The Trouble With Darkspawn & Emprise Du Lion – Dragon Age Inquisition | Blind Playthrough [Part 34]



  1. I think that door needed deft hands if so can only be done by rogue

  2. I love banter between Sera and Dorian, Viviene is awful. I don't know how you could stand her.

  3. At 55:05, rather than plain human sacrifice, that's probably a victim the Venatori were using in order to make more Ocularium. There's a locked house in Redcliffe Village that you missed where they explain how those are made. Spoilers:…….They're using Tranquil skulls.

  4. "We got our trickster god, we got… (etc)" Me: snickers like a 5 years old.

  5. I absolutely love the Tevinter flag. It's such an interesting design.

  6. Oh my gosh, I don't think I can watch the whole next episode based on exploring new spaces today. You promised us another "mission" 🙂 I love you with boundless love. But I will come back to this episode when we go a bit further with the whole story 🙂

  7. You didn't play with that voice so you cannot know, but the "Can I get you a ladder, so you can get off my back?" was a sentence your Warden can say a lot (mine did ^^;)
    And the lack of banter is because you don't advance anymore in the main quest. More banters will appear as you progress in the story. So really go to the Winter Palace

  8. Mapo sprinting around the desert looking for little bits and bobs for 2 hours

  9. Those shards I have to say were exhausting to collect. I don't think I actually ever completed all of them.

  10. you can progress the main quest without problems you will not be cut off from anthing when it happens the game will tell you.

  11. Someone has written interesting fan fiction about Fenris and Dorian meeting and working for the Inquisition.

  12. It's time for the Winter Palace- please! You are giving me max payne.

  13. You really should do the next main mission, because you seem to be getting a little disenchanted with the massive amount of things to do, which some of us did also, but a new main quest will give you a change of scenery and perhaps re-invigorate your enthusiasm.

  14. If you can get party banter going I hope you take Blackwall and Cole before the next main quest.

  15. 26:32
    I imagine that Fenris would come off quite bristly towards Dorian at the beginning. However overtime I think Dorian's breath of personality would eventually wear Fenris down and he would find him to be amicable.

    It never hurts to have a little extra red lyrium on the map just in case you make Varric angry. If you had very low friendship with him, destroying all of these primeval red lyrium deposits would gain you a lot friendship points.

  16. Sprinting that hard you run past an NPC you can and need to speak to, thrice…
    Also, silverite is the most unique ore in the game. It transcends the class restrictions for your armor, so even a mage can wear a heavy one if you craft it using silverite (your Knight-Enchanter might really benefit from that one, especially if you use some guard-giving materials as well)

  17. It's nice to see how he hated Sera at first but grew to like her.

  18. Since you are on PC, you should really download the mod that lets you bring all of your companions to the Winter Palace. I hope you see this!

  19. The more I see people play Inquisition, the more I understand Sera's point of view.

  20. I implore you to experiment with the crafting. You pick up a ton of fade-touched materials that add fun bonuses. I like to give my mages hidden blades, chain lightening to the warriors, and guard to my rogues. It adds some spice to combat.

  21. I think warriors can smash through any normally locked doors, but it won't work on doors that require the "deft hands, fine tools" perk, you'll still need a rogue for those

  22. I hope something happens this episode, so far it has been really boring.^^*

  23. Out of Curiosity, I'm new to this channel, I've watched some of his Inquisition vids. I was wondering if he has played through the Orlais Ball Quest yet? Did not seem mentioned in any video titles.

  24. 1:34:45 – Mapo's hand is in the frame:
    Me: *pauses the video to look at his wristwatch*.
    Also me: "Stop, it's not a watch. Maybe it's a tattoo? Oh, it's hair."

  25. "next episode we can do a main quest" [repeat as needed]

  26. About the party banter, it could be the mod not working properly. Maybe hv a check?

  27. About the Party Banter, I don't know why it's not triggering as often or anything but I'm just here to say that since some of it is really situational or based on the choices you made, if you ever want to listen to every bits there is a 5hours compilation on youtube with every bits of banter in the game. I know it's way too long for a video or a stream but seeing you listen to some of it would be really fun (that plus we could get you rambling about the DA lore and that's always exciting)

  28. Mapo, if you are tired of the game, just quit, okay.

  29. I know these are recorded in advance and Wicked Eyes, Wicked Hearts is the next episode. But just a heads up that you can break up the chunks of side quests/exploring with the Jaws of Hakkon and Descent DLCs as well. They’re not main quests but they provide really awesome lore and stuff which you’ll love. Just a thought.

  30. Mapo: Main quest next episode!
    Me: You've been saying that for the last four episodes so I don't believe you lmao.

  31. Please do more main missions because this is too much man

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