The Scene That Broke Everyone’s Heart 💔😥 | House Of The Dragon

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  1. He may have been weak willed, a pushover, but he was a strong father.

  2. Rhaenyra was too careless with having those children with Strong.

  3. And then Caputo and Fig adopt a kid, like Taystee never got 🥹

  4. then alicent ended this in mere seconds

  5. This was one of the most epic scenes ever ngl

  6. Defend me??
    Yeah, I bore the children of a man other than my husband, I created this situation

    So defend me

  7. I love that he pretty much forgot about all his other children he called her his only child

  8. Paddy and emma , they did an amazing job with they roles


  10. Rhanerya: Defend me Father
    Viserys: Defend you I shall my baby girl

  11. Daddy, I, myself, with my own hands, put myself in a hard position, now defend me!

  12. -Rhaenyra: Almost 30 and she still needs her father, who is suffering a terrible pain, gets up from his bed and defends her
    -Daenerys: A teen whose only family was her abusive brother, gets autonomy, and conquer the dothraki people, abolish the slavery in Essos, and returns the house Targaryen the iron throne for a moment.
    And there is people who is saying tha Rhaenyra is Better than Daenerys

  13. This scene made up for all the wrong that happen in season 7-8 in GOT. HOD is such an amazing show and I cannot wait to see season 2

  14. Viserys wanted to change tradition. He failed by not abdicating while he was well, and being hand to his daughter. No one would be able to challenge it later on really. As long as the hightowers were skirted aside and those loyal to the real crown were handsomely ushered in it would be pretty difficult to disrupt. But he didn't.

  15. King Visery’s the weakest damn king ever!!

  16. How could seeing a dad defend his baby girl be heartbreaking?

  17. Viserys the peaceful, at least he tried to be. That's more than most in this series can say…

  18. What pissed me off is when he was trying to tell Alicent that Rhaenyra need to rule and she took it as Aegon needed to rule.

  19. That violin cover was perfect for this short.

  20. I don’t watch a lot of tv series, but this is for sure deserve to be one of the greatest episode in tv series

  21. Can anyone tell me the music name used in the end😅

  22. You will all come to hate him for that hhhhhhhh

  23. Daemon had it right in episode 1. Viserys was a kind man, but a weak one. 😢

  24. Poor viserys he was such a loving man cared about his family epscally his daughter and brother

  25. Who’s heart did that break? Didn’t break mine 😂 wtf

  26. Spoiled brat drags her father out of his death bed to fight her battles for her.

  27. Apenas um grande rei sabe o real peso de sua coroa e trono, essa caminhada teve o peso de toda seu Reino e Família.

  28. Seriously tho that's love right there.

  29. Kings make mistakes all the time but that man loves his kingdom and his children and he was damn well a fine f**** thing it's a sin that his son becomes or daenerys's dad become such a psychopath

  30. This show just made me hate Targaryans. I don't know if GRRM meant them to be so hateable, but they really are. So elitist they only want to marry each other, lmao.

  31. Naaah. It was when Bjørn Ironside stood in front of Ivar at his castle and tried to Knock some sense in his old childhood friend's.

  32. The fact that she abandoned her sick father, who loves her madly, and returned to him six years later for political support is truly heartbreaking. She doesn't deserve a father like that.

  33. How he didn't get an award for that scene I have NO IDEA

  34. He loved his little girl despite them butting heads.

  35. He should have walked up there… and leaned HARD🤬…on the person who called that meeting. Like why is this being held when my succession wishes already in stone? … my daughter Raeynara is my eir

  36. This is not the scene that made us cry

  37. Viserys made a lot of mistakes … trusting Otto over his brother..marrying Alicent and what not… but damn this scene redeems him

  38. I don’t care what anyone says. Everyone played him for a fool but the worst was the blatant lies and disrespect from his own daughter and brother. Don’t get how anyone doesn’t see that.

  39. That walk definitely had me telling people I’m not crying u crying 😂

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