The Game Awards 2023 – All Winners

The Game Awards 2023 – All Winners – In this video I have compiled all the winners from the 2023 Game Awards into a single video. This includes all categories including the Game of the Year winner. All winners shown here are in chronological order. Timestamps are included.

0:00 – Best Family Game
0:21 – Innovation in Accessibility
0:43 – Best eSports Athlete
1:00 – Best eSports Coach
1:17 – Best eSports Event
1:43 – Best eSports Game
2:03 – Best eSports Team
2:15 – Content Creator of the Year
2:35 – Best Performance
3:36 – Best Narrative
4:13 – Best Debut Indie
5:00 – Best Action Game
5:19 – Best Art Direction
5:38 – Best VR/AR
5:56 – Best Mobile Game
6:15 – Best Audio Design
6:50 – Games for Impact
7:28 – Best Score & Music
7:47 – Best Independent Game
8:03 – Best Community Support
8:19 – Best Fighting Game
8:39 – Most Anticipated Game
9:00 – Best Ongoing Game
9:51 – Best Adaptation
10:28 – Best Action/Adventure Game
11:06 – Best RPG
11:23 – Best Sim/Strategy
11:39 – Best Sports/Racing
11:58 – Best Multiplayer
12:14 – Players’ Voice
12:34 – Best Game Direction
13:11 – Game of the Year


  1. Best fighting game award goes to street fighter,hell nahhh😢' MK1 deserve that award .

  2. The fact that Spiderman 2 didn’t win but Baldurs and Alan did.
    Shows this was entirely rigged for sales.

  3. I was really hoping for marvels spiderman 2 to win game of the year.. it really was amazing

  4. The crowd when they heard Evo 2023, then the disappointment when Evo didn't win. That hurt my soul.

  5. Thank you for this bro the game awards was literally just talking and music and not showing the awards

  6. Dang. Haven’t seen Syndee Goodman in awhile

  7. Congrats AC6! You deserve the big leagues like your older brother, Ace Combat!

  8. I need the score separately to listen to when doing stuff. The orchestra was phenomenal! At some point my attention was solely focused on the flute guy, I was vibing with him, what a Goat.
    Congrats Larian! Very well deserved.

  9. Idk why I even watch these the game awards are just as lame as the grammys

  10. The voting was rigged

    This would’ve been Fair if the government handled the vote properly rather than adding dead bodies as a vote

  11. Happy for the winners! Although, I feel like Spiderman 2 deserved at least one award. That game was phenomenal. But almost every game was in Baldurs Gate 3s shadow lmao

  12. Why was resident evil 4 remake not even important? Its the greatest game this year & one of the greatest games ever created

  13. Totk didn't win game of the year, how disappointing 😞It deserved so much more

  14. Insomniac deserved some of those awards. I guess they have to come back harder and deliver bigger and better and stuff that will blow peoples minds away

  15. Happy that Baldur’s Gate 3 got some love. But damn I’m seeing some negative feedback by people who probably don’t play Dungeons and Dragons

  16. It is still an actual crime that Bomb Rush Cyberpunk did not even get nominated for Best Score & Music. As much as I liked Hi-Fi Rush and Baldor's Gate 3, the least impressive thing about Baldor's Gate was the music. Same with Legend of Zelda

  17. Hmm I m starting to think builders whatever3 might be a good game

  18. whoever voted against party animals is a damn criminal & never played… BECAUSE MARIO OVER THAT IS A LACK OF CHARACTER.

  19. Glad good game sequels weren't winning a whole lot like Zelda and Spiderman. Rewards should be for the most deserving where risks were taken to change familiar formulas. Don't get me wrong those games are no doubt really good but you can't be applauded twice for reusing an already established formula.

  20. who the hell are those content creators

  21. Im kinda confused, pizza tower didn't win, Fortnite didn't win best ongoing game EVEN THOUGH Fortnite OG was going on? WHAT ALTERNATIVE TIMELINE ARE WE IN WTF

  22. TOTK should have won not that wannabe DandD😭 Oh well, still was up there at the top though. And rightfully won best action game (although I feel bad for Spider-Man 2 because that was goted as well. 😓)

  23. Spiderman 3 get ready for a huge bright new gameplay

  24. God I wish AC6 got nominated for more than 1 category, great show nonetheless!

  25. As a Cyberpunk 2077 fan, i'm glad we keep our mouths shut and won

  26. Street fighter 6 best game of fighting?
    Mortal Kombat 1 is it for decoration?

  27. Why is nobody talking about the fact that Spiderman 2, the game that literally BROKE INTERNET didn't get even 1 PRIZE ?

  28. I'm just happy Destiny 2 didn't win Community Support. That one's gotta sting for the Bungie execs

  29. content creator of the year candidates was weak.

  30. some of these were bogus but other than that it was nice

  31. I'm gonna be honest, I love BG3 but the multiplayer experience sucks, I don't know how it won the multiplayer award, for sure better multiplayer games were released this year, I guess these awards are just popularity contests

  32. The orchestra on that game of the year medley was fantastic. Bravo! Thanks for keeping that whole performance in the video 😁

  33. The fact Spider Man 2 didn't get a single award is a crime

  34. F the haters

    Cyberpunk is the best game regardless of story

    F the story

    Best looking game I've seen next to baldurs gate 3

  35. Yuri lost for wearing that mask what a twat

  36. GTA VI is gonna sweep the "Most Anticipated Game" Category next year.

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