I embark on a journey as a solo flame stalker I hope you guys enjoy my story!

Day of Dragons is an online creature survival game set in a large, sandbox open world.
Platform(s) Windows PC (Steam)
Genres: Role-playing game, Indie game, Early Access, Massively Multiplayer, Simulation, SurvivalGames, MultiplayerSurvival, Multiplayerdragons



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  1. ngl this game looks empty and the whole map seems to be the same biome and trees

  2. great video. For me the fire kind of needs something more. It kind of reminds me of a little water gun

  3. Game needs some human villages and farms and all that

  4. doesn't look like much has improved to be honest

  5. Wow this game is cool, can you play again soon?

  6. His slogan should be not early in the stage of growth 😂

  7. I’ve never seen this game but I like what I’ve seen so far

  8. What is it with these new game devs & designers and having zero physics engines or functional combat systems? Its honestly embarassing to see all these games with #CasperPhysics #CasperCombat Hit boxes. Its unforgiveable.

    Vs how much time & money goes into these and apparently the last thing in the #PriorityList is to design and code is the physics engine? LMAO
    A bit A$$ Backwards? #theIsle #Evirma #DayOfDragons ETC.ETC.ETC.

    No wonder people question the legitimacy of games like this or get pissed when they realise how S@%# the physics are.

  9. I think the flight needs improving, like when a dragon flies it's wings go straight and aren't 100% of the time flapping, just riding the wind currents like flying a reptiles did during the dinosaur times.

  10. Killed the same guy twice lol. Or is there just generic skins ?

  11. It's a mentality thing I lack. Some people play dead way too soon.

  12. Thank you for reminding me never to play this clan game. I'll stick to the Isle

  13. I remember playing this in the early stages it’s so different now

  14. Umm I think if you dont want to pull up you have to go faster

  15. These dragon designs aren't very serpent like. Reminds me more of dogs with wings. Cool game play though

  16. I did that with the water and an asd attacked me, a friend had to save me

  17. Yeah flame stalkers are very hard to grow. Mushrooms do little as an adult or juvenile +, hunger n thirst drop is just so intense. I think you're right about the flying mechanics, I think its easy personally because i've gotten used to the sharp movements needed. ASDs are something you always have to be on edge about, landing on ground in those birch forests is almost a death sentence. Can trust almost nobody on dod! I am happy to see you've played this. Air combat is very fun, though the fire is a little bit awkward to land a hit. I do like playing ss and asd to blast people out the sky, I seem to be pretty skilled at that!

    As always, love your videos n enjoy watching you grow these. Reminds me i should get back on some of these games. I feel like the isle evrima has put me off with the locked camera when you eat/drink now. Anyway- thanks for the great content!

  18. What colors are the sents again I forgot and bc I forgot I've been too scared to resume playing I can't find enough food to level up enough to defend myself

  19. this game seems good but everyone seems so clicky and it doesn't seem like anyone would have a good time solo playing.

  20. they should really add some larger prey because just to eat bugs is boring. As you get bigger you should be required to hunt for bigger prey.

  21. they should also make it where if you breathe fire it actually affects the environment like setting trees on fire.

  22. Could you imagine the amount of forest fires you'd have from real life Dragon's 😂

  23. Back when the isle was global chat it was total chaos. AI is also needed.

  24. As a pvp game like the isle this game is pretty bad right now.. But on the RP / PVE servers the games actually pretty fun. people helping new players get food / find water. everyone hanging around POIs talking with each other, trying to get new skins and better stats, The PVE aspect of this game is pretty promissing with bosses and more AI on the horizon. looking forward to it. but if you're expecting a isle type game gonna be dissapointed since clans pretty much rule the world and theres not much a solo can do to stop that right now.

  25. It would be cool if you could attack a village and then have to fight of knights attempting to kill you.

  26. The isle but with dragons :0
    I wanna play this now too 😀

  27. This game is run by like 2-3 big clans that bully solo players, and they're a big reason why this game hasn't grown in popularity.

  28. Aye thats my friend Grimstrider hes hella good at this game hes in my clan to GHOUL hehe

  29. And that shiny is Grimstrider lol You messed up big time there A++ stats

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