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The longest video I’ve ever done, and hopefully worth the decade wait. I said at 1 million subs I would do a Caddicarus Spyro review since 2012, and now the time has come – but over the years it has gone from a Spyro Trilogy retrospective to a single video about all the classic Spyro games to a Spyro Reignited comparison to Spyro PS1 talking about all the differences, but with my current Caddy style, I had to make this one bigger and better, especially for a million subscriber special, so here we are with a complete history of Spyro as we look at every single Spyro game from the original Spyro PS1 gameplay to Spyro Enter the Dragonfly PS2 gameplay to ALL of the Spyro GBA gameplay from Season of Ice to Spyro Orange walkthrough, to Spyro A Hero’s Tail review and Spyro Shadow Legacy review with the Spyro Nintendo DS game, to the entire Legend of Spyro Trilogy from A New Beginning up until Dawn of the Dragon review on the Xbox 360 and even up until Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure review without Skylanders Crash Bandicoot gameplay this time – we’re going back to the original and seeing how it holds up. No PS4 Spyro Reignited Trilogy review here with Spyro Reignited Trilogy gameplay and sadly no Enter the Dragonfly Remastered stuff which I’ve heard a lot about – this is mainly a look at Spyro gameplay, Spyro 2 review with Spyro 2 gameplay, Spyro 3 review with Spyro 3 gameplay all via my original PlayStation copies, alongside the Gameboy Advance Spyro GBA games and the rest. I did used to play Reignited Trilogy PS4 Pro but nowadays I use the Steam and Reignited Trilogy PC gameplay version – did you guys know it runs better on the Steam Deck than on the PS4? Yeah, Spyro Reignited Trilogy Steam Deck. What an age we live in.

Watch more comedy game reviews like my Spyro review on my channel! | Caddicarus

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  1. I feel like that melted plastic smells like cancer

  2. 2:11:12 I unironicly had this costume. Ate it or something but still…

  3. dude ur channel is really really good I wish u got more subscribers.

  4. having followed you since 2012, the existence of this video feels very weird

  5. It feels so alien to see Scott Wozniak without his blue outline.
    59:08 Caddy, can we talk? I almost crapped the hardest I ever crapped in my life from laughter. 🤣

    Plus the edits on your face were terrifying. ..You’re.. welcome? I never knew I was gonna have nightmares for the rest of my life when I first subscribed.
    But in all seriousness, this video was very enjoyable to watch, it was quite hilarious (and sometimes messed up) given the fact that it went through 4 months of ACTUAL production, and 10 years of constant teasing. Big congrats on the big million! 🎉

  6. Skylanders spyro's adventure is just like crash of the titans but spyro and can't jump

  7. As a skylanders friend this is the best skylanders take I've ever heard

  8. 8:07 i KNEW i had seen the XP orbs from Minecraft somewhere else years before it was a part of Minecraft!

  9. Someone get this man a copy of the Spyro game McDonald's was handing out like 20 years ago

  10. Moneybags is a round bellend – caddicaris 2022

  11. Spyro 1 is the best because of the lack of annoying minigames.

  12. Wow I didn't think you'd defend Treetops.

  13. as someone who loves skylanders (especially spyros adventure) i agree with everything you said

  14. Okay that explains why in my Ripto's Rage LP that I had the Super Flame Breath from the start. I thought it was a broken glitch or something.

  15. hit the 9 key for instant caddi pain… or don't cause why would you wish that upon him you MONSTER!

  16. New cash bannoca game caddy I love your videos

  17. I’m genuinely curious what would have happened if you put one of the melted sky landers on the portal

  18. YESSS! FINALLY! I've waited a decade to know your opinion on Hero's Tail. It is honestly my personal favorite Spyro game next to Riptos Rage, and it always blows my mind that some people think it's bad. It's literally one of my top 10 all time favorite games. Its such a fleshed out experience outside of the final boss. Im sorry to be gushing over it, I just feel kinda isolated when I tell people I love it. Lol

  19. Funnily enough, the 3DS version of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure has a double jump for all characters, as well as a dash. The 3DS version also requires less variety of characters to complete it, only 6 figurines of different types are needed to complete the game IIRC. It's also a fairly short game, so short it could probably be completed within a day. Spyro unfortunately still looks like a gecko mixed with a purebred pug. If anyone wants to pick up a Skylanders game, I'd say go for the 3DS version.

  20. Enjoying Dotd more than tEN? How boldly incorrect.

  21. I like you, but your act stresses me out. It feels like you’re on the constant verge of a breakdown.
    And yes this is a me problem and not a caddi problem

  22. I dont know any of the cameos at 2:18:14, but what I do know is the guy in the yellow in row 2 column 3 is playing with a Lewa Bionicle. And that's 👌

  23. This was worth the wait and seeing your sanity gradually decline fills me with joy

  24. This is first video i have seen by them and they’re funni

    WHO ARE YOU!!!?!?

  26. When you were talking about Spyro 1's soundtrack, I kept having flashbacks to Stupid Coke Wizard, the former drummer of the rock band The Pee-Pees

  27. My drill sergeant glitched when he died in the chaos fight. He was still alive at zero hp. I killed chaos because of a bug

  28. The original trilogy is the best, as for the hard missions in Spyro 2, they were hard for me… because I was 9. Now of course they are easy.

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