The Open World Dragon Survival MMORPG We WANTED! – Day of Dragons Reveal – New Dragon & More

One last visit with Day of Dragons to end the year. Playing a New Dragon, New Dragons are revealed & over all a great experience with my friends and i! Things are shaping up when you consider everything we’ve seen up to this point. 2024 may just be the year of dragons.

Day of Dragons Holiday Sale starts NOW through January 4th.
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  1. "of dragons beawsome" has certainly come far!

  2. Day of Dragons Beawesome! Glad to see you still supporting the game/devs when so many others bailed long ago. Backed the kickstarter but I've been holding off on playing until it has become the awesomness I believed it could be all those years ago. Looks like that day will be upon us soon.
    See you in the skies!

  3. Day of Dragons Beawesome, Can't wait to explore the map myself XD

  4. i want this,. but the flack regards the scam. the lack of content vs buget, the shity excuse from the dev… is this game truly good beacuse it looked lack luster

  5. Please upload another Ark Ascended episode again. Please…. I'm going to die without another Ark Ascended episodes…. This is not a joke….

  6. Day of Dragons Beawsome! I’m so looking forward to playing this game πŸŽ‰

  7. Anth hope you have a great Christmas!
    Day of Dragons Be Awesome


  9. Day of Dragons Beawesome! February can't come soon enough, the closer we get to the release, the harder it gets resisting the hype :'D

  10. Day of Dragons Beawesome. This game has had me from the start of alpha, glad to see everything has gotten better since the rough start, keep it up Anth and Beawesome Games!

  11. Probably not gonna get picked but no worries, glad to see "Day of Dragons, be awesome" πŸ™‚

  12. Tbh, I'm very glad they added Echo to their team. Without him, this game would look nowhere near as beautiful as it does in this showcase. Props to him. I really hope after this 1.0 update, the game will prove to the world that it was worth the wait.

  13. Day of Dragons is a nice game and it deservs more Attention. Day of Dragons Beawesome!

  14. day of dragons be awesome i know it this game has big potential to exist and thx man for vid

  15. Day of dragons be awesome! Love this game definitely like how it's progressing can't wait to see more, be getting back on soon.

  16. Day of dragons beawesome. It looks so good i can't wait for the full release❀❀

  17. DAY OF DRAGONS BE AWESOME!! this is seriously the game I already dreamed of having

  18. Day of Dragons Beawesome!! I can't wait to be able to finally play the new dragons

  19. I loved seeing all of that also day of dragons be awesome

  20. cant wait for this, Day of Dragons Beawesome!

  21. Day of dragons beawesome ❀❀ wow can,t wait for new map it looks sick the sand storm β˜”οΈ

  22. Its so great to see this game evolve from the questionable mass it was, when the first content dropped, into the nice dragon game we all wanted
    Day Of Dragons Beawesome

  23. Day of Dragons Beawesome! Can't wait for the release of this, been waiting so long.

  24. The diiifference between wat was and wats to come is unbelieveable!! its truly Day of Dragons Beawesome!

  25. Never would have thought after everything that happened, it would even come to this. Happy too see that,cause I was rooting for this game from the very beginning with the Finding run. Yeah,they did some shady shit…But I think they learned their lesson from it,fixed their mistakes and moved forward. Glad to see that !!!!

  26. Day of Dragons looks so Beautiful πŸ₯²πŸ₯²πŸ₯²

  27. Super excited for all this! Day of dragons be awesome

  28. Remember that only kickstarters who paid extra than their initial donation, even if it was $100, get to spawn in as the bio dragon.

  29. I literally just bought Day of Dragons and it’s currently downloading. I just started seeing the bad comments too πŸ˜…

  30. Is it Day of Dragons Beawesome, #DAYOFDRAGONSBEAWESOME, or Day of Dragons, Be Awesome? Having what you want people to comment on screen would help in future. The game looks cool, and the skin is beautiful. Fingers crossed it only gets better from here and there's nothing going to drag(on) it down.

  31. ItΒ΄s cool to have a dragon survival game (hopefully) soon, itΒ΄s just something completely different and with how good the flying and the models look. Day of Dragons Beawsome

  32. Day of Dragons Beawesome! day of dragons be awesome

  33. I’m still waiting on my plushie 😒

  34. Day of Dragons Beawesome! I love the weather that was added! So beautiful

  35. I almost play since begin of day of Dragons Beaweasome! I really want to help all of the Devs for making that game, I love it and I don't want to miss them! ❀

  36. Day Of Dragons Beawesome! Sry im not that social with comments

  37. i cant wait to be able to properly use the little legless dragon!!! i've stuck with DOD since i first heard from it and i KNEW it would be good! Day of Dragons Be Awesome!!!

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