The Open World Dragon Survival MMORPG We WANTED! – Day of Dragons Reveal – New Dragon & More

One last visit with Day of Dragons to end the year. Playing a New Dragon, New Dragons are revealed & over all a great experience with my friends and i! Things are shaping up when you consider everything we’ve seen up to this point. 2024 may just be the year of dragons.

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  1. Day of Dragons Beawesome! This was an amazing showcase and I'm so excited for the launch day. Merry Christmas, everyone!

  2. Day of Dragons Beawesome ! I have been waiting on this update and seeing this video I must say it is definitely woth the long wait and map looks amazing so I hopw it is definitely the new map

  3. Who else is looking forward to our year 2024πŸ‰πŸ‰

  4. Day Of Dragons Be awesome! Honestly looking forward to all these new dragons and weather system!

  5. Day of Dragons Beawesome! this is looking gorgeous!

  6. Excited for the official release, Day of Dragons be awesome!

  7. This game is dead because of toxic clans controlling all of the populated servers

  8. Day of Dragons Beawsome! I can’t wait to play all the dragons and see what they add to the game. Very exciting!

  9. Day of Dragons be AWESOMEEE, but fr, i paid for this game and am so excited to see how far it has come!

  10. Day of Dragons Beawesome, can’t wait for this game to finally come out! Been around since day one, it’s amazing watching such a project grow and get better!

  11. Thanks to all the actual developers Jao hired to make this game. They're actually doing good work.
    (Day of Dragons Beawesome. Looking forward to trying to play this game again)

  12. To me that secret cave bit looks like a waterfall with the bio-cave crystals – maybe it's a bio cave they blocked off for now?
    Day Of Dragons Beawesome gimme a fancy cc skin! πŸ˜€

  13. Day of Dragons Beawesome

    Can't wait to play all these new dragons!

  14. Looks like they're working on "the game" but I'd like to know if they've really changed their stripes.

  15. Looking forward to jump back into this game again!

    Day of Dragons Beawesome!

  16. Day of Dragons Beawesome! Not gone lie started this game no more than a month ago and seeing what is coming on it me and the squad are more than amazed. Thank you for this awsome intro!!

  17. Day of Dragons Beawesome! So excited for the update!

  18. Day of dragons be awesome!! I’ve been watching this game grow ever since it’s been announced :3

  19. Day of dragons be awesome- I have always had a deep love and respect for dragons and can’t wait to play this

  20. Day of dragons be awesome! So excited for this game !!!

  21. I’m beyond excited to see this released, and I’m looking forwards to playing it!! (Also, happy holidays to anyone celebrating Christmas or any other holiday!)
    Day of Dragons be awesome!

  22. Side note, I am one of the original backers and I have been in love with this game since it has been started. <3

  23. Day of Dragons Beawesome! very excited for the 1.0 update!!

  24. Day Of Dragons Be Awesome!

    I am glad you stuck with coverage with this game. I now can and want to support the game, but am bummed I won't be able to have the dragons from the kickstarters. Though, any game that makes me able to be a Night Furry, I'm all for!

  25. Day of Dragons, Beawesome!! The map is SO PRETTY oh my god; The weather too???? I'm so excited for thunderstorms in DoD! That looked GORGEOUS + being able to fly above the clouds looked amazing πŸ’™

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