement sync in multiplayer, updating animations, and fixing some UE problems. We were also experimenting with several game modes, but they weren’t shown on this video.

What appeared since the last video update:
-signigically extended multiplayer functions;
-players can gather and play around on lobby map while waiting for other players;
-flying mode was extended and now flying creatures can either hover or fly as usual;
-dragons and wyverns can now shoot elemental projectiles (on choose: fire, ice, electricity, acid) to affect on others;
-added and fully animated gold wyvern character;
-added more emotes for all current characters;
-dragons and wyverns got abilities: «powerful projectile» and «spot enemies»;
-lizardmen got abilities: «fast run», «high jumps», «digging/teleport», «protection shield», «powerful punch», «stamina restoring», «health restore»;
-lizardmen can now climb on ledges;
-several new lizardmen characters and dragons appeared;
-gryphon character appeared (but still in a process of implementation);
-enemy footprints highlight (not shown on this video update);
-in-game voice chat on which we have something interesting in mind;
-several new test maps;
-and other minor updates and fixes.

Right now we are working on:
-UI is currently in a process of updating;
-adding few more maps for both team matches and sandbox;
-adding gryphons as a mid size characters;
-adding inventory system;
-improving the character movement core component;
-improving legs/neck IK solvers, working on tail IK solver;
-adding customizations (postponed temporarily);
-expanding our LORE;
-basic weaponry for lizardmen.

«Dragon Game Project» is the game where you can play as a mythical creature such as dragons, wyverns, gryphons and lizardmen. Steal the treasure in team matches, play around with your friends in sandbox, or just experience yourself as a feral creature on free map.

«Dragon Game Project» is our own game project we are working on since the mid of 2017. We are working on it in spare time.

We want to say the huge thanks to all our contributors (especially honoured ones) for helping us to keep working on this game project. Your support is invaluable!

We are on Twitter:

We are on Discord:

You can support our work on KoFi or PayPal:


  1. OOH man this is looking so cool!! I love the flying animations so much, they're so smooth

  2. they finally remembered there YouTube channel!

  3. Now this is how the development of a PROPER dragon game (or ANY game) should be. Something that takes time and real work. Unlike 'Day of Dragon' that's only a bunch of asset packs were thrown together and rushed out to market. Making games and developing all the functions takes time, a LOT of time, and that is how you get something as stunning as this. I hope something for the dragons like wing clipping, where like you fly too close to a hill or fly through trees that it affects your flight, vs just phasing through objects.
    I do sort of feel like the full dragon stands a bit too 'stilt' like on its legs but that's a personal thing, like with its size and weight the legs be bent more to support its self better.

  4. The animations are brilliant! Best I’ve seen from a game with such a small team. Great looking game so far. Keep up the good work!

  5. Please make a survival mode! You could do such a great job with what you already have. Add life cycles, growth, food and look at trying to achieve balance between the creatures it has so much potential

  6. Amazing work ! Can't wait for the game to come out 🙂

  7. Looks amazing! But for one of that guys who created ARK it must be amazing! Hope it's coming out soon

  8. Will the lizard people attack you if you are near the village?

  9. YouTube thinks your game is Ark Survival Evolved….lol.

  10. Looking absolutely incredible so far!!! The flight for the dragons is awesome, but the only tiny nitpick I have is that the upstroke would be shorter and faster than the downstroke, not the opposite like how you guys have, considering how big and comparatively heavy they are. Downstroke would be slower to give them that push/lift into the air. But it's looking great so far!!

  11. Id love to play this game so much ;-; it looks so good

  12. Я жду эту игру ради шикарных летсплеев по ней…

  13. Are you guys planning on adding a crash landing animation that destroys the terrain?

  14. damn the dragon models look good i want this game lol,this is amazing keep up the good work game is beautiful as well,where can i buy this?

  15. this is gonna be the dragon game everybody has been waiting for wow!!!

  16. needs a huge open world an the ability for you 2 join 2 factions and try to guard your castles against the other team also have human players that can shoot arrows and stuff in to the air and try to rebuild castles while u have dragons trying to destroy them

  17. God I want to back this game so much. I hate money struggles.

  18. I absolutely can't wait to play this, everything about the flight mechanics is so aesthetically perfect and there's so many things you can do! Will this game have mod support when it's released?

  19. Hi, I'm new. I've always been looking for the game that would suit me and I think I've found it. This game is a masterpiece and I can't wait to play it. The graphics, physics of the game are simply stunning. In short, it's a wonderful game that I just discovered today. Besides, I watched all your videos on this game, I'm fascinated by its beauty.

  20. sad its a game made by scalies but that flight does look pretty smooth

  21. Too bad there's no throat bulge when swallowing lizard foks, but a dragon game with interactive vore is already amazing in itself 👀

    Would it serve some purpose besides being a way to kill ennemies ? I just found out about this project, so I don't know yet what features you're planning to implement for the full release.

  22. You guys are doing great work. Slowly but surely you're approaching something awesome and finished. Keep plugging away.

  23. I would do anything for PlayStation to have access to this game when it comes

  24. When the eating animation from a Project looks better than The Isle ….. 🙂
    Good work so far.

  25. It will be cool if you add a gush of wind when the dragons are landing and taking off. Will bring more feel of the force they make 🙂

  26. I wonder if this will become an official game. Otherwise this is litteraly such a cool game and I hope that you guys will be motivated to keep working on it 👍. The everything is done so well. Good luck ♥️

  27. Jeez all the mechanics from eating people to flame breath are so smooth! Flight especially, my god how did you guys do that!

  28. This is already really, really impressive, though I'd recommend looking at slow-mo bat footage for a bit more reference re: flight.
    It's already far more natural than about 90% I've seen so far, including actual professionally released games, but unfortunately part of that is that there's practically nothing out there that does even just an okay job at simulating flight physics.

    Of course, I'm not a game developer so I'm not sure how hard it would be to implement, but things like making sure that diving only works when going downwards and not forwards and making the roll more of a natural manouver (I'd suggest some height loss as the dragon briefly drops and initiating the roll by ways of tugging one wing and using the other to get rotary momentum).
    Another thing to consider would be that bats at least have muscles to stabilize and manipulate their membrane within said membrane so the wings likely wouldn't "flutter" much if at all.


  30. lizardfolk, dragons, griffins, wyverns, this thing almost has it all.

  31. add an update where breath attakcs can clash and explode or one type of breath can overpower others

  32. This looks absolutely epic! Y’all are doing amazing work! 😁

  33. Is this game able to work on mobile

  34. Isso me parece muito promissor… Ótimo trabalho! ^^

  35. You need to make a dragons lair where we can store gold

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