The Open World Dragon Survival MMORPG We WANTED! – Day of Dragons Reveal – New Dragon & More

One last visit with Day of Dragons to end the year. Playing a New Dragon, New Dragons are revealed & over all a great experience with my friends and i! Things are shaping up when you consider everything we’ve seen up to this point. 2024 may just be the year of dragons.

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  1. Really glad to see how far this game is coming. Day of Dragons Be Awesome

  2. great looking game.
    Day of Dragons Beawesome!

  3. Day of Dragons Be Awesome!

  4. I've been keeping track of this game for awhile and ever since the events when it first came to be I was very hesitant to get it. its amazing seeing the progression of where it's going. im looking forward to seeing more of it come and play down the road. ^-^ Day of Dragons Be awesome!

  5. I'm so excited for this game finaly getting the upgrade its been needing super excited to play!!! Day of Dragons Be Awesome

  6. Wow this just looks amazing! Loved the video. Day of Dragons Beawesome!

  7. i cant wait for the game to be so full of life πŸ˜€ Day of Dragons Be Awesome

  8. Day of Dragons Beawesome! πŸ™‚ can’t wait for the upcoming update to this game πŸ™‚

  9. Day of Dragons be awesome!
    This game, and the isle evrima are both games I've been watching and enjoying the updates of. I hope I'll be able to join the fun soon!

  10. Day of Dragons Beawesome! A little nervous about how little time there is remaining before launch, its a lot of work for the team πŸ˜… Holding out hope!

  11. This game is looking more and more promising! I love the variety of dragons they are adding. Hope I’m not late for the creator skin- Day of Dragons Beawesome! Thank you for the opportunity for a creator skin and I wish everyone else the best of luck in getting one!

  12. Echo has honestly been amazing with making the map etc ! thank you so much for showing us some more of the map :D.

    Day of Dragons Beawesome 🫢🏻

  13. Could someone explain what happened?? I thought Anthomnia was done with the team of DoD after people literally threatened to kill his dog and the owner of the game continuously banned and key revoked customers if they even said the slightest bad thing about DoD???

    So what's gone on, cause I need a re-fresher/re-cap

  14. 15:56 Looks like it might be the cave they used in an earlier trailer for the bio dragon to show it off as they were pretty small and well lit with things like that. Day of Dragons be awesome!

  15. Day of dragons be awesome! This game has come a long way. It looks so cool now

  16. This looks so nice, and I hope my laptop can handle it. XD

    Day of Dragons, Beawesome!

  17. Day of Dragons beawesome! I was very worried when this game went through that rough patch but I'm so glad I stuck around to see it pull through! I love Dragons, have since I was a kid, and super excited to play the release!

  18. Nahh, I can't wait to get day of dragons soon

  19. Such a pretty skin! Day of Dragons Be Awesome

  20. I like the ambience of the weather system. The game has a long way to go, but I'm pleased that they've made good progress. Day of Dragons Beawesome!

  21. It's cool seeing all the new stuff being added over time! Really excited for when it releases! Day of Dragons Beawesome!

  22. Day of Dragons Beawesome

    DoD is actually starting to look HELLA nice now thanks to all the new map updates! I liked the models, sounds, and animations – but always felt like the map was kinda lackin.. this changes things entirely! >:)

    Anth also smells.. keep up the amazing content, man! β™‘

  23. Day of Dragons Beawesome!
    They have come so far!!! I can’t wait to see you play this game with your friends when it comes out! ❀

  24. the glowing one is so cute! Day of dragons be awesome :>

  25. Whaou, thx your for this video ! I m super excited to play in this new map with weather changes and try the news dragons πŸ₯°. Day of dragons, Beawesome !

  26. Im looking forward to this game πŸ™‚ Day of Dragons be awesome 🐲.Let's see what the future has for us.

  27. Can't wait for its release, oml <3
    Day of Dragons, Be Awesome!

  28. omg i actually cannot wait until this update comes out !!! it looks so good already. february is getting a lot closer than we think! (; Day of Dragons Beawesome !!!

  29. We're ending the year returning for a special Christmas treat! Beawesome Games invited me to experience a new sneak peek of content they've been working on. Keep in mind this content is work in progress and we did experience some bugs while playing but over-all it was a great time! I'm looking forward to seeing if 2024 becomes the year of the dragon. I think it's entirely possible and i'm super excited to experience it!
    The holiday season is coming up, I hope it's filled with joy and happiness as we move on to the new year for all of you πŸ™‚ Bless you and Happy Holidays!

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