The “Dragon Game Project”. Video Update 4

Hello everyone!
It’s been a while since our last video update here. Many were wondering where we had disappeared, but we are constnantly working on this game project. Most of updates we upload on our Discord server, Twitter and KoFi (YouTube becomes quite a problematic platform last years).
This video update may not include too much graphical update, but mostly technical ones. The whole last year we have spent on reworking and refactoring core components, improving netcode, character movement sync in multiplayer, updating animations, and fixing some UE problems. We were also experimenting with several game modes, but they weren’t shown on this video.

What appeared since the last video update:
-signigically extended multiplayer functions;
-players can gather and play around on lobby map while waiting for other players;
-flying mode was extended and now flying creatures can either hover or fly as usual;
-dragons and wyverns can now shoot elemental projectiles (on choose: fire, ice, electricity, acid) to affect on others;
-added and fully animated gold wyvern character;
-added more emotes for all current characters;
-dragons and wyverns got abilities: «powerful projectile» and «spot enemies»;
-lizardmen got abilities: «fast run», «high jumps», «digging/teleport», «protection shield», «powerful punch», «stamina restoring», «health restore»;
-lizardmen can now climb on ledges;
-several new lizardmen characters and dragons appeared;
-gryphon character appeared (but still in a process of implementation);
-enemy footprints highlight (not shown on this video update);
-in-game voice chat on which we have something interesting in mind;
-several new test maps;
-and other minor updates and fixes.

Right now we are working on:
-UI is currently in a process of updating;
-adding few more maps for both team matches and sandbox;
-adding gryphons as a mid size characters;
-adding inventory system;
-improving the character movement core component;
-improving legs/neck IK solvers, working on tail IK solver;
-adding customizations (postponed temporarily);
-expanding our LORE;
-basic weaponry for lizardmen.

«Dragon Game Project» is the game where you can play as a mythical creature such as dragons, wyverns, gryphons and lizardmen. Steal the treasure in team matches, play around with your friends in sandbox, or just experience yourself as a feral creature on free map.

«Dragon Game Project» is our own game project we are working on since the mid of 2017. We are working on it in spare time.

We want to say the huge thanks to all our contributors (especially honoured ones) for helping us to keep working on this game project. Your support is invaluable!

We are on Twitter:

We are on Discord:

You can support our work on KoFi or PayPal:


  1. Is this game on tablet? If not can you also release is on tablet pls I,d love to play (the device I'm playing on is a Lenovo Tab P11 Plus with precision pen and keyboard)

  2. I can't wait for this to come out you can tell they are working hard on this game I can tell this won't be another day of dragons.even tho it will cost money I will just ask my mom to buy it😄

  3. What game is this or is it called the dragon game product

  4. day of dragons can learn from some of these animations! Cant wait to play it 🙂

  5. I like this a lot. And, there is even "cockpit view"! 😀👍 (kinda)

  6. YES IVE BEEN WAITING SO LONG also if the tails had ragdoll physics so they flow nicely behind the players would be cool

  7. The game is looking better and better! 😄

  8. The invisible sound effect is really weird

  9. The dragons sound really cool though

    Will there be edible ai for single player stuff?

  10. Новое видео ураа обожаю эту игру!!! Спасибо разработчикам за такое творчество прекрасное!!!

  11. A lot has improved since the last update and I am glad to see progress has been made (the Wyvern looks really cute in my opinion XP).
    Animation-wise, the movements are very good, better than most other dragon games I've seen. However, I feel they would be better with the following things (mostly the flying):

    – For the Dragons & Wyvern, the wings should tuck in closer towards the body, more or less wrapping around it when diving. A Peregrine Falcon diving would be a good reference point.
    – For the Dragons, the downward stroke should be slower in relation to the upward stroke when hovering as it feels too quick IMO. It should be more or less like the take-off animation, which was really good, where the wings * Almost * gracefully flap downwards, catching the air to thrust the body upwards, rather than a hard stroke which would otherwise be good for gaining altitude.
    – For the Wyvern, the wing membranes should be more dynamic. By that, I mean that they should "fill with air" when flapping downwards, acting almost like sails, and also flutter around a little when gliding; this was done well with the Dragons.

    Bat wings in slow motion could be a good reference for the points mentioned above when doing animations, as well as looking at Birds of Prey, and maybe other films and games where dragons are included and animated well, e.g Game of Thrones, The Hobbit, Monster Hunter, Reign of Fire, The I of the Dragon, etc.

    Overall, I can't really fault the other animations for the characters as they are done well in my opinion, and the emotes are just the icing on the cake! lol. But on the whole, if you incorporate what I said above, the animations would be even better than they already are.

    Thanks for reading! I hope this helps!

  12. Влияние погодных условий на полёт. Дракона сносит ветром. Это будет реализовано?

  13. Powerful Paws
    proceeds to smack the shit out of his friends

  14. This game looks amazing! Can't wait to play!

    CAN'T WAIT!!

  16. This needs more support! This is what 4 years of working on something in your spare time looks like when you have passion!

  17. This is looking spectacular so far, better than anything I've seen in other dragon games! The only thing I could really suggest is to make the turn animations more noticable. Good turn animations do wonders, especially for multiplayer games. When four legged animals walk, there's a bit of a delay between the front and back legs. It's like how a snake slithers; the whole body curves. The big mistake people tend to make is that when the character finishes turning, it's body imediately snaps straight again, which looks unnatural. The back end and tail need a moment to catch up.
    I can tell that you've put a lot of TLC into it, the models are some of the best I've seen! I just wanted to give you a tip on something that a lot of people miss out on 🙂

  18. This all looks so promising with its potential!
    Hopefully everyone's been having a good time developing this game

  19. Xbox ? No
    Only pc ?! Fuck this game!
    One more game for pc
    Xbox no!….

    FUCK this game!

  20. It's hard to choose the right words to say regarding this little experiment you've got going on here. I am no animator, the best I could do is a little flash card stick figure drawing of a guy repeatedly jumping into a pool. I see some true potential for this to become one of the most dynamic games of the century. Do what you will, but do your best. I'm rooting for you. I will not interfere.
    Those are some spicy fireball explosions you've got. BOOM! Haha!

  21. This is absolutely STUNNING work. The flight for the dragons especially looks amazing and incredibly smooth, I can't believe you're the only dragon game project I've seen that's gotten it right but you are and I cannot wait to play this once it's released.


  23. If you guys need an extra game tester, I'm available👀

    The second I saw the Wyvern I knew it was going to be my favorite

  24. You guys really did make game better and it was already incredible in the first video! This is gonna go in history for BEST DRAGON GAME EVER!

  25. Добавьте летающие острова, ни одна игра про драконов не может обойтись без летающих островов

  26. This looks amazing!
    You absolute Lords keep up the good work!

  27. Oh this is fantastic! I wish I could of helped you guys on program work life has been so busy for me 😅 But the work you have put in is stunning!! The maps are amazing! And the flight dynamic will always be my favorite

  28. AMAZING!!! I LOVE the lizard people! I thought for a dragon game I'd have no interest in playing other species but there's so much potential that I'll have to try it out!!! Great work developers!

  29. 0-0 I have just learned of this game and O MY GOD I AM ABSOLUTELY AMAZED BY THE WORK OF THIS GAME!

    cant wait for it to come out also I Love all the mechanics in the game SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Ooof, these animations look sick. I can't wait to play this. XD This Hunters and Thieves sounds very interesting. I guess it will be quite hard for those massive dragons to manouver and get them little, quite fast thieves.

  31. Absolutely gorgeous the gameplay is just becoming smoother and smoother with every test run and it's just an absolutely astounding game I look forward to seeing more

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