The second Dragon Tear is just kinda nice | Tears of the Kingdom [22]

Arin’s new invention is amazing… and there it goes.

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  1. 18:36 love how Arin can be so terrible at video games but have the occasional stroke of genius by complete accident

  2. Watching Arin's mastery if the last shrine in the episode made me reflect onto my own attempts of it and I feel extremely embarrassed lmao

  3. Immediately missed the "last time on game grumps"

  4. That shrine cheese was the definition of task failed successfully

  5. Theres so nuch in this game that he might go a while without upgrading the battery. Which needs to happen but i cant blame someone for not getting there yet.

  6. Arin did so good this episode it makes me literally suspicious. I think he was replaced with a reptilian doppleganger. It's the only rational explanation.

  7. At around 13:00 I totally relate with dan on the east is left thing. I'm the same way, lol

  8. Just wanted to point out at 42:42 the editor didn’t play the wow sound and I’m pissed

  9. Loved the "task failed successfully" with the minecart and the rocket. That was great.

  10. It sucks that Arin missed the chest in that last shrine

  11. Lmao this game is not a few steps ahead of botw. It's very good, but botw edges it out

  12. Lowkey this episode was hella productive, like they legit got a lot done progression wise than the episode where arin died 300 times

  13. The Legend of Zelda: Drift of the Gyro

  14. The North South Base is just East of West-East of Rito Village

    Aaaand he accidentally skipped an entire puzzle. Epic indeed.

  15. 14:05
    Honestly Impressed he hit it, wonder if ALL his aiming issues were fixed because he finally Turned off Motion Controls…

  16. Thank you team for helping Arin with the Dragon Tears. Much appreciated. 👍

  17. Noooooo, please Arin, don't play the game at home! It's so much fun when you discover the game with us on GG!

  18. 'shooty shooty pearl fall floor' is one of the best fucking things

  19. Saying that BotW shrines are bad is confusing to me, they're just as good as these ones imo

  20. day 22: arin still hasnt found out about the depths

  21. 22:10 Arin really wasted a rocket instead of just climbing around the ice…

  22. Arin now: I didn't like BotW
    Arin then: I love this game
    Arin before Botw: Describes everything he wants in a game/zelda that later comes together in BotW.
    Like bro, 8 years from now he's gonna be saying he didn't like TotK. He can't be satisfyed.

  23. I'm Happy that Arin accomplished something story related after 6 episodes of doing nothing. At this rate they'll finish the game in around 200 episodes. So exciting. X'D

  24. I love the Bubbul Gem thing at 23:46 so I'm making a timestamp!

  25. Someone please tell Arin he can use the d pad to select weapons, I’m begging 😭😭😭

  26. Is the "Arin blowing himself up" compilation just going to be this game or over the history of game grumps. Cuz Im sure there are a lot of them

  27. Arin "falls ass backwards into victory" Hanson strikes again with that railcar shrine lmao

  28. I hope Arin actually does play this at home, I can't wait for him to come back and suddenly completely understand the controls and how to throw items and that the depths exist lmao AND THAT THE SPOTLIGHTS ARE MAP TOWERS god I love this show

  29. It’s really funny how they 17:02 gush about the game, and they haven’t even discovered like a 1/3 of it still.

  30. “I am upset about the parent die.” Is one of those gems we can only get from tired Grumps.

  31. I was kinda excited to see how Arin would go about finishing the temple, since I recently completed it… I expected something different than me (ofc), but not THAT different lmfao

  32. rofl- i don't know how many times i have seen that scene, and i always thought it was funny how Sonia punched Rauru-
    but this is the first time i noticed he's rubbing the spot she did, i didn't realize she punched him that hard XD!

  33. oh. my. god.
    one-upped by Arin the gamer boy Hansen again,
    that shrine he did at the end took me forever to figure out, i never realized that edge could be used as a makeshift hook!!

  34. -kindly requesting the game grumps to play FnaF: Security breach + dlc, for ghoul grumps this year!

  35. I know how long this game is. I know how long this playthrough can be. I will watch it beyond the record longest GG playthrough – just keep exploring and goofing off until your heart is content. This is such quality content. 🤌🤌

  36. Arin will spend most of an episode stuck in a pit in the ground, and then will accomplish a half dozen things in another episode. I love this channel.

  37. You know, Arin is constantly making the joke that his marriage is failing and that his wife left him, and then I look at his and Suzy's social media and they're doing just fine.

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