The King of Dragon Ball Games

Is Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta the face of every single Dragon Ball game ever released?

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  1. Big bang is a hold button to power up beam attack. It's always going to be a slow attack. But in sparking mode you can make it a part of a combo, making it fire faster.

  2. Vegito >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  3. For me, ssj4 Gogeta has always been a character that was the peak of power back before super existed and the games definitely made it so that fighting against, with, or as him made it clear he was a trump card that would change the game. Still remember training with him in Ultimate tenkaichi for his supers and ultimate and slaving for hours

  4. The 2000s face of the games was definitely super saiyan 4 gogeta

  5. Obviously the face of the games is hercule

  6. I'd say Gogeta SS4, he came out in legends as a legends limited. And the guy is still cracked today

  7. Sadly this will be better than sparking zero because it has 2 player

  8. I cannot recall a single game in which cell isnt really good.

  9. To me… I'd say its Kid buu. That lil piece of crap has been a nightmare in hard difficulty in story mode across many db games.
    But if i have to pick a "face" of db games. I'd say its Gogeta SSJ4 my man is just HIM (in the games not the show with all due respect)

  10. Either SSj4 Gogeta or SSj Goku, I remember walking into the stores seeing them all over the place

  11. ref!! nouva's cheating with that instant transmission

  12. The face of the games is the announcer for the tournament

  13. From Budokai 2 on up kid buu was programmed to stress you out lol

  14. How did you get 20 pages of parallel quests. I only have 7 pages on the latest version of bt4

  15. nah Vegeta is the face of every single DB Game. bro Rhyme scream get it every time XD someone dub it too Tom voices

  16. SS4 Gogeta by FAR dude's been a beast since day 1

  17. I just want to say that the moment i clicked this video. Im exactly the 34,000 viewer. Lol

  18. Rhyme is gonna be a menace in Sparking Zero when it comes out

  19. For me broly and full power perfect cell and gogeta ssj in ragging blast 2 hard mode

  20. You charge the your attack until the right time then when you let go you should do a flash hit that goes thru blocked attacks it dont work if you get countered.

  21. the answer is, it's strong in everygame it exist. also what settings you use on emulator? it's so clean without the weird artifacts (unless you're using a ps2 scaler)

  22. We all know that Mr Satan is him. He can trick even the smartest and most powerful people with his present that can explode aka his dick in a box

  23. When you said the shadow dragons are incredibly busted and they are basically every game

  24. Who’s the face of Dragon Ball games? Future/Time Patrol Trunks. Without a doubt.

    If the game features Trunks in the story any way, you know the story of the game isn’t going to be a rehash of the original Dragon Ball story and therefore will catch your attention until it’s over. (Not to knock DBZ:Kakkarot though cuz the graphics are awesome and that game works amazingly as an intro title.)

  25. I wonder if BT4 has the Unique Ssj5 color for Gogeta

  26. Janemba

    Every. Single. Fucking. Game.

    Bro always has teleports, sword normals, beam ultimate/lvl3
    Raging blast 2 janemba is a MENACE

  27. As I always say, it's not a real Dragon Ball experience until a SS4 Gogeta Big Bangs you.

  28. Super Saiyan 4 gogeta will always be that guy for me and every single dragon Ball game he's in

  29. And peopleo say dino Is the best iDiot at bt3 lmao

  30. Rhyme: "We still at blue health looking good..''
    Nuova: "Hold my beer"

  31. Nah u were eating at 20:0520:28

    Update. I'm watching this as I'm commenting and u destroyed at the end lol

  32. How is just plain Goku not the face of every DB game? If Goku isn't you're answer, You're opinion is wrong.

  33. I hope the in sparking zero that recovery isn't attacthed to the block button so you don't end up mashing block or not being able to time vanishes

  34. My pick for games has gotta be Ultimate Gohan. Dude was always a super good pick. Maybe more back in the day

  35. they changed 100x big bang kamehameha in the mod to a rush move yo

  36. As long as Kid Buu got sleep health regeneration he gon always be cheesy. SS4 Gogeta in his own damn lame tho nobody fuckin wit him in the games.

  37. Hankgeta: We are all here trainin' and whatnot and then theres that Gohan over there just readin' books. That boy aint right i tell ya hwat

  38. In order to win against these demons you have to be more aggressive when their key is low , even if you are bit higher than them you must be aggressive so they don't have the ki advantage. You got to focus less on charging your ki with every scuffle and kick his ass. Ki advantage always plays a huge factor on hardest difficulty. CPU has no skill besides just having more ki than you. The more ki the more of a challenge.

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