The King of Dragon Ball Games

Is Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta the face of every single Dragon Ball game ever released?

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  1. pls next fight majin vegeta or zamasu/black

  2. Trunks, he will always be number one.(And don’t forget Android 17)

  3. Not so much a character i think is cracked, but more a character ive always hated playing against more than anyone else. Omega Shenron. I was so happy when they decided to add a character from GT to FighterZ and we got Baby Vegeta. I was so worried that we would get Omega and hed be the only baddy. Sucks we only got ine, but I never expected theyd actually choose him over Omega. Now I just want Majin Vegeta hahaha

  4. "In what universe does that hit me?!"

    Universe 7

  5. Please hit me damn it was so fucking funny I started to cry because I laughed so hard

  6. Yeah ssj4 gogeta for me but kid buu and ssj2 teen gohan a close second

  7. 2:37 does anyone know how to do this on the ps2 version of tenkaichi 3. The CPU always does this when you rush in and it’s so annoying and you basic miss most attacks if someone rushes you when they do this so I’d like to know myself ?

  8. anyone else see this and think it was a yugioh king of games pun

  9. Day 9 of probably the fastest click in my entire life

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