The Infamous Story Of The Failed Reddit Dragon MMO

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For the longest time, the phrase ‘science-based, 100% dragon MMO’ has lived in my head rent free. It originates from a post to the r/gaming subreddit made all the way back in 2012, which quickly rose to viral popularity for it’s overambitious scope, rudimentary art and silly premise. And that’s where I thought the story ended… until I took a deeper look into the post and uncovered it’s Deep Lore. Today let’s take a look at the true story behind the Reddit dragon MMO with game plans, rarely seen concept art, and even a long-buried website. Experience the future of entertainment at digital circus character kaufmo – an online extravaganza that pushes the boundaries of digital innovation. Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of creativity, where technology and art unite to create a spectacle like no other.

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  1. I never got to actually download Unity (I did watch some tutorials though), but my biggest game development experiments were downloading RPG Maker XP and the Pokemon Essentials kit. Made a lot of first Pokemon towns and first gyms.

  2. I lose it when she started to search a name for the world lol

  3. omgg just like the song dragons blood by melanie martinez

  4. The strand of hair next to her mouth was soooo distracting. >_< Interesting vid tho

  5. Amen for spilling the truth at 28:00 🙌🏼 that’s what we’re all here for

  6. Honestly? Making concept art for an absurdly complex media project that you want to make but know will never materialize is good for the soul. Cool hair, btw.

  7. ill never forget my childhood video game idea called "paper thin" witch was like a mix of fran bow and night in the woods it had spin off games in my head deeper mysterys to be solved i used to dream in class about matpat making theorys about it lol

  8. this is like one of the most beautiful and thoughtful worldbuilding concepts i've ever seen,

  9. I wanted to make a Movie where I played a kid who won a contest to spend a Day With SpongeBob Squarepants, I unluckily had some blunders and people still talk about it

  10. The fact you made a meme for the hypothetical fan response to a game that doesn't exist was so weird, I really felt like I was living in that timeline.

  11. 29:31 me and a friend talk about a fighting game with our ocs (similar to smash bros). we both know it will never happen but its fun to talk about.

    me and another friend talk abt a crossover story game(all the characters from our interests being the cast). we both know it will never happen for legal and sanity reasons but again its fun to talk about.

  12. This reminds me immensely of Flight Rising, which is a dragon game based on passing down genetic traits to multiple generations of dragons. While it isn't as immense as the project's idea, it's interesting to see that something with a sinilar concept came around later on.

  13. Back in 2020, AKA my Danganronpa phase, I was certain I could develop this fan-made game called "Flowers." You played as pre-game Kokichi, and you'd have to cheer up other people by giving them a flower. However, by doing this, you would lose more of your flowers and grow more and more depressed. Over time Kokichi gets incredibly upset, and eventually, everything just goes downhill for him.

    I was 12 and edgy, ok? 💀

  14. Was looking up some unity info on reddit and it led me to the science based 100% dragons. It's been a while, still just as good reading it as i remember. Deeper diving led me here though. Whole thing is really well done, i like your style of deep dives on obscure shit, my kinda jam ⭐⭐+3subs⭐⭐🎆🎆🎆🎆
    -I was wincing with the way imgr was being pronounced, but the correction later on made me laugh.

  15. "This is very fitting with this entire video- you'll see why later, but you can breed two dragons together"
    O h n o .

  16. since you're a dragon nerd, you might already know about it, but go check out the game "draconia". It's got a ways to go still, but hopefully it continues the journey and doesn't make it to a downfall video.

  17. Izzyz did you ever read wings of fire as a kid? if so you should make a video on it

  18. Honestly i think an mmo would be the WORST way to go about a game with a focus on genetics.
    Genetic/breeder games (i hate calling them that) have been a major interest for me due to a having a special interest in genetics (it stemmed from that one matpat video fun fact) and I personally believe that those styles of games are better without the multiplayer aspect. I've played a few mmos with that feature and they tend to not be as good to a single player game in that category (My example is wobbledogs, while a bit sillier than what she was talking about I think the two are similar in the genetics based gameplay)

  19. Never even attempr making an mmo. Unless you're a huge company, like, really huge, in which case it's still a bad idea. Just don't.

  20. Very cool concept she had. But ahe clearly has no idea of the scope of the project. I've worked for a few game dev studios some very large some very small. And people who aren't versed in the dev side of things have no idea how much work goes into games. Its not just the art but design, programming, and logic.

    She should take this concept and make a tabletop board game or RPG game.

  21. This is why I end up zoning out at many worldbuilding projects. Some bloke spends so much time on the quartz varieties of their desert that they forget to show what the player actually does. All the players see is a bloke behind a curtain moving numbers and concepts they don't have a use for.

    A game about a dragon-inhabited world would be fun but I would like to know what dragons do all day. Not the geological history of the starter beach we're on.

  22. I really like the concept art. It sounds like this game was gonna have the level of detail that a game like Caves of Qud or Dwarf Fortress has, but those games can get away with it because they're mostly text-based. I can imagine it being an "MMO" that was mainly text-based multi-user dungeons and chat rooms, where people would do mini-games or challenges to progress the profile of their dragon, which other players would be able to view, and which would have had a bunch of procedurally generated information tied to it based on the dragon's species, location in the world, and so on. And maybe it would have generated a unique appearance for your dragon based on all of that info, too, resulting in some wild dragons with different apendages and styles.

    I think Reddit probably just massively misunderstood the scope and design of the game. I think something like the above could still be really cool.

  23. I like the models but I think interms of using them for a game, it would depend on the topology and baking. They seem very detailed so there would have to be care put into the topology and bake process. Most likely quite low poly, but I'm not familiar with the two engines that they specifically mentioned (I model for unreal). Clearly they are textured, most likely through Zbrush, but it really would depend on how many polys you can afford for the model. I'd also be concerned with the poly count and texture size of the environment- most likely having to use distance based texutring techniques.
    These are all concerns solely based from an primitive art perspective and that makes me totally agree that trying to make a game SEEMS a lot easier than it is. Thinking make models-> use models is super short cutting and gonna get you in trouble later for sure.

    People also seem to really overestimate the amount that youtube and tutorials can help you. Yes you can learn everything you need but how do those pieces fit together? How do you troubleshoot? How do you know what to look up if you don't even have the most basic understanding of code?

    I'm rlly happy games have become so accessible! I wouldn't be here otherwise!! But unfortunately I think the dedication and comitment that goes into it gets undercut a lot since everything is so available :/

  24. It might be "im-jur," but idk why it would be "im-uh-jur" given the lack of a vowel between the m and the g. Personally I've always pronounced it "im-gur" because, y'know, that's how it's spelled, but I'm open to being wrong.

  25. hey! as someone whos super interested in using game engines and making stuff like that… can i rip your idea bit for bit of making like an immersive dragon sim? i think theres actually sooooo much that can be done with that

  26. Not sure if you're still looking for that flying dragon game, but Day of Dragons is still pretty early one, has all those lovely flight mechanics you wanted though. Nice video!

  27. I encountered few games like this but with dinosaurs.

  28. Really does remind me of a project a friend of mine was working on for like their entire life alone. They made new languages, alien worlds with deep lore, by hand artwork, and entire timelines for plot and how things connect. They wrote a single book and published it and although it was good enough that they had fans for the book immediately, they even married a fan that came from Europe to meet them. No matter how much people push them though they wont write another book. They just freeze and won't do it.

  29. Sad this game never came to be, but we all have spore!

  30. 4:51 there IS a game like that, it's called Day of Dragons on steam!

  31. okay fuck the topic YOUR HAIR IS AMAZING IN THIS VIDEO

  32. It is an obscure random internet post from years ago or a widely know infamous piece of internet history. Pick a lane.

  33. Sooooo have you heard about the shitstorm that was/is Day of Dragons game?

  34. don't they say the journey is more important than the destination?

  35. Are we not gonna talk about how the end of this upload's URL is "ODE"?

    A very nice "ODE" to these types of projects, thank you!

  36. My first thought was that you looked like a pack of those glitter gel pens exploded.

  37. people really need to get comfortable with the words "heacanons" and "fiction" and "hey you wanna hear about my dragon breeding ocs" again


  39. If you're interested in games that have a free flying mechanic, consider playing Sky: Children of the Light– It's developed by the same company behind Journey!

  40. I feel like the parent/baby part of the game or raising dragonettes would be that you randomly get generated as a certain type of dragon and randomly spawned to the most recent pair of players that decided to breed, from then on you could age up and learn different skills, ways to hunt, ect. (Edit: You could have save slots to keep progressing on other life's you have been working on so you dont have to start a new life. Also there could be account creation so progress would be saved and you could use save slots.

  41. It might be a pipe dream, I've been told that it is by numerous people, and I do hope to never let it go.. but I have a book in the works that really is one of my largest ever passion projects.

    It also has dragons and "science" so clearly we know what drew me to this video. x3

    Like you said in this video, I personally also find these kinds of projects highly intriguing, so I started my own.. and I know it can be so cringy to some people, but I thrive on it.. and have found some real genuine fun and made new friends through the process.

    But seriously, it's a very extensive project, massively so in fact.. far far far more than I could chew normally, and likely could take me many years to complete with intricate and deep lore.

    I have events set thousands of years from one another, hundreds of years of collective happenings and magical developments, hundreds of characters both major and minor as well as various species and an entire magic system written up for it, in concept.

    It acts as my safe space, my ever present "pot on the back burner" so to speak.. every now and then I crack it back open and pull the proverbial book off the shelf to have a flip through it, edit, or add something new.

    I often explore it in my mind to see if the stories still hold up all these years later, all the way from the blackstone pyramid city of "Featheroost" to the forgotten tragedy of a port town called "Fisherstail" to the crumbling ruins of ancient Avian monasteries.. I've memorized every inch, and my goals are simply to let others explore it too.. someday.

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