The Infamous Story Of The Failed Reddit Dragon MMO

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For the longest time, the phrase ‘science-based, 100% dragon MMO’ has lived in my head rent free. It originates from a post to the r/gaming subreddit made all the way back in 2012, which quickly rose to viral popularity for it’s overambitious scope, rudimentary art and silly premise. And that’s where I thought the story ended… until I took a deeper look into the post and uncovered it’s Deep Lore. Today let’s take a look at the true story behind the Reddit dragon MMO with game plans, rarely seen concept art, and even a long-buried website. Experience the future of entertainment at digital circus character kaufmo – an online extravaganza that pushes the boundaries of digital innovation. Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of creativity, where technology and art unite to create a spectacle like no other.

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  1. This whole fancy words of geometry, chemistry,..etc is not new..botw and ginshin impact has the same fancy mechanic.. It needs at least a high spects pc to run this mess and unfortunately there were no thoughts went into coding it. Sure you can get the blueprint, but what’s the point of a game if it was too generic and glitches are bound to happen. If she went with a style like cartoony and made the whole thing simple with breedings are only when a certain age(stones,..etc) is needed or special ones when getting a mission done, player gets random breeds with simple environments it would help reduce the stress and it will run on an ipad ig.
    I mean it’s not for an iPhone with no base the game is only a drawing and some 3D heads… so I draw anything and make money.

  2. I believe that "Imgur" is indeed meant to be pronounced "imager", but tbh I didn't even notice your pronunciation until your pointed it out – so many people at this point have admitted to pronouncing it imgur in various r/confession posts that it might as well be canon

  3. Happy year of the dragon 2024 everyone 😅🐉

  4. Science based, 100% (x) is how i want to describe everything now.

  5. I would 100% play the beak-dragon, too, because that thing looks AWESOME.

  6. "Hello guys I don't like the car I am driving so I decided to make my own car. Is there a tutorial for it? It will be a fully electric SUV that is going to be faster than competition while being comfy" 4:36

  7. I know the exact how to draw dragons book she learned from, because I had a dragon obsessed ex who owned the same book.

  8. Do you have any idea how much 12/13 year old me would have LOVED THIS?

  9. This chick wanted dwarf fortress level depth without the decades of development

  10. Ok hear me out here, if you have sex with an adult dragon played by a 12-year-old, is that pedophile behavior?

  11. What I'd do is make it so having a new dragon baby is how you level up. And there's a timeskip until adulthood.

  12. This just made me think that there are probably countless people with a legitimately amazing game idea who simply don't have the development skills to make it come to life.

  13. If you're looking for a Dragon MMO, a little known and older MMO, called Istaria Chronicles of the Gifted gives you the choice to play as a dragon hatchling and as you level up you can become an Ancient and fly. It's a fun game with a nice community.

  14. I hope the lady found her way into the business or something akin to make use of her creative mind.
    This turning into a game was just never happening and any sort of mild critism posts to point this out are fine. However this seems pretty good fun as a mock game sort of mental exercise; you know, building the concept, making some of the art to just have fun with the pretend game.
    If you had fun letting your pipe dream live on for a while; then it was not time wasted.

  15. Reminds me a lot of the actual real-world browser game Flight Rising. Feels like OP's concept would have functioned 1,000 times better as a site like that, with collectable PNG dragons rather than as a 3D MMO.

    Honestly if anyone watching this video feels a tiny sense of disappointment that this game was never made (because they would have wanted to play it themselves), check out Flight Rising. It's a cool game centered around genetics and dragon breeding, it has an intriguing world full of uniquely evolved intelligent fantasy species alongside standardfare Earth critters, and has a pretty substantial and active fanbase!

  16. Hearing you talk about those notebooks of game development you had as a kid reminded me of a game my friend and I (at that point 10 years old) were convinced we were gonna create. It was called “gorilla world” and it was pretty much the sims, but of course, with gorillas…?
    We had tons and tons of notebooks with plans for exactly how the game would work, what you would be able tot do and how. I don’t remember much but I do remember the only clothes you could wear were diapers and you lived in tree houses.
    Absolute banger game

  17. Saw a kickstarter video about a dinosaur MMO and this was the first meme that came to mind.
    Thank you for helping turn my brain into cheese.

  18. While I absolute love Dragon City and still play it at times, I'm just saying don't post yourself searching for friends at their facebook fan-page, it's full of predators there. I just became a predator magnet of much older men when I was 19 just asking friends for Dragon City not so long time ago.
    I didn't take them serious at first as I tried to troll and mess with them but they just didn't give a single f and didn't get angry as they were really determent to take advantage on me and were damn hopeless to make fun of that it wasn't even funny anymore. Predators really are immune by snooty kids' notorious obnoxious behavior in a really bad sick twisted way, in fact I think they are turned on by such annoyance.
    They kept asking me pictures and private life which I just replied with a bunch of trollfaces and smoking Jesus flipping the bird holding a wine glass (can't find that image anymore), Pepe the frog but it just flew over their heads.
    I accidentally insulted a dirty foreign orthodox or catholic christian old man's religion without knowing that since he didn't triggered by my blasphemy stating my surname is Jesus-ef-Christ and polygamously married to both England and God. Looking at his facebook page he seemed to have wife and family and kept posting Bible verses while following questionable people such as extremely scantly clad women. Well I think he knows that he's going to hell for his sins.
    There was few old men sending me pictures of such scantly clad women and asked me to send them a picture of me do and wear the same as these women but I instead took these images in a photo editing software and photoshopped them onto cursed images of old men like themselves and sent them back to them. I photoshoped one of these sicko's face onto the girl he sent to me. None of the old men cared and kept asking for more pictures. I kept trolling and they got what they asked for but I actually think they think they would be one day lucky to get some genuine pics like some kind of slot machine so they just never give up.
    Then it becomes really creepy when they started to call me in the middle of the night through the messenger that I finally decided to block these sickos.
    I only managed to get three normal people who played Dragon City with me from that facebook post at the fan-page. Since then I never trusted people coming to me on Facebook so I instead ask people who don't seems like creeps through my friends instead, kinda like a cat.

  19. I would be really ashamed to first introduce an ambitious project with immaturely basic shapes rendered as if they are finished and confusing writing.
    Yes, the basic 3D shapes by themselves are just only a beginning of actually starting making the game than just drawings but it's nothing you should start presenting your project with other people. That will be the first thing people will think and judge you on without context. People would think that's all you can and would be harder to find people willing to work with you other than maybe even less talented naive people who only can do such basic shapes.
    I'm also not a native english speaker, do write sloppily and keep makes many mistakes throughout but I would be very much careful when publicly announcing my project or finished work.
    Otherwise the project by itself could be quiet potential.
    However even I have hard time trying to think realistically to properly organize a project from start to finish without just dreaming away with only concepts. Although I do have health problems with things like insomnia.

  20. I know it's been years but I'll never get over people laughing about "science-based" and "dragon mmo." Sci-fi is still science-based, and they clearly intended to ground their fantasy with scientific explanations. We don't need to keep science out of fantasy or fantasy out of science, the two aren't mutually exclusive. Look at Star Wars of all things. Let the geeks be nerds, let the nerds be geeks.

  21. finding out the creator goes by he/him now and makes furry nsfw was not the whiplash i was expecting but here i am

  22. Funny too how this game sort of exists now. Life just is weird like that, i guess. (Day of Dragons. Start as baby, eat shit, grow, fly around…. no evolution tho, but different dragon types)

  23. Indie company trying to make an MMO is a widely repeated phrase right before everything goes horribly wrong.

    MMOs are hard to make, its expensive and a ton of work and never a good idea for a indie company, especially as their first major release

  24. Whe i was a little thumb sucking little BABY i had an idea for a linear pixel based game that would have the player running on these enormous monsters or
    Dragons or whatever, and the better you did in the stage, the easier the fight against that same monster you were just walking on would be.

    Then i found monster hunter, which was essentially what i was imagining but better and i played that instead

  25. Honestly the genetics stuff sounds kinda like the system they had in spore, with unlocking new body parts and "gene points"

  26. It's supposed to be "imager" not emguhr, but I say it the same way because it's a dumb name. If I wanted a gif with a j, I'd have bought a damn jar of peanut butter.

    Edit: Damn, that comment and -26 from op is so poetic. It's a shame people downvoted it. I like their attitude. Don't be sad something is over, be glad you enjoyed the time doing it.

  27. Thank you for this exploration into something I'd completely forgotten about. I saw this post as a teenager and remember seeing the full imgur album at the time! I've changed so much since then, would love to know how the OP changed too c:

  28. I just stumbled on your channel today. I love how you discuss the creator with such respect, instead of going for the usual 'ew, cringe' route. That's so sweet and wholesome! It was a refreshing take on some internet drama that I wasn't expecting!

  29. Garfield is the only thing i took away from this video

  30. The dragon sponsor with a dhar man dragon is pretty cringe 😅 love your vids regardless

  31. 22:01 "Ranging from animalistic to dinosaur-like" That's one hell of a sentence, Izzzyzzz, I can feel my brain ridges smoothing out💀

  32. Projects I've sorked on?
    Well I'm working on an server creation tool for Windows, since i was too lazy to type still the hole time.
    Still working on it and writing guides.

  33. This should totally be an actual game someday, MISSED OPPORTUNITY!!?? The art is genuinely awesome

  34. Breeding with other players is quite the game lmfao

  35. Really interesting story, and I kinda have to agree a little bit with the people saying it at least looks a lot like karma/traction bait. Seriously, the title (and the bullet points one person listed up) really DOES sound like something, a mediocre AI what cook up if the job was "create a viral reddit post about an in development indie game" today.

  36. Good to see someone else did the free zone flying in Spyro, that one level is like all I remember lol

  37. Dude I wish I could make a game that was like. Wobbledogs but dragons and using actual dominate/recessive genes and breeding.
    Basically kinda close to what this op wanted except without nearly as much complex world building.
    I just like the idea of keeping track of family trees and genetics and also I like dragons. But a normal game is already hard to code and I can imagine a game that would have to run all sorts of calculations for outcomes would be even harder.

  38. Please, internet. It’s pronounced “Imager”

  39. I’d drag my nuts through volcanic glass while fighting a bear with my hands tied behind my back just to high five izzzyzzz

  40. So, how did the t-rex get the other dinosaur's skull on top of its head?

  41. Wait, it's real? I just thought it was a shitpost

  42. This is the epitome of why as a programmer I'm very picky about the people I work with. Everybody has a great idea but nobody's willing to study why it's never been done. Nobody's willing to learn the limitations behind making a game. They all just want me to listen to their brilliant idea that nobody has ever possibly thought of before.

    I mean the word dynamic should be recognized as a AAA problem. Dynamic anything is incredibly hard to build.

  43. honestly, this just seems like someone having fun infodumping about a project that may or may not ever come to fruition but that they've really enjoyed working on. I'm here for it.

  44. Am i getting Mandela Effected or wasn’t there a dragon game where you start as a baby?

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